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Hi…looks like nice work. Any timeframe on upgrade to BS4?

Thanks! The work is in progress. It is estimated to release in Feb – Mar 2018

Hey the select box used in ul and li’s i am unable to use as select box. can u please explain how to use this.

Hey Ray Thanks for the response but i am unable to apply actions for this.. coz this is not a select box.. could you please explain me how to resolve this.

Please note html select element is not implemented in BMD, but you may still use bootstrap select elements. As you know, BMD select box is using bootstrap dropdown component with ul and li tags. Hope you accept this explanation. Thanks!

is it possible to you to implement the html select and customize, because i am using this in large scale application

Hi Ray

in the text box when i used a read only the label is over-leaping the input value…

<input size=”60” maxlength=”255” class=”bmd-input” required=”required” name=”SME_MASTER[vcAuthorizedPersonEmail]” id=”SME_MASTER_vcAuthorizedPersonEmail” readonly=”readonly” value=”jon@gmail.com” type=”text”>

Thanks praneeth

Because using pseudo-class :valid to determine empty input, it will be conflict if adding other input attributes. To handle your particular case, you may append the below rule to resolve the issue. Hope it can help. .bmd-field-group .bmd-input:not([value=""]):read-only~.bmd-label { top: 0; font-size: 12px; }