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What can’t you understand. I don’t want to use this plugin as it never has worked. The new update as well does the same thing and no I am not wasting hours of my day replying back to your emails. GIVE ME MY REFUND

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Please send an email one more time.

The problem was resolved – user made mistakes in PayPal signature (extra space) and in return URL (lack of protocol). We improved the plugin to exclude a possibility for other users to make similar mistakes.


axto Purchased

Hi,how do I update your plugin safely? Deleting the old one first?


axto Purchased

Thanks. Am I loosing my current seatplans, etc. with this procedure?

Nope, everything will stay in database.

If you like our plugin, we would be very happy, if you could rate it. It’s really important for us, because disappointed users leave bad ratings regularly.


doodaf Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this plug in and have realised that it’s not possible to assign more than one price for a seat. I need to offer a full price option, and a student/under 18s price option for each one. Please could you let me know when and if you will add this functionality. It looks like a great plug in, but for me, this will make the difference between being able to use it or not.

Yep, that’s useful. We will try to implement this in the next version. It will happen approximately within one month.

Coupon is applied to the whole cart selection.

Best regards

Just realized that 2 prices will change the flow of adding the place to cart. So it will be rather time consuming as we have to find a convenient way of selection an alternative pricing option.

Best regards


doodaf Purchased

Thank you – I do hope you find a (not to time consuming) way to add this functionality. While you’re doing it, the options for more two prices would be a good idea in case people have different levels for different people (e.g. different prices for full price, concessions, students, and under 18s). Look forward to seeing the next version.

Hi, i did try the Free Plugin and me and my customer like it very much for it’s easy to use. so we decidet to by Pro. I understand your statement

ArtkanMedia has chosen not to support this item
but still i would like to ask for information and help. the customer will sell tickets along with seat reservation, payment gateway is PayPal Pro. works fine so far. Here my Question/Experiance/Problem:
  • is there a “easy” way to sell and manage tickets at a counter? (i.e. if i go to the counter and buy 2 tickets for the event next week). i tried to use a 100% discount coupon, but if the total payment = 0, then the Ticketsystem will not redirect to paypal nor will it register the booking. Is there a Way to let a counter/person sell Tickets manually?
  • some of the Settings at the Backend of the Plugin are not visible because some inline CSS is blocking the visibility. I even had to enter some of the Information (Event Start- and Endtime) in my DB directly. I can provide more information to you by email, if you like. this problem happens on Firefox and Chrome
  • i did run a test online reservation. i was redirected to Paypal. there i did cancel the payment. On the Seat Plan the reservation was cancelled too, just as it should be. but at the Backend of the Plugin, in section “Booking list” this purchase is listet as OK and place status is reserved/booked. If the list contains also this “failed bookings” as OK, i can not use this list for analyses
i hope to helt improving this plugin, since it is a really good alternative to many services with monthly costs! hope to hear from you soon!

Since i do not get any response from the Author or Support… : is there anyone else who could manage to use 100% discount coupon? it does not work for me because the system will not redirect a 0.- Bill to papal. i need to use 100% for a VIP section of a theater and for a counter making manual reservations. i am thankful for any help or idea. Normally payment over paypal (without coupon) ist working fine.

Pre-Sales Question:

To whom it may concern,

I have extensively researched your WordPress Plug-In, but have some unanswered questions.

My website rents out several Tennis Fields at an hourly rate, where customers can book one or multiple time-slots. Thereupon, they can create private or public games. As a result, the booking solution needs to have a list of bookings that the customer made. They can then invite their friends to a private game. For a public game, I want users to be able to create an event from the front end that others can sign up for.

Does your plug-in support the following components?

1. One calendar per field can be created

2. Once a time slot is booked in one field, that time slot shows as unavailable for others to book

3. Customers can book one time-slot

4. Customers can book multiple time-slots

5. Customers can select add-ons during the booking process such as water or a ball-boy

6. Customers have access to their booking history/upcoming bookings

7. Customers have a profile page

8. Customers can cancel or modify their bookings

9. Bookings can be paid via PayPal/Credit Card or select pay later for customers to pay in person at the venue

10. Upon completing the booking process a custom page can be enabled to redirect the user to their profile page within the website

11. Signed-In Users can post the booking details on their private group page

12. Users can create an event from the front-end

13. Public events have limited number of seats

14. Public events have a waiting list if the seats are full

15. Automatic email notifying admin if a booking has occurred

16. Allow automatic email to customer to confirm their booking

17. Only allow a confirmation email to be sent to customers when admin confirms the booking

18. SMS reminders for customers 3hrs before their booked time-slot

19. Customers can write comments and give a rating for a public event

20. Google maps can be integrated into event details

21. Recurring events can be created by the admin in the back-end or from the users on the front-end

If the feature is not included in your plug-in, can it be combined with another WordPress Plug-In or is custom development needed?

Thank you for your time and clarification.


This plugin has a bit another purpose – more scheme/seat related. Also it’s created for general use, you need a concrete realization. So it’s not suitable for your needs.

Anyways, you can try our free version to test it:

Best regards

Thank you for your feedback.


wallyd Purchased

I am using the Pro version… My email template is displaying the <places> code like this when the user receives the email:

<index>. <name> (#<custom_number>): <price> 1. C20 (#C20): $20.00

it is printing the actual places template code in the visible html? is this a bug?

All I really want it to do is print the seat name: <name>

So i have

Seat: <places> in my email html, and only the tag <name> in the places template in settings…

When I send, I get this though…

Seat – <name> C19


Nope, that’s not a bug – that is the table head (e.g. legend). If you checkout several places at once, you will see something like:
Place 1
Place 2

So yes, that’s the actual places template code.

Best regards


wallyd Purchased

How do I ONLY use PAYPAL.. and disable the OFFLINE dropdown?


wallyd Purchased

never mind.. I found this option under the schemes settings and changed it to paypal only


wallyd Purchased


I get this in the logs over and over again..

[Thu Jun 08 14:16:42 2017]

SetExpressCheckout API call failed. Detailed Error Message: Short Error Message: Error Code: Error Severity Code:

My API settings are correct , I verified with paypal. There are no extra spaces or anything in the settings

the return URL and error pages are set and work.

The SANDBOX button is NOT checked..

Paypal will not work , when I click checkout the box just disappears..


So the log values are empty, aren’t they?

What about the other error: photo or manage photos…. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’$place’ (T_VARIABLE) in /home/villa415/public_html/ on line 1. Please, help me!


That’s a problem of the line endings (Unix vs Win).

Can you try to use some code editor and change the line endings of these files to CRLF (\r\n)? If you are not able to do this, please write us to the email address mentioned in the help document – we will send you the files with the correct line endings.

Best regards

Hello, I’ve solved the problem. The admin-images.php file came with problem, only the files in the category images came in text format in the first line, then I had to diagram the code again. Tks ArtKanMedia.

Friend, I have another problem, How can I do to get the user logged in (I make restricted access) and attach in the list of orders along with the fields “Code”, “Event Name”, “Places”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, “Phone”, “Date”, “Total price”, “Status”.

Hi, I just purchased this plug-in (version 1.7.1) and have realised that it’s not possible to let the ReturnURL and CancelURL blank. My project contain 4 different schemes in 4 diferrent pages so what can I do ?

Hello, can the plugin been used for Book online Tee time for Golf Course ? The only needed is time intrerval every 8 and 7 minutes. for example 08:00, 08:08 , 08:15, 08:23 (one available every 8 and 7 minutes) ?


It seems our plugin is not suitable for your needs. Anyways, you can try the free version and see, if it is something you are looking for. Here it is:

Best regards


i would like to submit a improvement for those using PayPal AND offline payment:

Users with checkout option “PayPal” should get a different confirmation mail then people that use payment option “offline” (reservation without online payment).

I already implemented it, works fine for me:
  • added a new mail template in WP options table ( i called it BAP_EMAIL_NEW_ORDER_USER_PAYED ) for guests using paypal
  • changed file class-book-a-place.php (version 1.7.3) at line 3538 to: $this->send_mail(BAP_EMAIL_NEW_ORDER_USER_PAYED, $order, $order->email);

Thats it! PayPal users get now a different confirmation email than others. You only would need to add the possibility to change the additional template in admin view.

Would be great to see this in a future Version!

Hi all, I’ve purchased the PRO version because I thought it was suitable for booking a place (with umbrella and deckchair) in a beach. Everything seems fine at first but became a nightmare because once a place is booked, since it stays booked forever, even if I cancel it in the Orders section and even if it hasn’t been paid yet via paypal. This means I can’t reset the form daily…! Is this a bug? Thank you.


You can enable it in the scheme.

Also it’s a very bad idea to reset the form daily. The default refresh time is 5 secs.

Best regards

Hi, thanks for answering. Unfortunately I still can’t resolve this issue. I’ve tried to book a seat from the frontend…everything was fine and I received both emails…but if I delete all my orders from the backend or simply put the single order as “removed”, the previously booked seats are still unavailable… My idea was to delete all entries daily, at midnight, in order to have a fresh booking scheme day by day (that’s my idea of “reset the form daily”) but due to the issue stated above it seems impossible :(


I am having an issue with Paypal.

API details are correct, and sandbox is disabled.

When a customer tries to make a purchase, he is redirected to Paypal and everything works how it should, however the customer is not billed, and I do not receive any money in my Paypal account.

What can be done to fix this ?

Kind regards


If the user is redirected to PayPal normally, then everything should be finished fine. Did you contact PayPal support?

If they are not able to help you, please make a testing transaction and send the paypal error log to our email from the help document. Error log location: /lib/paypal/log/error.log /lib/paypal/log/request.log

Best regards


Paypal says everything is setup correctly.

The request.log and error.log are not listing any errors.

What can be done to fix this ?

Kind regards

Hi, also your email does not work: regards

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The plugin does not work, and it has been over a week and you have not replied to this support tickets. I will now take a refund,