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Nice work GLWS :)

and the use of the caliper??

There is no use of caliper. Thanks


Yes, It is for android studio. Thanks

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you for your best wishes… :)

I have contacted you on skype, I need help.

Thanks, we hope, you like our service, Thanks

pls reply, i inbox u

Thanks, we hope, you like our service, Thanks

thank you, i like it

Please rate us. Thanks

you haven’t developed this using android studio?

Ohh, I have made mistake in description but now it’s resolved but it is android studio application. XCode is use for iPhone/iPad application. Thanks

Do I owe a free copy for pointing out that :) ;)

It’s a company product so i can’t give you free. you still need to buy. Sorry

Great customer support and code quality! Recommends this due to the readablity of the code and overall first impression. Thanks

when I generate the apk , the app doesn’t work correctly ” unfortunately , app has stopped ” ???

Please specify the name of apk which you are trying to install also send me the android version installed of Device

the name of apk is BMI Calculator , I’m trying to install this apk in 2 devices Galaxy S3 mini , and Galaxy S5

We need to connect with TeamViewer, Please contact us on Skype. Thanks

Its demo version does not work on my galaxy s5 with Android 6.0.1. You are working on an update?

Please download apk file from following link and check it in your device. Hope it will work.


It opens normal now, but when I touch “us Units” and “units metric” it stops working.

It’s working…connect with teamviewer..Thanks

Dear Devs @ Express Template: Fantstic work. Kindly consider providing easier reskin options. I am unable to reskin from resources; especially the blue color which does not change based on the color resource values!

It is too easy to reskin if you have bit knowledge of photoshop. We have already include psd for bmi calculator. You can change blue color to as your requirement. Thanks

source code don’t work for me also the apk posted in the comments have a problem when i click metric units the app stop working plzz go email

You need to to warry about it. We are always here to solve your problem. Thank you.

I need help man !

Please contact us on skyle. We need to check into your system

why it can’t be generate to apk ?

I spent 20 dollars for nothing ! .. help me

Please contact us on skyle. We need to check into your system

Why not add caliper method