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I submitted a support ticket yesterday but it has not been looked at yet. I purchased the plugin but the fees won’t save. When I click Save changes after entering all of the information, the row disappears.

I am able to save Conditions without a problem.

I deactivated all plugins except WooCommerce and Bolder Fees and it still would not save.

All tickets have been answered at this time so please log back in to your account to check for a response.

I just bought this and it’s broken. I can’t add any fees or conditions. I get this warning in the footer of the settings page: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bolder-fees/class-conditions-list.php on line 212

Submitted a ticket for this.

Have you created a zone under the Shipping Zones tab of your WooCommerce Settings page. This first step is often missed. The zones created here will populate the location select box which is a required field for each fee.

Good plugin. I have a request: Make it possible to add custom fee for virtual products. As Im selling only services and no physical products. This is my website

Are you referring to the fees not showing up when shipping is disabled? This is definitely something I am aware of. The next update will check if shipping is needed and based on the result change which hook is used to display the optional fee. In the meantime, you can modify the template file to move the hook outside the shipping section.

Hello. This is a pre-sale question. When I’m buying something, I need to add two percentage units. One is the subtotal of the engraved products with the 10% of the VAT and another is of the products with the 21%. In addition, this just has to happen with only a number of customers (those who point it out). I’m trying to apply the spanish RECARGO DE EQUIVALENCIA. A special system of VAT, obligatory for individual merchants who sell retail products. Attach image:

I am not sure I understand everything you are asking so please let me know if I do not answer all of your questions.

Firstly you won’t be able to list everything out ob that table to the left, but it is possible to create one or more lines of extra charges in the order summary. It can be based on a percentage of the subtotal. You can have additional conditions such as use role, but I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for. I did not know what you meant by “those who point it out”

Added an Optional Fee, But when you select the checkbox the cart updates and unchecks the box. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks for your help, it was in fact W3 Total Cache causing the error, if i find a work around i’ll let you know :)

The issue is with object cache on w3 total cache, disable that and everything work fine :)

Oh great, I am glad you did not have to lose the entire plugin. The object cache is certainly a curious feature, not something a lot of cache plugins have. I will make to see if there is anything in their documentation on how I can make this work.

Hello, is this plugin compatible with the latest Woocommerce v2.6?

I am not aware of any issues with this plugin on WooCommerce 2.6. It does not yet load data from WooCommerce Shipping Zones, but it has its own set of shipping zones you can use to control the locations where the fee is eligible.

Pre-sale question. We are using a shipping plugin from wooforce – WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. It dynamically retrieves rates from UPS. Will this plugin work in conjunction with dynamic rate based shipping plugins. Two, is there a way to hide the extra fee from the customer at checkout? Thanks!

If you are asking whether or not the plugin can run alongside your shipping method, I don’t see why that would be a problem. The Fees API is separate from the Shipping API. In regards to your second question, no, there is no way to not disclose fees in WooCommerce. Even if you hide it with CSS it will appear in the email sent to the customer. Especially if you are selling internationally, hiding a cost is actually illegal in many countries so I would not recommend this. All costs displayed must equal the total the customer is charged.

Just a pre sales question: does this plugin support radio boxes from which customer can only select one? I need that to add options to the cart that exclude eachother. With checkboxes i can select them all. Thanks

I’m afraid at this time the plugin does not support radio options. It is a possibility for a future version but right now it is only a checkbox or a flat (required) fee.

I am looking for a plug in that will allow for a product add-on that has a price that is set by the percentage of the item cost. Is that possible with this plugin?

Well the price will go through officially as a fee, not another product, but if that’s not a problem then it should help. The plugin can create optional fees that the customer can elect or choose not. And this fee can also have conditions, so if you want it to only appear when Product A is in the cart, you could do that.

Pre-sale question. You may see the fee is included in store prices, ie display in the cart and also included in the store, thank you.

The fees created by this plugin are based on cart information and are only displayed on the Cart and Checkout pages. It is not possible to include the fee within the product price.


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Your plugin allow me to use fee per payment method? If i can do it can i use a fee and percentage for same payment method? For example i want to add for COD: Base fee of: 1€ and also 2% of total amount. Thanks.

Definitely! There are separate boxes for flat and percentage based fees but you can use both and they will be added together. There are payment gateway conditions in the settings, the fees just will not show up until the customer has selected a payment gateway. But if they change their mind and select a different gateway the fee will update based on the new information.


gganaza Purchased

Ok cool, if i can use both value for single payment method, I’ll purchase your plugin soon. Thanks.

Sure thing! If you would like to try the demo, there is dashboard access to customize the fees and payment gateways.

Pre-sale question – will I be able to add a custom option on the checkout page title ‘Saturday delivery’ that if chosen by the customer adds a fixed fee to the total price? Thanks!

Definitely! This plugin has two shipping conditions, one based on the shipping method and another based on the title specifically (helpful if you are using one method that returns multiple options). After the customer selects the given shipping option, a new line would appear in the order summary adding the fee.

And this option is shown when you are on the checkout page? I have tried to use the live demo but am unable to see where the extra fee options appear.

Please take a look. I have setup an example Saturday Delivery on the demo site. You will find the option in the order summary right below the shipping price. I have set it up to work with any products, and it appears when the user selects the ‘Flat Rate’ method which I have titled ‘Worldwide Shipping’. You’ll notice if you select Free Shipping, the option disappears.

I am using bolder fees to charge a processing fee, but it is calculating the percentage before the WooCommerce coupon is applied. Is there a way to have it calculate the percentage AFTER the coupon code is applied?

It doesn’t look like this is a built in feature (yet, I have added it to the queue) but if you would like to open a support ticket I can help you get around it for now until the option is readily available. A support ticket will allow me to share files with you easier.

Thank you, I have since responded. I hope the new solution will be able to help!


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Recently woocommerce changed the way they interact with this plugin. Previously when shipping a physical product the items from this plugin would be virtual and not show up in my backend order system. Now I see a line item similar to a product purchased which is confusing for several systems – from inventory management to the picker of the order. It would be great if there is an option or even by default that the additional items from the plugin be treated as a virtual item – as in it is something doesn’t get shipped so it doesn’t show up as a physical item that needs to be shipped out. Thoughts?

I’m sorry, but I do not quite understand what you are asking here. This plugin does not maintain any products, it creates fees based on the products in the cart. It will be saved as a line item just as everything else is, but I’m afraid this is nothing we can change. This is how WooCommerce manages extra fees, so any changes would have to be done on their end. I know there are some changes coming to the Fees API, but I do not know what that means for how it is stored. I only know that you will be able to attach more data to a fee for reference in the dashboard.

Pre-sale question: Your Plugin work with TM Extra Product plugin?

I’ve a product with options but if the total is greater than 75€ I want add 2€ fee. It’s possible?

Example: Product cost 15€, option cost 80€ = total 95€—> More 2€ fee.

Many plugin not considered option cost!

Thanks Luciano

I’m afraid I do not know, it would depend on how it alters the cost. Any shipping method just takes the product price, but if the plugin you use does not update that field, then it would take some customized code in order to work with the extra fields they have setup. For example, the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin stores the costs differently, so this plugin had to add extra code in order to be compatible.

Is this plugin able to NOT add the fee if it is a re-order? Im looking to add an artwork design fee but when they reorder that same product they don’t have to pay the fee because they are using the artwork on file.

Perhaps not unless there is some way to distinguish them. I know it couldn’t tell whether or not an item has been purchased before by the same person.

OK thanks, I will look at other options.


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Is this plugin working 100% with Woocommerce 3.0?

I am not 100% sure unfortunately. This is the one plugin I have not had the chance to thoroughly test. It looks like the demo site is not returning anything so I need to figure out why that is.

The support queue is very long right now due to another plugin’s release this week as well as WC 3.0. I will do my best to prioritize this today or tomorrow to determine why things have changed for the fees api.


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Thanks for looking into it!