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Hi, how are you

I like this plugin very much, I will tell you that it’s its design that won me over all the others! So good job

But just one more thing before I get it, will customers be able to select hour intervals? For example, if someone want to come in for an hour and another person wants to come in for two hours in a row, can it support that with the managing availability and unavailable times?

Also, I would like to have it all mostly automated, when someone books the plugin will automatically check if that time is avaialable and automatically add it to our synced calendar which will be google calendar.


It will check to see if the time is available but not from your Google Calendar. This requires a two-way sync using Google’s API. It’s not a simple thing to build, which is why I haven’t done it yet. But I do plan on adding it in some form or another!

Perfect and one last question, so if someone reserved a time I just want to make sure that it won’t allow another person to reserve the same time right? All automatically so I don’t have to keep manually approve

Correct! :)


rfrbase Purchased

Hi, this FIX seems to be not working: 1.9.8 FIX: Emails being sent to admins and booking agents now include a reply-to with the user’s name and email address. All e-mails still comes from <>, is there any switch to turn this function on?

That’s not something Booked can change, you would need to use something like this plugin to change the sender:

If that doesn’t work, then you’re probably using an email server that doesn’t allow the sender to be changed (for example, Google does not allow this).

Hi I recently purchased a theme which came with Booked Version 1.6.11 But when I click the settings from the plugins page I get an error that says – Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. Can you tell me why this is, none of the other plugins do it?

Not sure, but I would suggest getting a Booked update from the theme developer or purchasing Booked yourself so you can always have the latest version and support if needed. :)

1- How can I EDIT the initial wording that appears on the request appointment

2- How can I change the “You are about to request an appointment…:”admin”(this is the name being shown) WANT to change the “name”

3- How can I replace the word APPOINTMENT, with Reservation?

4- Also the CHECKBOX I add it are not being shown and THUS getting a fill out all the REQUIRED Fields.

You can do all of this with a string translation plugin (translating English to English) like Loco Translate:

Not sure about the checkbox thing, but if you purchase a Booked license and submit a support ticket, I can help you figure it out:


Pre-sales question here, is it possible to let the customer pick their own times. For my website it is very important to have flexibel times. Like maybe a start and end time picker?

Hope it’s possible since the rest seems really good.

No, sorry!


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hi guys, one question, by any chance i can show one calendar with all possible booking? from all my teachers and classes? something like a main calendar? i can show all my classes separately, but i cant add 2 or more classes at the same time at the one calendar, hope this is clear

Unfortunately no, sorry.


I’ve run into a possible issue. For each calendar, we need to have multiple appointments at the same time, but if a time slot is set to the same times, it just wipes it and rolls the availability into the existing timeslot. There’s no way for more than one all day slot either. How can we achieve this please?

Unfortunately, you can only have one slot of the same time. If you need multiple services in the same slot, you will need to create different calendars for each.


Is there any way this can be achieved? In terms of how the plugin is structured, how difficult a task would this be to customise by a developer please?

Right now, kinda difficult. Booked Pro is being coded in a way that will allow this feature, but the current version will not.

We are currently working on a new version of Booked called Booked Pro that will be released as a beta in the next few months. It will include many features that are not part of Booked Classic at the moment. These include:

  • Date bookings
  • Ranged bookings
  • Multi-bookings
  • Group bookings
  • Backend drag & drop calendar with week/day views
  • Much, much more…

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta, you can do that here:

Hi there, can you let me know if this plugin can accomplish the following:

- needs to jump to next available date available to book
- set a time between appointments (each separated by 1 hour)
- block out vacation or unavailable time in admin easily
- pay at the time of booking
- be able to show timezones

- needs to jump to next available date available to book
The List View will do this:

- set a time between appointments (each separated by 1 hour)

- block out vacation or unavailable time in admin easily

- pay at the time of booking

- be able to show timezones
Nope, sorry!

Hello Boxy! Great plugin and design! <3 it!

I have a question, can me as an admin change the appointment time ? Because right now, if i created an appointment i can’t change it, say the date or the time :/

Right now you cannot. I’m working on a solution though!

Hi, can you make the appointment times in to shifts? e.g. 6, 10 and 12 hours?

Hello, it has an option of makes and uses coupons?


IOWISH Purchased

Hi there! Love your work and very interested in your Cooked recipe builder as well. Quick question, is $49 the regular price for this plugin or a sale price because I seem to remember paying $70 for it the day before I saw it listed at $49? Maybe I’m thinking of another plugin so please correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

HI, Pre sale question: Can i set more than one appointment in the same hour? I work with 3 people here and they have there own space. Is it possible?

Hello, I would like to provide my German translation for all, but I purchased booked in a theme included, so can not create a support ticket. Thank You! Regards Henry

You can shoot that to me from my profile page. Thanks so much!