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Looks nice but would be good if it had better SEO for URLs.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion :) I’ll work on it and release it as an update soon..

I have pushed out a update to the code http://www.blogwithbolt.com/post.php?id=20

We’re working on further patches which will be sent out to all the users of Bolt. later today, Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I will continue to push updates and code fixes for Bolt. as I plan to support it for long, I assure everyone here, bugs will be fixed and patches will be provided. I have replied to every single email that I have got since Bolt was put up here, I will not ignore anyone, if anyone has any reports to be made about bugs in the code please email me and I WILL reply.

I have pushed out a update to the code http://www.blogwithbolt.com/post.php?id=20

We’re working on further patches which will be sent out to all the users of Bolt. later today, Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hi, is possible to upload images in posts of this blog? Thanks you

Hi, You could use html tags like img src to link images :)

Hi Looks great

Is comment open or do you have to login also can ADMIN remove comment

Since there is no upload built in could it then be possible to pick an image from folder (gallery)


img src= is the only way currently to include images

Okay … Thanks Think I can use it anyway :-)

May I ask what is on the roadmap ?

Currently, I’m planning on the following
  1. More stats on the admin area
  2. Themes
  3. Plugins

I’ve started work on the Stats in admin area already :)


Great with the easy install, but you link to an external minified css – could you please provide the full css

how about an in image-btn for insert the tag :-)

Regards flemming

Hi. Sure, I can link to the external full css or I can make it locally stored as well, I’ll look into this today.

About the button, I’ll have to check it out as I have found a better editor which has the ability to upload / insert images directly, so I may switch to that in the next release :)

Thanks for purchasing the script :)


The option to change the CSS is included in the file “admin/libraries/cssjs.php”, you can either copy down the file and host it on your own server (It’s the standard bootstrap CSS) or change the link to


for the full bootstrap CSS :)

Hi speedbud

Ive signup for acount at disqus and placed the code in admin settings.. Here it says= succed

BUT nothing shows

also at Disqus when verify install this shows

It doesn’t appear that Disqus has been properly installed.

am I missing something ?

Hi again great update !!

I dont know if it is meant to .. but seams as you use on editor for creating the post and the old when in edit mode.

I find this a little anoying since I cant change/replace the image


I’ll fix that up now and release it up as a fix in the next few hours :) The images are uploaded to imgur so they load up fast (imgur uses a cdn and other compression to make images load up fast)

Done, new version submitted to CodeCanyon, http://www.blogwithbolt.com/post.php?id=33

In your library script “generalview.php” you refer to a db row “disqus_code” that does not exist; accordingly, the disqus comment box does not appear. Bizarre. Please advise.

Done. I’ve submitted the new update to CodeCanyon :) that should fix it up.

Thanks for the update. A five star app.

Thanks :)

Improve the urls for better SEO results and I’ll buy it for sure. Thanks.

I’ll give SEO URLs a try soon.

Look I found a bug in cpanel is not working giving an error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/imaginar/public_html/lostk/admin/config/db.php on line 6

Did you set your DB name/password/user info at that file ?

Work has started on a new update for Bolt! More updates will be posted in the coming days at, http://www.blogwithbolt.com/

Changelog for version 0.008 (not complete yet) can be found here : http://www.blogwithbolt.com/post.php?id=35

Done, Bolt 0.008 submitted to CodeCanyon :)

Hi speedbud, If you want to edit post, so I will write “Post ID error” ... what is it? Thanks.

Hmm, that’s odd, running which version 0.008 ?

I purchased it on Sunday, how do I know which version I have?

Hi, You’ll find which version you’re at by clicking on the Gear button (http://i.imgur.com/ZQkpPlR.png) I’m pretty sure you’re on 0.008 since you’ve purchased it on Sunday, but could you confirm also could you email me through my profile so I could have a look at your site as well to be exactly sure where the error comes in since I don’t see the error at the edit post page.

Quick Questions.

1. I have a website (html5) and i want to incorporate a blogging system into it. How easy would it be to add it?

2. How easy is it to edit the design/css of the blog to match my site ( if i hired someone to do it?)?

3. Can i SEO optimize every blog page with headers, keywords, descp etc?

lmk i will buy this asap if so

1. As long as your system supports PHP and mySQL it’s pretty easy to get this working. There’s a full guide to set it up.

2. It’s themed with bootstrap so literally every bootstrap element would work on this easily :)

3. It’s possible but would require a bit of code changes in the system.

(Sorry for the delay in reply)

Maybe someone have already made a comment on this, but how about categories for the posts?!