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Hi, great work ! I am facing some issues that i would register a demo account , but then I dont have receive any email.

If i use woocomerce membership offical plugin, based on the membership of a client, i can change the payment of a book base on their subscription?


Detoxify Purchased

Pre sales questions:

1) I have a directory website where businesses can add their own pages. Is it possible for each business to have their own calendar which they can edit from the front end once logged in?

2) Can they add their own prices and different services with different time slots. For example a massage salon that provides 20/30/40 minute options with different prices for each.

3) Will they get emails to let them know when someone has booked? Can they decline or get in touch with the customer to reschedule?


I have two questions before buying this plugin:

1- Once a time slot is booked does it still appear as available or does it sync automatically so that other users cannot book it?

2- Can this plugin be integrated with Twilio (Programmable SMS appointment reminder)?

Thank you

if you set the time interval to ?page=booked-settings#defaults . Then on the current day the recording is no longer available. How to make it so that the recording lasts all the time in the current day?


hypnose95 Purchased

I have had several bugs since the last update. Thank you for your help !

1. The appointments display on the “Calendar Feeds” (IOS) disappears after the following changes on the block “Upcoming appointments” of dashboard :

- Modification of customer information. - Change of date.

2. Translation that is not working: CHANGE DATE

3. Changing the date of an appointment: Some “full” slots appear “available” in the selection list during a date change. The change causes a duplicate to be created.

4. In the block “Upcoming appointments”of dashboard : Is it possible to change an appointment on a different time slot?


hypnose95 Purchased

I have always the offset (+ 1 hour) in the appointment view with “Calendar Feeds” (IOS). Does the server work properly with summer time and winter?


Very interesting plugin, I might buy this one but have a question.

If I have several calendars can I assign each of them to a different agent?


I’ve noticed some PHP-Errors at when you scroll down, you better look into that.

Cheers, Elias

I forgot, do you have a demo what an agent is seeing and or can do when assigned to a calendar?

‘Disable’ feature still not working! Thought this had been fixed in the last update?!

Great plugin, looking at this for tennis court booking system. If someone books a court for 1 hour, the price should be £10. Can it be set so they can book for up to 2 hours and the price changes to £20 at checkout?

When updating the Booked plugin i’ve got the 302 error on the /wp-admin/admin.php?page=booked-welcome how can i fix this ?

I love your product, but I need a site for my photography studio rental. They can choose to book various number of hours a day with pre configured discount based on number of hours with options for add-ons and camera rental options addons and check out.

Hello, is it possible to add “All Calendars” for booking agent like for administrators? Thanks

A client that has another time zone and my calendar is configured with mia that is different, can you schedule your appointment according to your time zone?

Hi, I’m very happy with the plugin. I use four “staff members”, but when I check mark the services of the 4th staff member, they automatically disappears. This haven’t been an issue before, but now it is. Do you have a fix for this?

Hi, presale Q. Is there a way that registered users can add appointments in the front-end. I don;t want users to access the WordPress backend. I see there was an add-on. Is this still available?

PRE-SALES QUESTION: I understand that all pricing information has to be entered in Woo Commerce. As I am still not familiar with Woo, can you tell me if your solution is good for a museum offering complex pricing? For example, different prices for adults and kids for the same guided session. Thanks!