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RP-Munich Purchased

Hi. Three questions:

1. There is no tab in the back end to see the booking customers in a list? There is still only the possibility to see the customers in the calendar view, right? (We remember, the customer list view was announced a few months ago?)

2. One can offer a multi-day booking (f.e. for hotel room booking)?

3. Since you recommend once WP Kraken: Both above mentioned features could be developed by a 3rd party for us?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

  1. Correct, this is something I’d like to do soon however.
  2. Not at this time, sorry.
  3. They could be, yes.

RP-Munich Purchased



lytzhoft Purchased

I have installed the Booked plugin for WP and having difficulties regarding how to set the time format to 24 hour format. As of now i can only see the AM/PM format. Is it possible to change the format?



You can change the format of the time and dates from the WordPress Settings > General page.

No timezone? Total deal breaker :(

can i send auto sms after appointment booked

No SMS support at this time, sorry.

I installed the latest update and breaks the site with these messages: Warning: session_start(): open(/home/112244/data/tmp/sess_2a544c9ba15828a7857ba8e369f692ea, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /nfs/c12/h08/mnt/219427/domains/ on line 372

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /nfs/c12/h08/mnt/219427/domains/ in /nfs/c12/h08/mnt/219427/domains/ on line 372

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /nfs/c12/h08/mnt/219427/domains/ in /nfs/c12/h08/mnt/219427/domains/ on line 1216

Warning: Unknown: open(/home/112244/data/tmp/sess_2a544c9ba15828a7857ba8e369f692ea, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/home/112244/data/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

Sounds like a server-side issue. I would need to know more information:

  1. PHP version
  2. Hosting company
  3. WordPress version
  4. Plugins installed
  5. Theme being used

Feel free to extend your license and get support at the support desk. I can’t do much other than ask for these items. If it doesn’t give me enough info, you would need to submit a ticket with more information.

Hello, I would like to know before to buy:

1. Is it possible to add with shortcodes in Visual Composer? 2. Is it possible to use the 24 hours configuration? (13h, 14h, 15h, etc.) 3. Is it possible to create a solution for hotels with price, check in and check out calendar? 4. Can I use the plugin on how many sites and projects? 5. The plugin have integration with Woocommerce?


  1. Yes, you just need to add the shortcodes to a text block or something similar.
  2. Yes, you can set the date/time formatting from WP Settings > General.
  3. Booked only supports time slots at the moment, not day to day.
  4. You would purchase a license for each site you install it on. Local development sites do not count.
  5. Yes, there’s an included add-on to accept booking payments with WooCommerce.

Hey, BoxyStudio guru.

I am currently facing the problem with booked plugin.

When I wanna press the new appointment button from booked->appoinment from the Admin dashboard, It keeps loading without showing the form which I used to have. However, the button next to “New Appointment”, ” disable”, is working properly. Please see the pic to see what I have encountered in this few weeks.

By any chance that BoxyStudio can suggest what I can do.

Thank you so much.

Sounds like a Javascript conflict of some kind. Happy to take a look and offer guidance, but you will need to purchase a Booked license to get support from here:

Hi, when using woocommerce i see the dropdown menu placeholder says select product. is that text able to change? Other than that looks like exactly what Im after.

Happy to take a look and offer guidance for these items, but you will need to purchase a Booked license to get support from here:

Do you think this is do-able as if not theres no point in getting the plugin as it wouldnt fit my needs. If you think it can be done il purchase and make a ticket

So sorry, I thought you already purchased. It sounds like this might not be possible with Booked, as you cannot change quantities or adjust the spaces in other calendars when booking on another.

The WooCommerce Add-on is not working. Whenever I select a product and click on ‘Book appointment’ it states that my cart is empty.. How is this possible?

Happy to take a look, please submit a support ticket:

I already solved it myself, thank you anyway :)

The plugin is currently malfunctioning. Pending appointments are there, but when you go to the pending appointment screen there’s nothing. Is correcting this considered support, or fixing the plugin? My support for this plugin has lapsed so I’m unable to submit a support ticket on your site.

Working on a fix for this, update to come soon. Thanks for your patience!

Pre-sale question. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible for the client to cancel or reschedule the reservation made before it is to a clinic. This is configured within a time interval before the scheduled and limited query. Thank you!

Disregard the previous

Pre-purchase questions. Hello good day!

I’m developing a project for a psychologist. I would like to know if your reservation plugin allows the administrator to configure for the client:

1 – can cancel your reservation made before 2- reschedule / reschedule your reservation 3 – I can translate it 4 – can be used in a clinic to schedule appointments

I have already seen that integrates with woocommerce, this is great. He making items 1 and 2 the return in case of cancellation can be done manually.

If it is possible to cancel. Does the plugin already release the time it was canceled so a new cliete can choose it for scheduling?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Pre-purchase question.

I need a booking plugin for WooCommerce and would like to know if your plugin would work for our use case which I’ll describe below.

- My client has a fishing charter business and offers 6 different types of charters.

- Only one charter (of any type) can be booked per day.

- This means that if a charter is booked on a certain day, then no other charter can be booked on that day.

- Each of the charters varies in length but there is no set start time per charter meaning that the customer can choose when they would like to begin their charter.

- The charters have optional add-ons like hotel transfers and barbecue packs.

- The information we’ll need from the customer – Name, Surname, Contact, Number, Email Address and Number of Passengers for the charter.

Let me know me know if the plugin can achieve the above.