Reviews for Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress

Reviews for Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress

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for Code Quality

Great plugin, good functionalities, but no updates at all.

Currently there is an issue, the plugin constantly check for updates every time a page is loaded, this check has a timeout of 10 seconds and the webservice it tries to contact is down.

This actually break your site making the TTFB as long as the timeout stop. After 2 hours of debugging, I've found that setting timeout to 0 at booked/includes/updates/plugin-update-checker.php line 209 solve the issue.

Is necessary to check constantly for updates? Can't be more optimized if you check using a cronjob every 5 or 7 days? Since that plugin is updated so slowly, you could deactivate it at all.

for Code Quality

It is great when it works, but unfortunately there are PHP session issues which break the REST API. If you manage to edit the PHP to fix the code since the developers don't seem to do it themselves in any recent updates, then you can move on to the next issue.

Currently the plugin is unusable as it constantly calls out to check for updates on the developers website which is down. So this means timeouts, broken REST API and all kinds of problematic behaviour on your site.

I hate to leave bad reviews but the devs need to pull their finger out and sort it. This is a revenue generating plugin and it not working is costing my business and many other businesses real money.

for Design Quality

SPANISH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

​Hola, estoy interesado en saber si se puede o tienen pensado sacar una actualización pronto, para poder hacer la reserva de 3 usuarios.


Tengo 10 espacios libres para esa hora y poder seleccionar 3 espacios ,sin tener que reservar uno a uno.

Necesito algo parecido a la imagen. (poder hacer barias reservas a la vez y que descuenten los espacios)

INGLISH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------​

Hello, I am interested in knowing if it is possible or if you plan to release an update soon, in order to make a reservation for 3 users.


I have 10 free spaces for that hour and can select 3 spaces, without having to reserve one by one.

I need something similar to the image. (to be able to make several reservations at the same time and have the spaces discounted)

I bought the plugin on April 3, 2020. It worked great over the years. There were no problems with it and I was satisfied with it! However, due to the new updates, PHP, FontAwesome, performance errors appeared.

Such a concrete example, which I could not solve, is: "A PHP session was created by a session_start() function call. This interferes with REST API and loopback requests. The session should be closed by session_write_close() before making any HTTP requests." . As a result of this, my server started to slow down, and the performance of the plugin also became slow with individual button clicks.

Due to the errors just listed, I do not recommend buying the plugin, I see that the creators are planning to release an update to correct the errors, but I also see that they are not in a hurry.

for Bugs

I bought this plugin about 18 months ago (June 2021). There hasn't been an update for a while and I am now getting errors. I don't think I should have to renew support in order to report a bug.

PHP Error:
woocommerce_add_order_item_meta is deprecated since version 3.0.0! Use woocommerce_new_order_item instead.

for Bugs

We get CRITICAL ERRORS on our site which is causing several issues. Is it possible to rollback to previous versions of the plugin or to solve this issue please? We don't have support left, but that's quite unfair if the plugin simply doesn't work.

for Code Quality

Total outdated PlugIn which writes it`s appointments and Data without any logic in the Databasa

There is no clean up of old appointments to clean up this table.

There is no migration possible (export is CSV only, no import feature). No export/import for timeslots.

for Code Quality

2.3.5 was less buggy than 2.4 don't update zero support rip off.

for Customer Support

Worst customer support ever! After the last update of the plugin, things got messed up badly. I've purchased extra support to have it sorted out. I've been emailing backward and forwards with Olivia from Customer Support for weeks now and she just doesn't seem to read my emails properly. The issue is still not fixed and I'm losing bookings because of this!

I wish she read my messages properly and had a good look at the website instead of sending back standard answers.

Very frustrating!

for Bugs

The product simply doesn't work. I've set up 3 days of appointments which are clearly displayed in front & back end, but when I try to make an appointment, it says "no appointments available"

Also the documentation is way too brief & doesn't address any of my issues. Very disappointed.

for Feature Availability

Guys, it's really sad that this great plugin is given 4 stars.

I have been using this plugin for several years and have had no problems so far.

Booked's great UIUX deserves more than 5 stars.

No other reservation system is as concise, intuitive and convenient as Booked.

Woocommerce is fully supported and there are no special security issues.

Trust it and use it.

Author response

Thank you so much for this review, much appreciated!!

for Customizability

All about plugin is great. Simple to use, lots of options, great support. Keep on rocking.

This has HEAPS of Javascript errors and no way to contact support, even if the software has new bugs.

I have had to pay hundreds of dollars already to this company for support which doesn't result in a solution.



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