Discussion on Bolder Fees for WooCommerce

Discussion on Bolder Fees for WooCommerce

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“The module has a bug; when you click on the image in the ‘Status’ column to enable or disable the associated fee, the page reloads and remains on a blank screen with a message displaying zero (0).”

Thank you, this will be fixed in the next minor update. Please note that the action itself should still complete successfully. It’s simply not a good user experience (UX) feature and it will be addressed.

Thank you for your response. We appreciate that you will address this issue in the next minor update. We understand that the functionality itself is still working correctly, but we agree that enhancing the user experience (UX) is important, and we eagerly await the correction.

We will be attentive to the new version, and if possible, we would like to receive a notification when the update is available, so we can test it and ensure everything works as expected.

Thank you again for your prompt attention, and we look forward to seeing the improvements in the next release!

Hi there. I’m wondering if this could be used to replace WooCommerce shipping with a very basic flat rate amount per product? One that is set on the product edit page? Thanks.

I’m afraid this is not a shipping plugin, nor does it allow you to set the fee up on the product edit page.


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Howdy, any chance picking up on my support ticket anytime soon? It’s been 8 days / 6 business days, haven’t heard a single word. I expect a little more from a paid plugin. Like hear, thanks.

A response was left on your support ticket yesterday. I apologize for the delay in responding to it.

I’ve been trying to find a fix or solution to my problem since February 5th. Still no solution from your side. Really disappointed. Please reply to my ticket. If your plugin is not able of doing what I want to achieve, I’ll go for a rufund.

I am very sorry for the delays. Your ticket should have a couple new responses to it today.

Thank you so much, great support! Disappointment has gone now :)

I have massive tax problems when the deposit is refunded on an invoice. Then the VAT is never correct.

Although I only have deposit products with 20 percent VAT, the total invoice suddenly shows an amount of over 25 percent VAT.

How can this happen?

If this is happening on orders that have already been processed then I’m afraid I am not sure. Once the order is placed, all information is handed over to WooCommerce which then processes it through their Fees API. In other words, once the order is placed, all ties to this plugin are severed. If you think the refund is having a problem with recalculating tax I would recommend contacting WooCommerce’s support.

Perhaps this is related?

Dear Author, the plugin description does not state whether it also allows different fees, such as deposit, for item variants. (For example: 10 bottle-variant: 2€ / 20 bottle-variant: 3€, without adding to taxes) Can this be done with your plugin? Also, is it still supported for current Wordpress/Woocommerce versions?

It is still supported for the current WordPress/WooCommerce versions, however I’m afraid it does not work with product variations at this time.

Hi, I am selling soft drinks in germany. Is it possible to display a deposit fee on the product page? It has to be right next to the price of the product. Depending on the product, the deposit fee ist different. Is this possible with your plugin?

I’m afraid this plugin does not show any fee related information directly on the product page on its own. It’s possible to custom code something, but right now the plugin only shows it in the cart and checkout pages.

Hi, I am selling soft drinks in germany. Is it possible to display a deposit fee on the product page? It has to be right next to the price of the product. Depending on the product, the deposit fee is different. Is this possible with your plugin?

I’m afraid this plugin does not show any fee related information directly on the product page on its own. It’s possible to custom code something, but right now the plugin only shows it in the cart and checkout pages.

Hi, it’s possible to apply a conditional between 2 numbers, specifically I need to apply a fee per weight for each kg, up to 40 kg. For example 0kg-1kg=12$ 1kg-2kg=13$ 2kg-3kg=15$

I have to create 80 conditionals by weight and I don’t know if there is an easier way

Definitely! This is a popular type of model. I have linked the tutorial below, but you’ll want to use the ‘for every’ cost type rather than just a flat fee. So you would have a flat fee of 10$, and then a second cost (in the same row) that reads “2 for every 1 kg”.

You can use a condition to limit it to 40kg so that it doesn’t go on calculating for larger orders.

Hi. My client has a problem with your plugin, hope you can help out. Since some time, we can´t add new “conditions” (@Conditions for Fees) and also nothing happens with a click on “Additional Statements” (@Fees Table). We tried different things, but notthing seems to work. Also all other plugins are disabled and so on… Any idea how we can fix this? Thanks in advance

It sounds like you have a JavaScript error on the page that is preventing any further JavaScript actions from working. Please make sure you have the latest version installed as there have been changes to some functions that were previously used but no longer supported in the latest version of jQuery.

From there I will need to know what the error is so I can best help. Please open your browser’s error console while visiting the page and copy the errors you see to this thread for me to review.

Thank you

Thanks for your fast reply. It´s like you wrote and we´ve overseen the update to 1.5.1. So now everything works fine again. We´re also looking forward to your next big update. THANK YOU! :)

Happy to help :)

Hi there! I have a pre-buy question:

We need a plugin that will add a percentage fee (+8% of the shipping costs) that will be different for each shipping method. We use Table Rate Shipping (Bolder Elements). 1) Can it be done with this plugin?

2) Can these additional costs be added to other methods like Flat Rate Shipping?

3) Is there an option to have the same percentage fee globally (for all methods) and change it from on place on the dashboard?

Thank you :)

I’m afraid this plugin does not add a percentage of the shipping cost, only the subtotal. However, if you are a user of our Table Rate method already, we do have a free extension that will add this ability to your Table Rate settings pages.

Unfortunately this won’t be a global setting. If you don’t need to change the percentage based on option or shipping zone, you would probably be better off just using a code snippet.

This is very helpful! Thank you very much and keep up the great work you have done with your plugins!

Hi, this plugin still updating? Is it compatible with the latest version of wordpress? Works fine with your other plugin Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce? Or maybe you have a plugin with all this functions?

Yes, it will be receiving a 2.0 update later this year that upgrades the user interface and adds some more detailed features. It will definitely run well side by side with our Table Rate method, however there are currently no special features to interact with the Table Rate method specifically.

Hi there, we are interested in your plugin. Still I’d like to ask a few questions ahead. Our customer sells drinks in glass bottles. Venders for drinks In Germany need to charge extra fees for each bottle. We tried other plugins before, but always had issues with adding a fee for each bundle in the cart For example: A buyer of one bundle of 6 bottles needs to pay 0,48€ in additional fees for that bundle (0,08€ per bottle x 6). If a user puts two or more bundles into their cart, they need to be charged 0,48€ for each bundle of 6. Is this possible with Bolder Fees?

Another thing is that we have two kinds of products in this shop. First category are variable products since we only sell them in bundles of 6 and 24. The other ones are “Mix and Match” products which allows potential customers to mix different types of drinks to a bundle (6 and 24). So my question is whether your plugin runs with variable products and mix and match products.

Last but not least I am unsure with the multilingual settings of your plugin. We use common plugins such as WooCommerce Multilingual, WPML and Loco Translate. Does your plugin work with these?

Thank you very much for your support and I hope your plugin fits our needs.

Thank you for your interest, I would be happy to answer any pre-sale questions you have!

You can definitely setup your fees so that they only appear for customers in Germany, and the fee can be a flat rate or multiplied by the quantity like you are suggesting. The only piece I am not sure of is how you would define the quantity for each variation. Are you using a shipping class by any chance to note which variations are 6 bottles and which are 24? I think the hardest part is just determining whether the fee is 0,08€ or 0,48€ or 1,92€ for the product it’s looking at.

All of our plugins are setup for translation, and the dynamic strings (the fee titles added through your settings page) are compatible with WPML’s string translation in the dashboard.

Hi there, i am hosting an online shop which is selling soft drinks. We are currently expanding to germany where there is an extra 0,25€ deposit fee required on every bottle we sell. The question which is coming up right now: Is it possible to add this fee with your plug in only for the products which will be bought and shipped to germany? all the other countries we ship to dont have to pay the fee btw…thanks!

Definitely! This plugin has a ‘Location’ column which you could set to just ‘Germany’. The country will be based on the shipping address so only customers shipping to Germany will see the fee.

Hi there, I have read your docs and I think I understand how the plugin works. What is unclear is if this replaces fully the other shipping options setup in Woo already (e.g. other flat rates or free shipping options)

I am trying to understand how this works in conjunction with anything that I may already have setup, or do I need to re-create my shipping options within your plugin if I decide to go for it?

I need a free shipping coupon option, I see you have this but how does this work? I’m confused as I think it suggests using a Coupon – but if that is correct then wouldn’t a free shipping coupon work outside of this plugin anyway? Can you give me a little more understanding on that aspect of things?

What I am hoping to achieve is a general set of FLAT RATES for some shipping classes for smaller goods – and this set of rates only shows when there are no larger products in the cart. When there are largeer items e.g. a class of LARGE GOODS is set, then only this should show – allowing the smaller goods to be sent out with the larger goods and therefore no shipping costs applied for the small items. I would therefore like to know if the plugin would hide the shipping options for the smaller items?

My final question is about amazon style shipping of packages to multiple addresses, or at different dates so I can for example send out the smaller goods which are stock items and could be despatched before the LARGE GOODS (which are made to order on a 6 week lead time) – If this was the customers preference then I would want to show the shipping cost of the smaller items and also the Larger Goods – as this way I can charge for multiple shipping costs.

Thanks, looks promising

We actually don’t recommend replacing shipping with this particular plugin. Its intent is for adding fees that may be associated with a customer’s order, or providing optional services to compliment the order. It won’t register the cost the same way that shipping does in the system. The WooCommerce Fees API lists extra fees as line items in the order, whereas shipping has its own section similar to taxes.

If you wish to offer free shipping the WooCommerce ‘Free Shipping’ method is generally your best bet. The ‘Coupon’ condition in this plugin is primarily used to alter a fee price if a certain coupon is provided. For example all orders may have an extra $5 fee associated unless a specific coupon is provided. In that case the fee is waived.

If you are looking more to handle shipping I would recommend our Table Rate shipping method. It is the most flexible and comprehensive method we offer. It won’t alter the options from other methods, but you can choose to set them up with the table rate method instead so that you can hide as needed.

If you decide to use multiple shipping methods, or if you want to be transparent about the fact that some items will ship separately and later than others, I would also recommend our free packages plugin. This is a built in feature of WooCommerce that adds additional shipping lines, but it must be activated by code or third party plugins.

Hi! Just bought the plugin and i cannot add a fee region … there is no save button …

but there is another problem … cannot add a fee when pressing the button “add fee” nothing happens

also the plugin creates an error:

Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($var) must be of type Countable|array, bool given in /data/web/e73073/html/ Stack trace: #0 /data/web/e73073/html/ Bolder_Fees_Conditions_List->add_settings_js() #1 /data/web/e73073/html/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #2 /data/web/e73073/html/ WP_Hook->do_action() #3 /data/web/e73073/html/ do_action() #4 /data/web/e73073/html/ require_once(’/data/web/e7307…’) #5 {main} thrown

The button not working is caused by a JS error or missing JS file. If you have a cache on your site that runs in the dashboard please ensure that it is cleared so the new JS file loads.

Please also check your browser’s error console while on the page to see if any JS errors are triggered. Even if the error is caused by another plugin it will stop any JS from working. Once I know the error I can better help. (The one provided appears to be a PHP warning. It can be corrected but it shouldn’t stop anything from working. Please note messages should be logged, not displayed, on live sites as they can happen from time to time in any plugin or theme.)

Hey. Are you still supporting this plugin? If yes, will it be compatible with WooCommerce 5.7 and above? Thanks

I get the key and send you a ticket. :) Let me know, if you need sth. else.

Hey Is your support forum active? I sent my request 3 days ago, but no response so far. : / I urgently need information about this error as the invoices are being generated incorrectly.

I apologize for the delay but it’s a bit trickier than I had hoped. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have a simple function I can apply to the fee. They calculate everything on a cart basis, modifying the values after the cart is already done calculating. So it appears I need to manually recreate it. I am still trying to figure out how to make it work, preferably with as little custom code as possible to ensure future compatibility.

Hi, I see it hasn’t been updated for a while and I’m considering purchasing it. Is it fully compatible with the latest version if WooCommerce?

Yes, a large update is in the works but the plugin continues to be tested with WooCommerce and WordPress updates to ensure compatibility. Minor updates will be released as needed if anything comes up during this testing.

Presale Question: is it possible to create a rule to not charge a fee if the product is zero cost (free)?

Sure, there is a subtotal condition that can compare the price. However it would have to be an individual item fee. Order fees would be based on the order’s subtotal. But you could setup something like a $1 fee per item where the item’s cost is greater than $0

Hi there, I just bought the plugin, but I struggle with the set up of the fees. I wanted to contact you in the support area, but I cannot log in. Even if I try to get a new password I get the notice that there is no account with that Username, although I’ve got a confirmation-mail after my purchase with this Username mentioned. Can you help me with that?

I’m afraid I do not have any information in our system for this username. Please note that it is an independent site and does not currently support login with Envato credentials. You would need to register a new account and provide your purchase code for proof of purchase to complete the registration. (The easiest way to find the purchase code is to go to the ‘Support’ tab where you found the link to our support site.)

I would be happy to help you get things setup! I can answer simple questions here, but a support ticket is easier so that we can share more detailed information and images/screenshots.

Thanks! I managed now to register. I will write a support ticket.


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