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Great App . so if I buy this app I need to be the php script as a CMS fot this app ? or does this app offer its own CMS ?

do I need to buy it also ? or it comes as one package ?

No, the website and the app are separate packages.

oh thats a sad thing ! ... thanks you


I have bought your app. Please help to install it on my google play store account

Thank you Ronnie


Please raise a ticket at support@techware.co.in and we shall do the needful at the earliest.

can you upgrade it to ionic v2 or v3


Yes, it could be done as an additional customization. If you are interested in customization, please send your requirements to support@techware.in and our support team will get in touch with you regarding the same.

Dear Sir/Mam

We have some questions before we purchase your App product:

1- Is it open source, can our developer add/edit and change in the APP? 2- Can we change colors? 3- Can we un activate some services in the App like Payment and schedualing? 4- Is it IOS/Android ? 5- Can we Add another language?

Our App summary:

• Beauty salon home services • Choose the agent based on location using map or choose city • Agents around the customer will appear on the map by names and ratings • He can open an agent profile • No booking • Customer will call the agent to arrange a time / no online booking • App is bilingual English/Arabic


Thank you for your interest. Please see the below responses regarding your queries.

1. Yes. If you have coding skills you may make the necessary changes.

2. Yes, by editing the CSS files.

3. The app as of now, do not have a payment gateway integrated. The only payment option available is by hand.

4. The app has a hybrid platform. It supports both IOS and Android.

5. As of now, it does not have multiple languages. It could be done as a customization.

Also, please note that the app and the website has a common admin panel and would be available with the website package.

For any further queries/customizations, please contact our customer support at support@techware.in.

How can I get a demo?


The demo is available from the play store link given below.

App demo video : https://youtu.be/Pfx9PRgGV0k

For customizations/queries, you may please contact our customer support at support@techware.in.

Hello, I want to know if you can customize the application with our logo and corporate image.

Or this function does not exist?

Thank you


Thank you for your interest in Customization.

Yes, we can customize for you based on requirements which would be chargeable. Please share all your requirements in detail to our support at support@techware.in.

for translation of CMS and APP for the Portuguese language of Brazil what would be the value?


techwaresupp Author Team


Thank you for your interest. Please contact our customer support at support@techware.in regarding your quote and our team shall get in touch with you soon.