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Form elements look quite bad when “requried” attribute is removed from input. Is there a reason behind this? In the forms example file the “required” attribute is attached to every text input…

Thanks for your purchase and question. The attribute is used for pseudo-class :valid in LESS to handle non-empty input fields like :focus. I believe this is not the best solution but I have no idea if purely using css. Please let me know if any ideas. Thanks again!

You could use :placeholder-shown to fix this for a few browsers (more in the future). Maybe i will do a little workaround using javascript to fix this. I can not keep it as it is, because there are some fields that are not required and I can’t make them required just to fix an visual issue.

Is there plans for next update

Thanks for your support on BMD. Head to version 2 for supporting bootstrap 4, but it is still being alpha and have many changes before release, so version 2 will not be released in near future.

Hi ray-design, thanks for this great stuff! Is there any quick way to use and place in right position font-awesome icons in MD Floating Action Buttons and FAB Speed Dial (trigger and small links) instead of flaticons?

Just replace ‘flaticon-’ with ‘fa-’ in section fab of bootstrap-md.less. However, please take care of icon size as they may be variance.

Eventually i have a position problem that is related with the html template i use. Thank you!

Welcome. I tested to use fa icons with positive result. Please let me know if you need further assist.

how do I set the styleClass into a toaster through a javascript command like

$('#toaster-msg').toaster('styleclass: danger');
$('#toaster-msg').toaster('Error message!');


Thanks for your purchase. Please see as below for your question: $('#toaster-msg').toaster({ message: 'Error message!', styleclass: 'danger' });

Hi, I want to use the treeview component with scrolling capabilities. I try to put it in a panel and then I set the max-height and overflow properties on the panel. What I see is not very nice. The nodes still remain fixed, only the lines of the tree scroll. Can you help me?

Oh! Sorry that I couldn’t receive your comment notification. I believe your problem was fixed. However, please let know if you need further assist.

so COOL! is there a WP visual Composer version? big market!

Hi. Great BMD template. I’d like to buy it but just seen a news about V2 upcoming.

How hard it would be change v1 to v2 since it’ll come out?

Will my purcase cover free upgrade from v1 to v2 or should I wait a bit (a byte :) and buy v2?

Thanks for your enquiry. Purchase includes free upgrade, so you have an option to buy now or later. V2 will not be released soon because bootstrap v4 is still alpha version.


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Hi, how can I find the starter template ? I’m not seeing any template inside the download file.


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Nvm I found it


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Hello, I have purchased your product and i tried to compile files into “bootstrap-3.3.5-less” with Koala compiler but there are a lot of errors in the log. I tried to follow the instruction of your documentation where you said

Copy all above LESS files from the folder “bmd-1.4.2/less” to the folder “bootstrap-3.3.5-less” with replace option. Compile “bootstrap.less” file in the folder “bootstrap-3.3.5-less” to generate “bootstrap.min.css” by using LESS compiler. Compile “bootstrap-md.less” file in the folder “bootstrap-3.3.5-less” to generate “bootstrap-md.min.css” by using LESS compiler.

But in fact, the files are connected with variables, so Koala take folder and it seems that you have many mistakes like variables undefined and more. So i don’t like to have problems when i build a product, so i wait your explanation.


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Hello, Can you tell me how to fix the height of bm-card please ?

Could you please send me screens capture or problem details?


_Fr3d_ Purchased

I wanted to use bmd-card panel, but finally i use a basic panel with my own settings. Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi!! is it 100% ok for small devices?? I tried the live preview in mi laptop, its look well, but on mi smartphones look very bad. Do you will have a improved version soon?? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your questions. The live preview is to demonstrate components on medium to large devices but not for small devices. However, all components were created by underlying bootstrap design which support all devices.

Hello bro, amazing work on this but guess what? This stuff its not compatible with mobiles, specially on the forms, when a select pop and you choose an option always the placeholder shows instead the selected value. Can you fix it?

Thanks for your purchase. BMD is underlying bootstrap so that it supports all devices. For your issue, please fix as below:
Edit bootstrap-md.js and goto line 152
This fix will be implemented on the next release. Thanks for your report.

Awesome, the sentence do not apear exactly like you typed it but i found it and i tested it, now it works perfectly. TYVM

Ummm… Where is version 2?

And how to remove the buttons’ outline so it can be more material-looking?

Thanks for your purchase. For version 2, the right time to be released is after the bootstrap 4 version 1 has been released and then the BMD will be enhanced to support it. Please be patient. For button outline, please add below codes to your css
a:focus, button:focus { outline: none; }
Hope it helps you.

i have see in list features Cards and Carousel, but in live preview? Where is? thx

There is no carousel in the list of feature. For cards, please visit “containers”. Thanks for your enquiry.

I have a problem getting the Tree View Proper. http://raydesign.html-5.me/bmd/ Even though i have included all the files i see bullet in tree view

Thanks for your purchase. Could you mind sending me your url or source codes to investigate?

Thanks for your purchase. Please see below steps:

1. load bootstrap font files glyphicons-*.* to folder bmd/fonts/ 2. Replace material icon markup: <i class="bmd-icon material-icons">3d_rotation</i> with <i class="bmd-icon glyphicon glyphicon-search" />

After that, you can use bootstrap icons set in BMD as well. Hope it can help.

Thanks! Icon in BDM is very beautiful, but missing some


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Please update !! with new features.

Thanks for your reminder. V2 is still under development. Please note it won’t be released very soon because of tone of changes in bootstrap 4. Also, I cannot full time support BMD.