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I want customers to book only at least 3 days before then how to do Ex: Today is April 25, 2017, customers can only book starting April 28, 1977   Today is April 26, 2017, customers can only book starting from April 29, 2017

This is fixed, because I need time to care for the customer

Please update this function in next version

Hello, this is a pre-purchase question:

I am creating a room booking wordpress site (by hours). There will be around 10-15 different rooms. The users need to be able to book a room by dates and hours. The problem I am having now is I need the landing page to have a search bar or calendar where users can search by date/time or options for the available rooms. Would this be possible to be done by Booked?

Thank you, Tina

No answer when asking a question? I doesnt give me a lot of hope regarding future support

No answer when asking a question? I doesnt give me a lot of hope regarding future support

Pre-Sales Questions:

1. When a customer books an appointment, is there a way to have an option for the customer to choose to either pay when they get to their appointment or pay online? If so can it be used for Guest?

2. Is it possible for a customer to choose to book as a guest or create an account?



cathv Purchased

Hi, great plugin. I just want to say however that the French translation is so bad, it is completely unusable. Rather than include a translation made with Google, it would be better not to include it at all.


I can not configure for agents to receive an email alerting them that an appointment has been made. I expect a return from you. Thank you


logicitdep Purchased

Great Plugin so far. I just want to know that is there any way to differentiate the type of booking. That means, I have to type of booking, one is booking for a maintenance and other one is booking for services. Thus, I want to share a same calendar for both of the categories. However, I need some identification for the admin panel. which allows me to separate the booking type so that admin can easily identify which booking has been made for which type of category. Could you please help me for this?

Thank you.

Is this the way to have a presale question asnwered? Is it possible to integrate different services with different timelengts in ONE calender of one specific booking agent? This is for a website for therapists with several services each. Each therapist should have own calendar with a number own services integrated. [I have a very good impression of Booked, but would like to test more before buying. Is this possible?]


I am trying Booked, I cannot see anywhere the user can cancel their paid appointments

Thanks, Tina