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Pre-sale question. Can the agent approve and decline appointments from the backend as well as frontend?

Wow. 3 days and still no answer? Well here is another one. Is it possible for admin to assign an appointment to an agent?

Sorry, was dealing with a server outage on my support desk for the last few days. My apologies for not getting back much sooner!

Yes the agent can approve and decline from both locations. And the admin can create and assign a “Calendar” to an agent, and then the agent can login to manage that calendar. Individual appointments cannot be assigned.

Outstanding! Thank you!

Pre-sale question: I´m sorry for asking again here(asked on main site already) The Question: Is it possible that agents assign themsefs to a apointment? i would need a “pending” list, they then all see and can choose to take over, but they should not be able to cancel again. Thanks in Advance!

No, sorry.

so can we pay you to make the changed so it works?

it would be very important. Just need to add: 1. agents can assign themselfes to jobs. 2. they can not “un assigne” 3. list of open jobs when they login.

Please let me know if changes can be made if we pay.

thanks in advance

We do not do customization work at this time, but I would highly suggest WP Kraken for custom work:

Hi I have a question: for a class schedule I want to assign a number of students per default (so let’s say 5 out of 10). If one of those students is not able to make it they can free up their space. And the other places can be claimed by “one-off” students or people who skipped another class. Would this be a workable solution in booked (especially the default allocations). Thanks, Maurice

Will agent avaivalble create appoitment in frontend also? Is there any plan create add-on intergate with buddypress and check-in system ?


Is it possible to create ‘Staff’ member that can have their own schedule and approve/disapprove appointments request. How many staff can we have?

Yes, these are called “Booking Agents” and they can have access to their own calendars (time slots, etc.)

Hello, this plugin support user to select custom time period with start & end hour?

No, sorry.

Hi – we are interested to know that if someone makes an appointment but then wants to move the time, how can this be done by the administrator in the back end and will this auto-update in a respective calendar?