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I need to change the iAds ID and In app purchase to my own. Can you kindly assist with that?

Hi. The product id for iAd is “BlustrickNoAds” and the product id for unlocking all levels is “BlustrickAllLevels”. Search for these two keywords in XCode and replace them with your own product ids.


Perfect Thank You


Can i submit without updating graphics?

Well I can’t prevent it. If Apple will approve it that’s another story. Thanks

Hey when I purchase the content on my game, after replacing all of the ids properly, the levels don’t unlock. It says that they do, and if I complete level 9 I can continue to the locked levels but it doesn’t unlock them, and you are forced to return to level 9. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue or if it’s just because I’m testing in sandbox but please let me know. Thanks.

Damn, stupid mistake on my end. Didn’t see the last occurence of blustrickalllevels. Should Have conducted a search before posting here :/ I am testing it out right now, all should be resolved. Thanks for your time! And great work.!

Works Great!

Ok great!

Hi, the game is awesome and the code is great!

When I submit the binary to the app store, this message appears (probably recent changes): “Your binary doesn’t support iPad. The screenshots or app video preview for iPad won’t be shown on the App Store.”

Changing the devices to universal in Xcode doesn’t work as the images get distorted, is it easy to modify the code in order to support iPad as well? Thanks.

It runs fine when testing on iPad without changing the devices to universal though.

Hi. This has been developed for iPhone and indeed as you say it works ok in iPads. You can change it to universal I guess but you need to recreate the artwork. The images get distorted because iPads have a different aspect ratio that iPhones. I don’t think that there should be any problem with the core code though, only display issue. But if you want to appear in the AppStore for iPads also, you have to declare it as universal and fix the display issues.


I want to replace IAD admob, should be how to achieve?

Hi and thanks for your purchase! In order to add AdMob you need to include the relevant SDK from google. https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/quick-start#add_a_gadbannerview_in_storyboard Then, you can select to show these ads anywhere in the app. Regards

game has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

Yes. It supports both. Thanks