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Hi, With the Google Calendar is this a 2 way sync. For example if someone purchases from the website does it add it to google calendar and also if I add something to the Google Calendar does it make the time on the website booking unavailable.

Can I link this to multipul calendars such as a google business and personal one so it blocks off time from both on the website. Thanks in advance.

No, it’s a one way read-only sync at the moment.


With booked plugin.. is it possible to add extra fields for Registration form only..

There are lots of custom fields my client needed for first time when they register during first appointment.. after that they’re not required on each appointment. But the problem is that all the custom fields setup works for all appointments.. any help please..

So if i create a registration form separate with other plugin, can i disable registration with booked plugin? it only ask for login?..

I need calendar on homepage for appointments.. my client wouldn’t want a private page for appointments.

Right now you cannot disable registration, which is why I recommended putting it on a page where the user would need to register first to view the calendar. You can hide the calendar to non-logged-in users by using the members-only tag in the shortcode:

[booked-calendar members-only=”true”]


atainha Purchased

Hi. Calendar feed (on Google calendar) only sends customer name. Is it possible to also include the calendar name from where it was booked? Thank you

Each calendar has it’s own feed, so you could use each one separately and name them (and color-code them) that way. :)


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Hi have all plugins installed on site running on PHP7 and some of dates on iCalendar are one day behind those on the appointments calendar in admin on the site. We are on GMT and the iCalendar is GMt. Server is UTC. Could this be causing the issue. Or do you have any other suggestions?


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Sorted. read the instructions!!!

Is already possible to protect the calendarfeed with a password? Asked before and the answer was: new future in progress (I thought)

I will be adding this soon. It won’t be a password, just a custom, randomly generated URL string that only you would know by getting it from the backend.


I’m having a issue with my client site.. When customers make an appointment, they receive notifications but admin is not getting any messages. I have tried to test it with several email addresses (like gmail, outlook, yahoo and pro in Settings > General, as well as admin user email and choose send notifications to AdminUser in booked calendar settings.. but nothing worked.

Any idea why is that? and any suggestion to fix it.

By the way, i have already setup this cron job on server. */5 * * * * wget -q -O –

I’m assuming that booked plugin send new appointment notification to admin from client email? Am i wrong?

Booked Appointments v1.9.10 is installed along with Booked Calendar Feeds v1.0.10

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks

I can’t get the calendar feed to work on iPhone.

I asked this question in your support system 2 days ago without a reply.

You should really get a new support platform… It’s not even working right now.