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Hi, the plugin looks very nice. I would like to know if something like this is possible:

There will be two questions, for example:

1. Where are you from? a1: USA a2: Europe

2. What is your favorite color? a1: blue a2: green

I would like to know which color is prefered in USA and which in Europe. Will I be able to get these kind of data from the plugin?

I’m afraid not without a custom query but it’s an interesting idea. I will note this down and try to come up with an easier way for users to create a custom query from the dashboard.

I thought so, but I will buy the plugin anyway. This maybe the way to go with custom queries:

User will define answers for questions in survey. If answers from all questions are defined, the result will be the number of voters. If not, then the result will be few numbers, depending on how many questions doesn’t have defined answers by the user and how many possible answers are in these questions.

This is the general case for my example. In my case I would define answerer for first question – let say USA and I would get two numbers. One with green color voters and second with blue color voters. This way I would know what is preferred in USA. If I would define two answers – USA, blue – then I would get one number with voters from USA preferring blue color.

Hi! I would like to know if you are planning to add the “export to csv” option soon :)

Thank you

I’m afraid I do not at the moment but I will see what I can do in the coming weeks. Are you just looking to export the results or backup the survey settings as well?

I’m looking to export the results so I can import in Excel and make charts and reports by date, user or value :)


I am just building my first survey. I would like to add in optional questions (eg: ‘if not then why?’ with a text box). Is this possible?

Many thanks!

Certainly! The ‘Number of Answers’ field is how many answers are required. You can leave this set to ‘No Requirement’ and then still select ‘Textarea’ as your ‘Type of Answer Input’. That would generate a question with one text box that the user does not have to fill in.

The only thing this plugin cannot do is change where or not the box is required based on the input of the question before it. It’s something we can certainly look into for the future, though!

Trying to style my survey with CSS, but since if filled it out, I can see it. I keep getting the”It would seem that you have already taken this survey.” message. I clear my cookies, which logs me out of WP, log back in look at my form, and if I reload, it give me the same message. Even when I try to preview my changes from the survey building page, I cant see it, and get the “already taken” message. Is there something I else I need to clear? I even removed all data from the survey. Same problem.

The plugin uses IP address to filter guest users. If you want to make the survey appear you can either delete your IP from the database via phpMyAdmin, or you can modify the template file and remove this conditional statement. (Please note that you would have to modify the plugin in order to save your survey a second time. Until the next update there is no option to disable this)

If you need further help with either of these, please let me know.

That helped a lot. Thanks!


jflen Purchased

I uploaded the plugin and it caused a PHP Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /home/soutgkxt/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bolder-surveys/includes/admin/class-statistics-survey.php on line 126…my whole site went down.

I’m afraid not. As per CodeCanyon’s refund policy, we do not grant them unless there is a critical bug on our end that cannot be easily resolved. This issue is a simple one line fix in the code.

The purpose of my prior statement was to inform you how unusual it was to cause such an issue. The function is question is only executed from the dashboard, and furthermore only from the statistics page. Its purpose is to print out statistics information on a single question. From the plugins perspective, there is only one URL that uses this. It should not have occurred on the entire site. It also should only occur when trying to visit a statistic that doesn’t exist. So this was very unusual.

I am happy to fix this minor typo for you if you open a support ticket, but we cannot be held liable for customizations that change the functionality of WordPress. So with this fixed, I was letting you know it is possible you may start seeing statistics printed on your website. (Something that is not intended by this plugin except on the appropriate admin pages)


jflen Purchased

I dont care what the issue is. I have a website and added your plugin which brought my entire site down. If your fix doesnt work, I expect a full refund.


jflen Purchased

Ticket number is #1669