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I’m really interested in this plugin. But I wanted to use this in conjunction with Gravity Forms. Meaning, I wanted to use Gravity to collection information and use this for the booking portion. I know this doesn’t have conditional logic and that’s why I need Gravity. What do you think?


lvolpe385 Purchased


It has been three days have passed. Why no one is still not replying to my ticket??? My web developer has already opened the ticket with id number: 1397242

Please respond! I need to use your plugin as soon as possible, please!

PRE PURCHASE QUESTION: i would like to know if this plugin can only set bookings to pending or complete status once payment is actually made? from what i can see here the system will set new bookings to pending and reserve a timeslot without payment being received yet? for example once you are at cart page the slot is gone from other users. can this be avoided so if payment is needed time slots will only be taken from calendar if payment is successful after booking? thank you keen to purchase today.

On Safari, the calendar appears correctly. However on Firefox or Chrome (both up-to-date), the calendar appears with dates that have already passed. Any idea what’s wrong? Website is


veniplex Purchased

Nice Plugin but currently there is a bug with the calendar widget. If you choose a day the calendar expands but you cant scroll down. :-(

Is it possible to make group reservations?

Hello, can we use this plugin in our themes? don’t see extended license. Dima


I was wondering if this plugin supports variable booking times.

For example I have a potential client who owns 2 yoga studios with a separate area for giving massages.

For the massage service there are variable times that users can choose for their massage (30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins).

What we would like is that when a user books a massage they can choose the time variable and then have that show in the calendar for future users (so if a user books 1.5 hrs than 1.5 hrs is booked out in the calendar).

Is this possible with your app?

Please let me know if any further clarification is required.

Best, Kosta

Dear Team,

is this plugin good working with the theme Total? Other question: we want customers to be able to log in to view their appointments. Is that possible with this plugin?


GeriAguru Purchased

Hi there! The plugin is great! Thanks! only one thing: it would be amazing, if users could book more places with one registration. Do you plan this feature in the near future?


GeriAguru Purchased

Sorry but one more thing… How can i add more e-mail adresses for admin e-mails…? As i saw, i can only choose one from a droplist. Thanks.

Hi there, I see that a few people have asked this before and you said you were working on this.

Is it possible to for users to reschedule their appointments before a given time? Also, is it possible for for admin to reschedule user appointment as well?


Like the UI. I have a pre-purchase question.

When a customer reserves a session does the payment process immediately or can the Front-end Agent approve the payment transaction when they approve the customer’s reservation

Is there a backend demo, the demo you offer is only for the user. I need specific features, the only way to know if you have them is a backend demo.

Thanks for the new update. Hope you are well!?

Thanks for asking, I’m doing well! Have some big Booked updates coming in the next few months. Looking forward to releasing them! Let me know if you would like to be part of the beta. :)

What do you think? for sure !! I’m the best beta tester of CodeCanyon :D Contact me via my profile. I’ll be more than happy to help! This is a great plugin, and maybe the greatest of all!

Hi. My clients are from different countries and their time zone is different from mine. The plugin does not allow, from the calendar choose your appointment of agreement to your time zone. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you.

hi there, for the custom fields, is it possible for the custom field to be expanded to show sub custom fields?