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I posted 2 tickets in boxystudio but I didn’t get any answer. Could you please answer me ? Thanks,

Adrien Taieb

Sorry, our support desk is up and down at the moment. Will be working on catching up soon.

Hey boxy team ,

Plugin is nice ,

I’ve just a little problem ! The calendar is not responsive when we have a look with a mobile device ! When you reduce de window the calendar frame disappear, you can see only the block !

Could you help me to fix the bug


Thanks a lot

See you

I cannot see your localhost, you would need to submit a ticket and provide a URL so I can see what you mean. Chances are the calendar is inside an element with a fixed width that is preventing it from shrinking properly.

You can have a look with the link :


I check with other plugin there is no problem

Thanks ;)

I don’t see a calendar there. Please submit a ticket with more information if you’re still having issues with this:


Hi, presale question, is it possible to set the spaces available to 0 in custom time slots? I don’t know if it’s possible to manually set a time slot as booked. Thanks!

Yes, you can disable a specific time slot if needed.

What i mean is set to 0 spaces and display it on calendar, actually the minimum to set is 1 and if I disable time slot it not appears on calendar

Sorry, there’s no way to disable and display it at the same time.


Any reply about booked calendar feeds plugin?

Is it abandoned?

The Calendar Feeds plugin is included with the purchase of Booked now, there isn’t a separate purchase anymore.


Is there any way to duplicate calenders to keep their timeslots? Or have that feature in the future as it would speed up workload if timeslots stay the same.

Best Wishes

Not at this time, sorry.

When is the PRO version coming out? can people try a beta of it? Main thing stoppin from buy this is the group bookings is not there…

Also on the ‘admin’ appointments – it shows names of people who have made bookings, can you also have the summary show custom field values too under the name as you have to go in each item to see any notes / extra field details

​Hi, we think the Booked plugin is great, but we’ve been experiencing some problems we need to bring to your attention.

1. If you try to put in time slots for two different types of service appointments that occupy the same time, ONLY the first entered is displayed in the front end. For example, there are 3 cleaning teams. If we put team 1 and team 2 in a time slot from 1:00-2:00pm, only team 1 will show, and no one will be able to book in with team 2. Is there a fix to ensure multiple time slots aren’t being ignored?

2. For our services we need a working phone number for the customer. There is a common phone field used in other forms. My suggestion is for a telephone field to be implemented to avoid user error and confirm a 10-digit phone number so that we don’t experience difficulty when trying to call someone who has booked an appointment.

3. We ran into a strange issue with Chrome and Opera where the popup booking form does not become the focus object and the mouse wheel affects the site in the background instead of the form being filled out. Users cannot scroll down and can’t see the submit button and therefore get frustrated and call in that the form doesn’t work.

Thanks so much for this great calendar, and thank you for your help.

Hi, I got a pre-sales question.

Are there any hooks for once an appointment is made? We need to send the data via json to our internal system. The hooks I found here don’t really mention this:



I got the Booked plugin with the ‘Escape’ theme and want to support multiple languages by using WPML + String Translation but faced several problems.

1. I created a PO/TO for German using POEdit. Where do I have to place theses files to work probably with Booked? When I put it in ‘wp-content/plugins/booked/languages’ it’s working but overwritten by updates of the plugin, when I put it under ’/wp-content/languages/plugins’ ALWAYS German is used, independent of the langauge selection. Other plugins are working fine when adding PO/TO to ’/wp-content/languages/plugins’.

2. How do I translate custom fields. I saw in other comments that this should work using WPML String translate, but I could not figure out how. I don’t see a domain for the custom fields or the custom field text at all.

3. When I put the German PO/TO files into ‘wp-content/plugins/booked/languages’ it looks like it’s working, but only directly when the page with calendar is loaded . When I switch to another month in the calendar or select a day for creating an appointment the default language of the site (English) is used but not the selected (German).

Thanks Thorsten

If you acquire a plugin through a theme purchase, the support for that plugin is on the theme developer to provide. I can only provide support for Booked if you purchase a license:

More info:

Just to insure I understood you correct: You want me to post the problems your plugin has to the theme developer so he can redirect this again to you?

Without asking for support at this point, would be useful for everybody reading this form if at least #1 is a known issue.


The theme developer is informed and will file a ticket to you. I think this is totally inefficient, but if it’s the way you prefer to handle it …

Meanwhile I setup a clean installation which only has a main page with a calendar. It’s showing exactly the problem I described in 1. I can prove you access to it if you are interested in fixing the bug in your plugin.


Atje Purchased


I am translating Booked with the plugin Loco Translate. But it doesn’t seems to translate the words “Enable” and “Disable” when you go to ‘Appointments’ in the left menu and click on a random date to book an appointment.

Also when you go to ‘Settings’ in the left menu and then to ‘Emails’ in the bar on top of the page then you also can’t translate the text behind the shortcodes. For example: name — Display the full name of the customer.​So ‘Display the full name of the customer.​​’ is nowhere to be found.

​Where can I translate these things?


I will have to take a look at these missing items. Thanks for letting me know!

PRESALE Question: Hi, does Booked support multi-currency plugins in WooCommerce?

Yes, it should work with multi-currency plugins.

Hi there, I got Booked with the Entrepreneur theme so I can’t seem to be able to submit a support ticket directly on your support page which is not very handy, hence why I am putting my comment here.

I have an issue with adding time slots. I have already added standard time slots for my client which are 3 to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, but she would like to be able to add​ some extra hours on Saturdays for example in the morning. When we tried, it kept only the new morning slot and deleted all the other time slots in the afternoon. I tried most things and looked everywhere, I can’t seem to find an easy way to do that. Can you please advise? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Chrystel

If you acquire a plugin through a theme purchase, the support for that plugin is on the theme developer to provide. I can only provide support for Booked if you purchase a license:

More info:


jezjones Purchased

Hi guys, great plugin 5*... Two questions.

1. How can you set it up to BUY MULTIPLE appointments (I am using it to sell tickets) 2. How can you change the word APPOINTMENT to TICKET

Thank you in advance.

Multiple appointments isn’t possible at the moment, but you can change the wording using a translation plugin like Loco Translate:

Here’s a guide:


“Switcher: This attribute let’s you display the “switcher” to swith between calendars on the front-end:”

Can I add to switcher custom calendars? I do not want to add everyone. I have 5 calendars, but I want only 2 in switcher. I want to buy this plugin, but I don’t know Is there an option? Sorry for my english.

I love the look of this plugin. I am putting together a website that requires users to book a pickup time for thir laundry as well as a delivery time for it to be returned. I would like to do this on the one page. Is this possible?