Discussion on Bolder Fees for WooCommerce

Discussion on Bolder Fees for WooCommerce

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Hi, i have a trouble with the tax on the cart. I add a fee taxable and by item (checkbox ok). But when i’m in the cart, the VAT is not on the fee only on the subtotal. please help me, i think i forget something. Thx Sébastien

Sure, I would be happy to try and help! Do you have a required fee or optional? There is also a tax name option. Please make sure the tax table you have setup is the one selected in your Fees table as well.

I’m afraid I cannot replicate any issues on the demo site (both fees and taxes are enabled if you want to give it a try). It may have something to do with your settings or if you are using a third party plugin for your taxes instead of WooCommerce.

If you would like further help I would recommend opening a ticket on our support site where you can share screenshots of your settings and further explain the issue so we can take a closer look.

Hi! Does your plugin support the latest version of Woocommerce, i.e 4.1?

To the best of our knowledge yes, we have been using the two together now since the beta was released with no issue. Unfortunately it takes a bit of time for CodeCanyon to update our options in the settings page so I was not able to add it yet to the list of compatible versions here.

Got it, thanks for answering!!

Is it also possible to calculate two percentage fees in the cart and then so that first 1 fee percentage is calculated and charged, after which the second fee percentage is calculated over the cart subtotal including the added first fee percentage amount?`

Example: Cart subtotal is 10 First Percentage fee is 2% So 10 then amounts to 10,2 Second Percentage fee is 8% So 10,2 then becomes 11,02

I’m afraid that is not possible with this plugin at this time. It will only look at the same subtotal for both fees.

Hi there,

As I’m interested in buying the plugin I would like to know if it is possible to add a surcharge per item instead of bulk. Only some of my products require an extra charge for small quantities.

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Definitely! You can have a flat fee if a particular item is found in the cart, or you can multiply it by each quantity of that product being ordered. You can find a couple examples on the demo site here:

Hi there! I bought the plugin and added the flat fee and its corresponding conditions to selected products. The conditions are count (less than) and product (specific item). Unfortunately, it’s not working properly. The flat fee is set when the quantity of the product selected is less than 4 (e.g. 3). But when I add another product where no flat fee occurs, then the fee is not applicable anymore eventhough I chose “all of the following”. “All of the following” means, fee applies when all the conditions are met, right? Did I miss something when adding the fee? Thanks for your answer in advance. Best, Julia

Correct, adding another product shouldn’t affect anything unless you have an exclusion condition as well. “All of the following” just means that the conditions set need to be true.

I tried setting up a fee like how you described with a quantity and product condition but I could not replicate the problem. The fee appeared both when it was just that product and when there were others too.

If you’d like to open a support ticket, I would be happy to help take a look further into it. Maybe there is something different between our settings that would give some insight towards the problem.

We use an auctions plugin and we need to be able to add a commission percentage on the auction price per product but only with products from specific product categories, is that possible?

Narrowing it down by category shouldn’t be an issue however I can’t say for sure about the percentage without knowing more about the auction plugin. It would depend on how the price is stored in the final item. I have not personally seen or used of these for WooCommerce before, but so long as it updates the appropriate “price” field in the data array it shouldn’t be an issue.

Ah, thanks for explaining!

Hi, i like our plugin. Is it possible to define the position of the fee summary in the checkout page? Or does it have to be changed by css? If by css, could you do this and what would it cost?

I’m afraid you don’t have a lot of options based on the filters and action hooks needed, but you can always customize the template and move this hooks to different positions in the file.

is this plugin abandoned?

No, we are still fully supporting it and working towards a new 2.0 version. Unfortunately it has just been delayed due to updates for a few of our other plugins.

Ok thanks for the feedback I will purchase and hope it will work fine withe latest Woo & WP update

While I don’t expect you to run into any issues, if you have a problem or concern please don’t hesitate to reach out on our support website. Every license comes with 6 months of personal support.

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I suspect your ‘Round Fee Up’ is incorrect, the checkbox says ‘Round fee price up to the next whole number’ but when you enable that option, the amount is NOT rounded to a whole number, it works the other way around.

webbabe Purchased

Aha, now I get it. But I personally can’t come up with a plausible reason one would want to use that, seeing it generates an unrounded amount again after taxes … Nevertheless I managed to set things up fine so no worries and thanks for explaining. :-)

I’m afraid it is a feature best used for prices displayed exclusive of tax. We can’t round the price afterward because tax is its own entity, calculated afterward. Rounding it would have to alter both the fee and the tax anyway to be accurate, so it would get rather messy at that point.

I’m glad you were able to get it working for you though! If there’s anything else I can help with, please let me know!

webbabe Purchased

Thanks again for your help!

if I put a fee with a checkbox when I click on that checkbox a text will be shown to put the message dedication that will cost 1 euro, can you do that with your plugin?

I’m afraid there’s no message. The order summary fades while the numbers are recalculated and then updates the total to include the price of the fee the customer just selected.

Hello good morning, I have a problem, I created some conditional fees, but now I want to modify the value or eliminate some condition and it does not save the changes. I await your prompt response, thank you

I’m afraid this is not something I can replicate on the demo or development servers. Can you please open a ticket on the support website with additional information or login credentials so I can take a closer look?

I love Bolder Fees. Thanks so much for creating this plug-in.

I have included an optional add-on to checkout for which I don’t charge a fee if the order is over a certain $ amount. It works just fine, however, this add-on does not show up on the order emails so I have to manually check every order to see if the customer chose that add-on. Is it because the cost value is set to $0.00 that it doesn’t show up on the emails? Thanks for your help!

Thank you :) I am glad to hear you have enjoyed the plugin so far! I’m very sorry for the delayed response this week but I did look into the problem.

That’s definitely an interesting question and it does seem that you are correct! Only $0 fees are hidden from the email lists. The good news is that they are still added to the order successfully so they can still be pulled. I have poured through the WooCommerce code and I haven’t quite found the spot causing the trouble but I will continue looking through.

Please open a ticket in the meantime so I can provide you with some code if I am able to find a solution. Thank you

Thank you so much for your reply! I will open a ticket now!

Hi – look for extra fees for payment methods – in your demo checkout it always summarizes under the term “upgrade fee” no matter how I name the fee in the fees table. Is it changable ? ... what about translations / languages ? Thanks for you reply in advance.

This happens when the “Combine Fees” option is enabled. If you scroll further down the page you can find it. When enabled, all fees are consolidated into one row with the title specified in that section, too. You can disable this to see the fee you setup in it’s own line with the correct title.

Yes, the titles are registered in String Translation for WPML and Polylang if your site is multilingual. It does not come with the settings page already translated but it is translation ready.

Hi, did this become a feature? I want to use your plugin for bottle deposits (Flaschenpfand) and added a product attribute “deposit” with different values to my products. It I could relate the fees to those attribute values, this would be great. Thanks.

I’m afraid there are no ‘Attribute’ specific options right now. It’s something I can consider in the future, but there’s no way to make that work with this plugin at this time.

Why it doesnt add up the cart total?

I’m afraid I don’t understand from the screenshot alone. Have you entered a percentage based fee versus a flat rate? There are two columns, please make sure you have entered the value into the correct one. There are also multiple Subtotal conditions of you are using those instead. By default it is just the product pricing but there are also options to include tax and coupons. (It cannot include shipping.)

Hello, the additional costs are always shown with VAT, both rates (standard and reduced). It doesn’t matter whether I tick taxable or not. Do you have an explanation for this?

I’m afraid this is not something that I can reproduce on the development site. The tax line changes depending on whether I have the ‘Tax’ checkbox checked or not.

In case there is any confusion, please note that if you have ‘Prices Inclusive of Tax’ setup in your WooCommerce settings, this feature only applies to product pricing. It does not work on fees or shipping prices.

Hi there, I just bought the plugin, but I struggle with the set up of the fees. I wanted to contact you in the support area, but I cannot log in. Even if I try to get a new password I get the notice that there is no account with that Username, although I’ve got a confirmation-mail after my purchase with this Username mentioned. Can you help me with that?

I’m afraid I do not have any information in our system for this username. Please note that it is an independent site and does not currently support login with Envato credentials. You would need to register a new account and provide your purchase code for proof of purchase to complete the registration. (The easiest way to find the purchase code is to go to the ‘Support’ tab where you found the link to our support site.)

I would be happy to help you get things setup! I can answer simple questions here, but a support ticket is easier so that we can share more detailed information and images/screenshots.

Thanks! I managed now to register. I will write a support ticket.