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Hi, i have a trouble with the tax on the cart. I add a fee taxable and by item (checkbox ok). But when i’m in the cart, the VAT is not on the fee only on the subtotal. please help me, i think i forget something. Thx Sébastien

Sure, I would be happy to try and help! Do you have a required fee or optional? There is also a tax name option. Please make sure the tax table you have setup is the one selected in your Fees table as well.

I’m afraid I cannot replicate any issues on the demo site (both fees and taxes are enabled if you want to give it a try). It may have something to do with your settings or if you are using a third party plugin for your taxes instead of WooCommerce.

If you would like further help I would recommend opening a ticket on our support site where you can share screenshots of your settings and further explain the issue so we can take a closer look.

Hi! Does your plugin support the latest version of Woocommerce, i.e 4.1?

To the best of our knowledge yes, we have been using the two together now since the beta was released with no issue. Unfortunately it takes a bit of time for CodeCanyon to update our options in the settings page so I was not able to add it yet to the list of compatible versions here.

Got it, thanks for answering!!

Is it also possible to calculate two percentage fees in the cart and then so that first 1 fee percentage is calculated and charged, after which the second fee percentage is calculated over the cart subtotal including the added first fee percentage amount?`

Example: Cart subtotal is 10 First Percentage fee is 2% So 10 then amounts to 10,2 Second Percentage fee is 8% So 10,2 then becomes 11,02

I’m afraid that is not possible with this plugin at this time. It will only look at the same subtotal for both fees.

Hi there,

As I’m interested in buying the plugin I would like to know if it is possible to add a surcharge per item instead of bulk. Only some of my products require an extra charge for small quantities.

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Definitely! You can have a flat fee if a particular item is found in the cart, or you can multiply it by each quantity of that product being ordered. You can find a couple examples on the demo site here:

We use an auctions plugin and we need to be able to add a commission percentage on the auction price per product but only with products from specific product categories, is that possible?

Narrowing it down by category shouldn’t be an issue however I can’t say for sure about the percentage without knowing more about the auction plugin. It would depend on how the price is stored in the final item. I have not personally seen or used of these for WooCommerce before, but so long as it updates the appropriate “price” field in the data array it shouldn’t be an issue.

Ah, thanks for explaining!

Hi, i like our plugin. Is it possible to define the position of the fee summary in the checkout page? Or does it have to be changed by css? If by css, could you do this and what would it cost?

I’m afraid you don’t have a lot of options based on the filters and action hooks needed, but you can always customize the template and move this hooks to different positions in the file.