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TriAce Purchased

Is there functionality for travel agencies where you can book a flight for a destination and book a return flight one-time? :)

No, sorry.


TriAce Purchased

No problem, thanks! I think we’ll work with what you got! (Made a work around)


altuner Purchased

hello, i will rent my salon in hourly price. How can i make it multi hourly select for booking?

This isn’t possible at this time. A quick note about the future of Booked:


Tomixer Purchased

Hi I am running therapy websites and have few team members. Any option to let users choose specific team members in the booking process?


TriAce Purchased

Nice preview of the future. You’re doing well, so ignore any “bad support” comments. You seem to be soloing, if no one noticed the first person typing.

Also, hope plugins like:

...can work in the booked login/register page at some point to top things off :D

Take care!

Thank you so much!

Please develop your plugin to have the following features. I bought a Spa, Salon and Massage theme in which your plugin is used. But your plugin lacks the following features. Please consider to add them to your future update.

1. Service Category and Sub-Category

2. Email and SMS notification

3. Email and SMS reminder before customer’s appointment, say 30min before their appointments

4. Customer can pick up Employee

5. A booking number will be given after booking is done

Please refer to this professional booking plugin

Hi, is good this for restaurant table booking?

Not yet, but in a few months check back: :)

Will this support something like a tennis court reservation system. Multiple courts/time slots with reservation limits for each time slot showing on the same calendar?

Could you create a demo space where I can add a woocommerce multi-vendor plugin to test functionality and compatibility for handling vendor bookings please?

is it possible to assign a current calendar to a different agent? only one agent can manage a calendar?


kalim776 Purchased


Great plugin,

Is it possible to make a booking to visit our office for our clients? They need to make a book for visiting our office. The term is an hour. ( they can see what time is available and spots )

Our office is open “Mon ~ Fri” ( 9AM ~ 6PM ) and we have 2 meeting rooms. So clients can have 2 bookings at the same time.

Please let us know if it’s fit to our plan

Thank you, K

Hi, I love this plugin.

There is some way that the cancellation buffer could be modified. I need the buffer to be canceled at 8h and the buffer passes from 6h to 12h.

Is there any addons for it?


mxcc Purchased

I’m running multiple calendars on one site. The problem I’m running into is that each calendar wants to include specific information to the customers in their confirmation emails. Since email sections in the settings doesn’t let me choose which calendar to work with (like it does in custom fields or time slots) the work around I came up with was to add a text field in the actual form when they’re filling it out with the information in the hopes that adding customfields to the email confirmation would show that info. Unfortunately, the emails won’t show the text field box in the email (I’m assuming because the user hasn’t filled anything in or checked any boxes). Therefore there is no way to add customized email info when there are multiple calendars being used on a site. Do you have a work around? Either a way to make it so that text field info shows up in emails OR better yet, allow us to vary the email content based on calendar? Thank you!

Dear I have multi-author website. I need to know how to allow different users to create their own booking products, define hours, get same access as admin in frontend?

Hi, I really love the look of Booked from your live demo, so I hope it will work for a WordPress WooCommerce site I’m building.

The website is for a guided bicycle tour company. I need a front end monthly calendar view that shows bicycle tours available on specific dates. When a user hovers over (or clicks) a date, 2 tours pop-up: a 3 hour tour from location “A” and a 2 hour tour from location “B”. The remaining number of spots available for each tour are displayed.

When the user clicks one of the tours, they’re taken to a product description page with details, a photo and an “Add To Cart” button. When they click the button, they are taken to WooCommerce to pay and then they are booked. The tour operator will receive email/text notification of the booking.

Can you please tell me if your product can do all this and what components/add-ons I would have to purchase to achieve this? Can you please point me to any tutorials or documentation on how to set it up?

Thanks in advance!

Other languages are not working this plugin. Why ??? I translated language.. but not working.