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domaintop Purchased


I have a problem with the content of the calendar. In the mobile version on the phone there is the item “Your information” with the input fields for name and e-mail address. I would also like to have this point in the desktop view. But this point does not appear. Can you help me?

Many Thanks

This only shows up when the user is not already logged in. You’re probably logged in on desktop but not on mobile.


domaintop Purchased

Thank you.

I would like to know if you’ve finished the coding, allowing the booking agents to manage the time slots from front-end. You talked about it 3 years ago. Thanks.

Thank you for your fast response.

Last question: Can I add custom fields to the booking window? I see it asks for the customer name and email address. I need to add some checkboxes for some services required in the appointment, for example #service1, #service2, #service3, etc. Is this possible?

Yep, you can use the Custom Fields tab on the settings screen to add your own fields:

Do we have the appointment’s review at version 3 :)

Appointment’s review?

yes, like user can review after the appointment pass?

Ahh gotcha! This might be released as an add-on in the future but I don’t have plans to make this a main feature in version 3 yet.


jahshwa Purchased

Hey, I love this calendar, but I’m wondering if there is a way to sync it with an existing Google calendar so that it automatically deletes availability when I book an appointment through Google?

If not, is there an API where we can build that in? I’m starting to double-book as I get busier, and I don’t have time to go into this calendar and block out appointments.



jahshwa Purchased

as in 2-way syncing, I guess.

Not yet, but I’m working on true sync with Google in a future update.


jahshwa Purchased

Great. Let me know. I love your style, but I have to go with another product until it syncs. :)

Can customers amend their own bookings?

They can cancel, but not change the details.

I would like the default front end calendar to be assigned to a booking agent I created a new calendar and a new user as a booking agent assigned the new calendar to the new user However all frontend bookings are visible only for the default user How do I assign all front end booking to the new user?

The default calendar cannot be assigned to a booking agent, only custom created ones. At this time, there’s no way to transfer default calendar appointments into a new calendar.

When adding a custom calendar to the page, be sure to use the calendar option:

[booked-calendar calendar="123"]

Where “123” is the calendar ID. You can find all individual calendar shortcodes on the Appointments > Settings > Shortcodes tab.

Question! Booked looks so good so far, but I have a question/didnt understand how it might work (it works in most booking-systems: I have one studio/room. And I have a few different services which can happen there. If one service is taken, the others are not possible to book at this time (studio is taken). So I thought each service has a calendar, and my studio is my “staff”, but each calendar is working seperatly. I thought if my “staff” offers different services for the same time” It should not be able to choose if one service it taken. But its not like that, right? Sorry if my question is too complicated…

Unfortunately no, the other services do not override each other.


fmosse Purchased

Hi, can I modify the order of the columns when I export it to CSV? Thanks, Francisco

Not at this time, sorry


fmosse Purchased

Do you plan to add it in next update?

Possibly, but I’m focusing on major updates first, minor updates second. After the initial 3.0 release I will be going through a series of minor updates beyond that. I’ll add this one to the list. :)


fmosse Purchased

It is possible that when someone makes an appointment the system created a unique ID and it show it in the CSV, calendar, etc? Thanks, Francisco

It does create a unique ID but this ID isn’t really shown anywhere. Each appointment is a custom post type (for now) and it has an ID attached.


fmosse Purchased

It is possible that you add it in next update? It´s really important for us?

I’ll add to my list!

[Urgent] Pre Purchase question: Hi team, i just wanted to know that does this plugin show’s the consumed time slots as well as the available time slots while booking for new appointment?

You can choose to show both yes!

Booked appointments and paid through Woocommerce, I understand only admins can cancel the WC order? is there any change to have this done by users in the future?

does it comparable with Divi theme?

As far as I’m aware, yes!

I downloaded and licensed your plugin via Elements. I know it doesn’t come with support, however, I would highly appreciate if you just answer. O the demo I see that there is a scroll when choosing time slots. In my case I see all time slots without scrolling I didn’t find the option in the settings. Thanks in advanced

Strange! It might just be a CSS bug. Can you send along the URL?


I have a dude about your plugin.

- A calendar, with any Agents. When a custer select a appointment of a Agent… Sent emails to Agent or only to Admin? - In integration Payments with Woocomerce. Is possible pay in advance a percent of product?

Thank you!

Emails go to Agent only.

Right now I’m not aware of any way to pay in advanced for a certain percentage. There might be a WooCommerce extension that allows for this though.

Ok, thanks you!

Hi, your plugin looks amazing but I have a pre-sale question : - I need patients to be able to attach pdf when they book an appointement. I don’t see this possibility in your doc about custom fields. Is there an easy way to do this with your plugin ? I saw in previous comments from 2 years ago that you were considering the idea. Maybe you’ve successfully done it ? Thank you :)

Sorry, at the moment there is no way to attach files to the booking.


I have a problem with the Calendar Feeds – when I add the calendar to my iPhone with Subscribed Calendars the time is 2+ hours off .. what is the problem here and how can I fix this ?

regards, Laurens Floor