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Heloo .

1.if user bookin ,how vendor/seller know it?

Do you put some seller dasboard or something ,so the vendor can accept an booking ?

Dobwenneedba php script for this app?

There is vendor dashboard to see the orders. You need to buy the php script separately.


ctrl4s Purchased

i want translation to arabic or add multi lange how i can


envatosupp Author Team

We can do it as a part of an additional customization.Please send mail to mail@support.in and post your ticket number here.

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MSwind Purchased

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can we add this app in apple app store? is there any previous apps in apple or android app store?


envatosupp Author Team

Yes, you can.

How to download the new version?


envatosupp Author Team

It will be released at the earliest. Our team is working on the update.

Can the room specify the available opening times?


envatosupp Author Team

Yes, we can do it as an additional customization.


bdengr Purchased

Hi I am purchased your book my saloon app and webscript. Web script working good. But your script have some bug. I fixed it. But how can connect app with web script. I was follow your text guideline. But it not working. Its so urgent need. And what do mean in your guideline text given below here.


1. Add the codes 1. placed in web_service folder // don’t replace just place the code at corresponded file 2. Add table in your database //file placed in database folder

Ticket no #2349

Please help me asap. Thanks

Sure Bdengr,

You will receive the help within 24 hrs. Thank you for your patience.

Please get ready with your FTP and other c-panel details so that you may share it to the support team and they could diagnose the issue asap.

This app comes ionic design? I have to build the platforms and generate the app by cmd?


envatosupp Author Team

Yes, it is ionic. Regarding the build, you can do it either by taking offline build through cmd or you can do the online build using PhoneGap.

This app is totally useless. It is full of bugs and any change you want to make will be charged at a ridiculously high amount. The webscript is as terrible as the app. If u choose to go ahead and buy, you will come back on here and complain just as I have. Thanks for taking my $54, you have done a wonderful job at wasting my money.

Hi Megeness, We have provided the demo site for the website and you have the option to see how the site works and the features through the demo site before you purchase the product. Regarding the app, we have given demo video URL on how the app works.

Does this app work?


1.If user is booking for a service given by a specific seller ,how will the seller know about the booking?

Does this MOBILE app has any seller dashboard. As mentioned above you have mentioned that we need to purchase the seller dashboard. Is it not included? What will be the cost?

2) Can the seller/vendor register through mobile app directly? If not, how to achieve this?

3) Can the seller select the location of his store using his current location? If not available, how this can be achieved?

4) Can the seller mention the store timings and holidays so that he will not receive bookings on those days.

5) In the seller dashboard, I want the seller to know the customer mobile number who has booked for the service. How can this be done?

6) Is the mobile app and website linked to each other?

7) If in a salon, there are 5 specialists, how will the app take the bookings for all the 5 specialists at a given time (Say 10:30am).

8) Can the seller reject the booking of a user?

9) Will you help with the installation for website and mobile?

1. Once the user books a shop, the shop can sign in via admin panel and he can see the appointments booked under him in the booking panel. The Mobile app does not have a seller dashboard. It has only the user interface. 2. No, we do not have a seller interface. If you want seller interface too, we can do it as an additional customization. 3. When a new shop is added, the admin sets the location of the shop. 4. We do not have this feature. If you want this feature, we can do it as an additional customization. 5. We do not have a seller dashboard. 6. Yes, they are linked via admin panel. 7. We do not have this feature. If you want this feature, we can do it as an additional customization. 8. No. 9. Yes, we provide free installation for customers who give us a 5-star review.

Hi how much will you charge for the customization

We have forwarded your ticket to our sales team and they shall contact you regarding the costs.

Is the application available for both iOS and android? What is the difference between regular license and extended? We have a website with its own back end and want to connect it to this app. And also can we upgrade to extended licenses later on ?

Yes, it supports both ios and android. In the extended license, you get the franchise of our product. Regarding linking the app to your own website, it is not possible. Once you purchase the regular license, you cannot upgrade it to extended license.

I got this Error when I’m trying to build iOS app !

Error – The following 3rd-party plugin is causing the build to fail and may need to be updated to a newer version: cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard

Please send a mail to support@techware.in and we shall help you sort the issue.

Hi how can i modify this for just one specific saloon?


envatosupp Author Team

We can do it as an additional customization. If you need customization, please send a mail to support@techware.in.

Android studio or Eclipse ?


envatosupp Author Team

It is developed in hybrid platform.

Hello! I’m going to buy your app and website. But first I need to know if you have how users add the halls of their preference to the favorites. Is there this feature? thank you.

Push messages is available?


envatosupp Author Team

No, push messages are not available.

I want to buy this app and website, but I have one question – Does the vendor can display booked date for other users who want to bookin same term? E.g. New user wants a haircut on March 2 at 17 pm, but that term is busy. Could he see it? So to choose another term?