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I import it to eclipse and get a error saying duplicate src, and then later on I get these errors:
import com.mariojfduarte.bombaway.R; import com.mariojfduarte.bombaway.MyGdxGame; import com.mariojfduarte.bombaway.MyRequestHandler;
And then I look and many of the libs seem to be missing. Please help.

Hi there, I believe you have a problem regarding the SDK’s. In the documents folder you may find screens of the ones you need to install. Let me know if it solved the problem. Thank you!

Yea, I am not use to having to import other files besides the android project, but I figured it out ty for the fast response. Also, I just submitted it, but here is the package name of my version I put in the store: com.vamp.andrpidatkgame. Again, ty for the fast response :)

No problem, good luck with your project!

please intergrate admob

see the screenshot showing https://www.dropbox.com/s/csx7wianju97m4v/ccbomb.PNG?dl=0 path C:\Users/Mario Duarte\workspace8\BombAway\ this path is not present in my system i think file missing in your source please give a solution ASAP

See now it giving 7 errors build path how to solve this path C:\Users/Mario Duarte\workspace8\BombAway\ this path is not present in my system i think file missing in your source please give a solution ASAP https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuydwf59rodaieu/ccbomb2.PNG?dl=0

Use only one topic please. Be calm, and every problem you may have will be solved.

Please see this screenshort game not opening how to solve this issue screenshot link https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hthkwvr0nbo6yk/Ga.PNG?dl=0

It is an Eclipse project.

everything tried no solution i need refund all steps are not working

Send me your details so we may proceed with the refund.

is that support admob?

Yes. Later there will be.

i will by when you add admob

I will let you know

Please give a Solution or made a Refund

so many bugs cleared by me path error rectified and but game is not running so please sent the good working running source code

The one you download is working properly. You have my word. Please proceed with a fresh install and fix the SDK path.

everything tried no solution i need refund all steps are not working

Good luck for sells .

Use team viewer for your trouble.

Will do! Thanks

hola amigo, creo que hablas español por tu nombre cierto? me gustaria comprar este item, puedo cambiarle el fondo y las imagenes. ademas puedo colocarle mis propios anuncios de admod? saludos

Hello there, I’m Portuguese so I do understand Spanish but I don´t know how to write it so I will answer in English if you don´t mind.

Yes you may “cambiar el fondo y las imagenes” I made the PSD files available to make it easier for you to do so.

Yes can set admob with you own ads.

Hope to hear from you!

I enabled Admob banner alls no problem, but I cant figure out how to enable Interstitial ads.

Hello again,

To solve this problem please do the following. 1. Go to Bombaway -> Scr -> com.marioduarte.bombaway -> MyGdxGame.java

2. Push Ctrl+F -> search for “myRequestHandler.showAds(true);”

3. Uncomment the the whole method and make sure gameDead(): is called somewhere.

I’ll be here for further instructions but this should get them to work.

Ok, got it to work just fine. Thank you again for the help :)

Cool, good luck!

still have no admob?

Hello there, Admob is now integrated, hope you like it.

Last Update:28 March 15 ? are you sure the update available

Hello there, The other day you asked about “support” which I interpreted as “assistance” concerning admob :O . I had to test it first (it was already implemented). Everything is working now.

hello, I think that the difficult of the game is very hard. do you change it? for ex: in the big bombs 2 0 3 touchs is enough.

sorry, I am a beginner in this.

hello, I did the import..

Hello there,

Already answered to your email. It will take some time but I’ll get you on track. Let’s do it step by step.

The video is available on youtube so I used it as a guide in some parts of this game.

Let’s use gmail for this, thanks!

can i change this android:targetSdkVersion=”21” to android:targetSdkVersion=”18”

Hello there,

Yes you may but not sure it will work properly.

every thing is good, when i open it it give me “unfortunately has been stopped” see this http://i.imgur.com/tzXcXtZ.png

Can you please test the desktop version first so I can see if you have any problem with it?

its working, but android version give me “Could not find class ‘com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.freetype.FreeTypeFontGenerator’, referenced from method com.mariojfduarte.bombaway.MyGdxGame.create” every thing and paths is ok

Ignore that warning.

hello, I have the same errores:


I have re-installed everything but there is not a solution. i need refund pls.

You have problem with the libraries. Email me and I will solve your problem with TeamView.

Hello all,

New version upload and sent for review. Hope to have solved the libraries problem.


What is the new update for again? I mean I thought it was working fine…

Good morning,

Yes, indeed it was working just fine. Still some customers had problems with the libraries configuration so I decided to add some tutorials regarding this issue.

At the same time I introduced AdMob support which I mentioned has a bug fix once it was not loading properly. Now AdMob is fully working (adress me by email if you have any problem with it).


Oh ok, ty for the support :)

This app is not working one bit for me the amount of times I installed all the sdks as well as the gdx. It still gives me multiple errors. I would like a refund asap.

Hello there,

Did you contacted me for support?