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Can this plugin be used to add tip/gratuity at checkout/your order screen after subtotal excluding taxes? If customer can place their own amount into this field before payment options would be ideal. Thanks

Unfortunately not at this time. Version 2.0 will include more fee types, but at this time I’m afraid it is not an option and 2.0 is still in its beginning phases of development.

Sad but tru. Not able to safe fee… totally useless plugin at this point.

The most common cause of this issue is that you have not created a zone under the new ‘Shipping Zones’ tab you will see is added since activating this plugin. This is a required field, so you will need to create at least one zone to let the plugin know where the fee is applicable. (Everywhere is an option). Then once you have done that, you will see the select box under ‘Location’ is populated. With this field fulfilled, it will save.

Presale questions:

1) I am using this for a ticketing website. We need to be able to set the product fees (convenience fees) per product variation. So one ticket will cost $5.00 base and we want to add either a fixed fee to just that ticket or a percentage based fee to just that ticket.

2)This fee would show up on the checkout page once they select their ticket and would be calculated in final total

3) I need to be able to export a report detailing all fees per selected products.

Can this do this?

I’m afraid there are no statistics built into this plugin so you would not be able to do #3. #2 certainly, but I am not sure I quite follow with item #2. You can change the pricing based on the number ordered, but any percentage fees applies to the entire cost of all tickets, not just the ones in addition to the first ticket, so unfortunately I am assuming it won’t be able to handle your first request either.

hi there, since the last wc update bolde fees are not stacking the fees for each items. if i want a fee per item with 1,50$ it has to be 3$ when two of the same items are in the cart. can you help me fix this please?

I’m afraid I could not replicate it on the demo site. I have an item with a $1.25 fee and the Per Item checkbox marked. It correctly multiplies the price by the number ordered.

Are you running version 1.4.15?

Hey, Is it possible to change the location where the additions are shown on the checkout page? I’d like it between the form customer fills, and the order details.

Thanks, Alex

You probably could by modifying the associated template files but it’s not something this plugin does for you in the settings. The output of the fees is managed by WooCommerce so you would need to modify its templates.


I have a site with WPML installed for two langauges. Product are in both languages. Thsi plugin rules works with wpml and for both languages?

Tnx a lot

I’m afraid this is not one of my plugins that is fully compatible with WPML. It will be worked on for 2.0, but it is still a long ways away from being ready for release.

Pre-Sales Question

If I add an optional fee, can it be set to be selected by default, so it is opt-out rather than opt-in?

Unfortunately not by default, you would have to modify the code for now. It will come in version 2.0 as a built in option, but I’m afraid that won’t be released for a while.

Would you supply the code modification?

I could, but not immediately. It will take a little time to modify and test well. My week is rather busy but I will try to fit it in when I can.

Pre-sale question. Does this plugin allow you to setup fees for specific states? For example, I would like to add a 3% processing fee (based on cart total) for credit card purchases, but there a several states where we cannot charge this fee. So during checkout I would like the processing fee to be added to all orders except for customers located in certain US states.

Definitely! The location column requires you to setup a zone within this plugin’s settings (so not the WooCommerce shipping zones). The zone settings would allow you to setup a zone for all of the US with the except of certain selected states. Then your fee will only apply to the remaining states :)

Would it be possible to add a fee if one of the products in the cart is only available on backorder?

I’m afraid this is not currently one of the built in conditions for this plugin, but I have noted it as a possibility for a future update.

How far in the future do you think this might be an option?

I’m afraid the next update release won’t be for a while because it is a very large update. The best I could do is give you a couple modified files that would make it work in the current version, but I won’t have the availability to do so until next week.

Help! I want to add a hyperlink to the fee. I want to have a (?) with the ? clickable so that I can show a webpage with an explanation of what the fee is. However, it seems like hyperlinks aren’t supported in the fee name. Can this be achieved somehow?

Hi! I have another question. There is currently no logical filter for shipping country. It would be nice if we could say “shipping country is” or “shipping country is not”. I have an optional fee that I don’t want to make available to certain countries (it adds a premium service that isn’t available everywhere). Can this be done via code or could it be part of a future update?

You should be able to just make a separate zone for this. Are you able to see the ‘Shipping Zones’ tab at the top of your WooCommerce settings page? It’s a bit misleading, I know. It was set that way to be compatible with the shipping zones that used to be in my Table Rate shipping plugin. They will be renamed in version 2. But there you can setup a zone that excludes certain countries and assign your fee to that.

Got it, thanks! I do still use the old table rate settings and just realized “location” is right there in the fee. Sorry I totally missed this. Problem solved, thanks :)