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Good Day,

Is there anyway that you can add the iAd as a banner ad.. Also is there documentation for this?


Yes sure you can put iAD anywhere you want. I did not include how to add iAD in my documentation because it is not something specific to my app. If you did before, exact same step you will need to follow to add iAd into this code as well. If you did not do before Dont worry adding iAd is really easy task. Take a look the tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP2ijcXbCz4 if you still need assistance sure i can help you on this

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thank you AirTheme

Hi, is working on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ? Thanks

It is not natively designed for 4.7inch and 5.5inch screen size. I am on my agenda to support for later releases.

hi if u don’t mind give ur Skype plz

i dont use Skype but you can reach me from bpolat@live.com anytime

Storyboard? Swift / Objective C Thanks!

Storyboard – Objective-C. Thank you.

If i buy it can you upload it to my iOS account for me please? Or else i cannot do it myself. Do you have a Skype? Maybe even reskin it for me?

Hello. Please contact me from bpolat@live.com Thank you.

Hey mate i really want to buy this but can you help me with putting iAd and uploading it? If so i will buy it right now!

contact me from bpolat@live.com please.

What’s new in the latest update? Thanks.

Update was made on preview video not in code. Thank you.

I sent you an email about the other overlays. Thanks

I replied you now.

Hi, Can you convert this app to Android?

hello i am only native Apple developer. i do not know about android programming

Just bought this code, it works great. Wondering if you’re planning to sell your other better version? – https://itunes.apple.com/app/blur-design-stunning-wallpapers/id720397590?mt=8

I’ll wait for that instead of publishing this one (which has only one circle blur effect) if you’re planning to sell it probably for a much higher price. Thanks.

Hello. Thank you very much for the valuable feedback. Please contact me : bpolat@live.com for other code.

project swift? version 7.3 support? If you are not supposed to buy? Are you going to buy?

this is objective-c. i did not understand rest of the question.