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for Feature Availability

I have used the plugin for a year and it worked great. Only downside is the css seems not to be optimised.

The Woocommerce addon doesn't work so we can't offer clients a way to pay, rendering the plugin useless for us.

for Customer Support

Opened two tickets, I got responses after 4-5 days only with links to other plugins/pages that don't really help

for Feature Availability

Absolutely awesome! One of the best WordPress plugins we've ever used. Highly recommended!

Our opinion: *. The worst spent $ 29 on Envato. So many bugs! Bugs with WPML custom fields still not fixed after 3 or 4 months and even support tab (broken link) doesn't work:

Installation & Setup Guide
Custom Calendars
Default Time Slots
Custom Time Slots
Custom Fields

The only plugin on Envato without declared & missing help:

"Thanks for using Booked!
If this is your first time using Booked, you will find some helpful "Getting Started" links below. If you just updated the plugin, you can find out what's new in the "What's New" section below."

"Sorry, there are no articles in this category. Go back"

for Feature Availability

This is good plugin but too simple, lacking a lot of features needed usually for the most Booking System. Hope the team work harder for more features (even paid one)

for Feature Availability

Great plugin! Has everything we need and developer is quick and helpful to respond.

for Customizability

Great booking plugin. The best I've used to date and great support!

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