Book App

Book App

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Book App

Just replace your data to the database and beautiful native android app ready with the following feature.


  • ✓ Offline reading, allowing it to work without an internet connection
  • ✓ Multi-language making it accessible to majority of users
  • ✓ Support Text Marker
  • ✓ Underline Text
  • ✓ Put Notes on Text
  • ✓ Change Text Colour to suit environment and preference
  • ✓ Change Font Size for ease of reading
  • ✓ Bookmark for easy retrieval and reference
  • ✓ Add & Manage Notes
  • ✓ Search facilities
  • ✓ Brightness
  • ✓ Indicator
  • ✓ Firebase Notification
  • ✓ Admob

Demo APK

Demo APK Download Demo Apk with Mark, Underline, Notes on Text

How will this code help you?

you can make a spiritual/religious app, country wise law app, the educational book even you can write your own book and publish on the play store.

You Will Get:

  • Android source code.
  • Full Document of project that explain step by step process.

We will provide basic project setup process service but if you need additional help then that service will be chargeable.