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Hello there, I’m looking for a plugin to help us out in a professional kitchen rental. Besides doing out thing, we will be renting kitchen space by the hour. We actually will have different “spaces” depending if the person needs equipment or just assembly space. Can I set up the calendar to have multiple “services”, scheduled in the same time perido for one location? These could be paralel or staggered clients. Thanks

Hi Support,

I have a site that hosts a Wordpress site in production featuring BoxyStudio’s Booked Schedule Calendar plugin and the Deppo Wordpress Theme designed by ThemesKingdom​. Both plugin and theme are activated and up-to-date.

I am aware that Wordpress rolled-out their new major Gutenberg 5.0 release in December 2018, and that publishing content to Pages and Posts is done in a new modular way with blocks. I am getting acquainted with this new content production process including the inclusion of adding any Short Code to a Short Code block rather than using the standard Text Editor block. That said, I am having trouble trying to render a Booked calendar – or any component of the Booked Plugin—using Short Codes in the designated Short Code block on the live web page.

What am I missing, and how can I get the Short Codes to render in this newer production environment? Thanks!



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Is there a way to load the js and css only on the pages the plugin is used?

hi do you offer a plan for unlimited websites? thanks

Hi, I use the plugin for city tours. Is it possible to insert QR code in the email sent to the customer? And above all, which mobile APP can be used by the tour guide to scan the code, and allow the status of the bookings to be updated on the site? Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

Hi there, I am looking for your upcoming version 3.0 of your plugin. Any idea when you will lounge it? Need to know because we are looking for a booking tool for a website which goes live within the next 2 weeks…

I’ve been waiting for more than a month for the support to try to fix an error in the plugin, unfortunate support. I do not receive an answer. I have detected a problem in the functionality of the plugin. When I use the option of a variable product, the spaces are not discounted depending on the number of variable products that I choose. For example, in a variable product where the selector is the number of people, if I select two people, the number of available spaces should be deducted in 2 units. The plugin always discounts a space, it does not differentiate the number of variable products you choose.

How can you solve this problem?

This isn’t a bug, it’s just something that isn’t a feature at this time. Right now, Booked can only book single appointments at a time. This is changing in Booked 3.0:

Every other booking plugin I’ve found required the user to pick a day and time before a product can be added to their cart, unfortunately that isn’t what i need. 
 I require a booking plugin where the user can select their appointment after they have added all desired products/services to their cart. Essentially scheduling on the checkout page.

Is this possible using this plugin?

Please give us a date about new version!!

Pre-sale question, does it have the ability to auto detect who the staff/agent based on the link the customers clicks? Similar to affiliate links.


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In my case some timeslots should be repeated every other week instead of weekly. Is this possible? Right now I am creating “Custom Timeslots” for every other week, but that is very time consuming. :-)


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What is the planed date for the booked 3.0?



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Are there any plans to add JSON API calls so as to allow the integration of mobile apps?


You product looks good, but there is a case, which I’m not sure if it can be solved by your product:

On a health website, when a user is looking at a doctor profile, he could click on a button “Book an appointment”​, then the user is redirected to the page “Book an appointment” with the specialty & doctor inputs fields already hydrated/filled (thanks to the query string parameters). Can your product do this?


For privacy purposes, is it possible for the current customers to be a login instead? That way clients can’t see each other’s names.

Hi, Pre-sale question: 1. Do you have any feature/add-on that can show all the booking list in one screen with status and service people? example, if ABC booked a service appointment with us, so the screen will show “ABC booked a service on 2nd JAN, 2:00pm, status is: “pending, servicing or done”, service by Jason” etc..

So that we can show this screen to all staff who in the shop, so they will clear to know and see all the jobs and their working table.

Good morning! I would like to know if it’s possible to send notifications for more than one person when a client book an appoinment? Send a copy of the emails to clients to another email account? Thanks!

Hi Justin, I’m using your Booked plugin together with WooCommerce. Sometimes the relation between these two can be confusing. Especially concerning order processes and so.

Unfortunately I deleted ‘permanently’ an order in WooCommcerce which still had an appointment in the Booked calender.

Now your calender isn’t working correctly anymore. On the relevant day the calender is searching and searching and the loading wheel is spinning and spinning and spinning…

How can I clean up that mess? I would very much appreciate if you have an solution for me. Thank you in advance! Tobi

Presale question: Hello, is it possible that the reservation begins to be available only one hour before the event? I am looking for a plugin for yoga classes and that up to an hour before the class starts can not be reserved. In case the person is missing his appointment, he can be penalized without being able to book for a while? Thanks!!