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Great work GLWS :)

Thanks… :)

hi is it universal app for ipad and iphone ?

Hi…Yes, It is universal app for iPad and iPhone. Thanks

you need to update the code i get errors

ERROR i TMS-90096 Your binary is not optimised for iPhone 5 new iPhone apps and apps updates submitted must support the 4 inch display on iPhone 5 and must include a launch image referenced in the info.plist under ULIaunchImages with a UILauncImageSize value set to 320,568 and so on.

Fix this and submit a update, or simply write here how to fix the issue asap

no it does not work, i dropped the image to the directory as you said, still same issue please find another suggestion

lets do this, simply email me a working code instead, ill send you my email through the form now

Please contact us on Skype:express.template and specify the issues more clear. Thanks

nice app and i want make for android version

Sure, We are working on it, It will available soon here…Thanks

is there a test link on app store or any where else?

No, It’s not available in AppStore & Anywhere else but you can take reference of Video of that.


Hi there – what has been changed in the update please?

Hi…Just added Default-568h@2x.png in project. If you already added this file, you can ignore this update. Thanks.

Thank you, yes – no issues or problems for me – excellent template.

Thank you


perfexa Purchased

How do you disable the google ads?

You need to go customization to disable the ads. We need to remove framework and modify some code but it will be at reasonable cost so you can contact us on Skype. Thanks

Will you add a version for android?

Yes, Android version also in queue, available soon. Thanks


the app doesnt display propely on ipad pro how can i fix it ?


Hi, We are going to provide new updates soon or you can contact us on Skype, Thanks

Hi, any good news about update for Ipad Pro ? regards

Yes, You will get update from Codecanyon soon. Thank you.


perfexa Purchased

Will you be updating this to support iOS 10?

Yes, we will update it but iOS 10 will be available after September 13th by Apple.


Please rate us. if you like the work…Thanks

Hello, this item is 100% ready for submission on the App Store? Or it needs some coding before submission? (Of course that I know that it need to be customized)

It is almost ready. The require changes such as app link, admob id etc. but it will not take more than 10 minute. Just need change in single file to make there changes.



Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Ok…I will remove ads for you after you buy the application.


Just now i bought the code. Please send me ads free code. I sent mail from profile page.