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Blueprinter makes creating file system structures simple less time consuming. You can:

  • Edit, save and load “blueprints” to create, or recreate, file system structures. Do you have a common structure you use over and over again? It now takes seconds.
  • Populate text-based files with content—like the basic markup of an HTML file.
  • Download frameworks such as WordPress or jQuery, and automatically populate the folders or files with their contents.
  • Preview the file system structure generated by your blueprint as you build it.


v1.0.0.2 July 1, 2011

  • Changes to the main window
    • Textbox for blueprint now scrolls vertically
  • Changes to the Content Manager window
    • Textbox for the template’s content now scrolls vertically when the template is set to custom text
    • Content template names must be unique; the UI now properly responds and attempts to avoid naming collisions
    • Shortcuts must be unique; the UI now properly responds to duplicate shortcut codes

v1.0.0.3 July 31, 2011

  • Changed SQL CE references
    • This should fix any issues regarding pre-existing installations of MS SQL CE 3.5. Be sure to read the upgrading section of the documentation if upgrading from,, or