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Hi There,

does this method remember the credit card details of the client ? or do they have to punch them in everytime ?


Hello linearwhiz,

Thank you for your interest on my WooCommerce Extension. This payment method does not remember the credit card info. Customers will have to enter their CC info every time they want to make a purchase.

Hi there, is there any major difference between your bluepay plugin and the one that woocommece offers on their plugin page?

I just want to make sure this plugin is up to date and works still as well :)

It works well with the latest version and the price difference is the only notable difference :)

Will this allow me to redirect users to any page I want them to go to after a purchase?

Hi bizarro5,

This is not possible at the moment. It does sound like an interesting idea worth looking into. Thank you for your suggestion.

Is this going to be updated for 2.1?

Yes, I’m working on the update as we speak. I will submit my update very soon!

Update submitted. Hopefully it will get approved soon. Customers who bought the extension will be notified once the update has been approved.

A second update has been submitted for approval. This newer version will allow customers who are logged in to optionally save their credit card for later use.

Thank you all for purchasing my extension.

i installed this gateway for a client….and suddenly they get duplicate orders

somebody buys something and the order shows up 3 more times later….and actually processes 3 more times….taking triple the amount from customers

is there any way you could take a look at the gateway while its on my clients site for a troubleshoot as to why this may be happening?

Hi Phillypro,

Can you contact me via e-mail and possibly send me the log-ins to your site so that I can take a look? I know WooCommerce wouldn’t do something like that out of the blue and my plugin wouldn’t do it either.

can you explain how your plugin is PCI/DSS compliant?

Hi Mukeshawni,

I’m not sure about this but I believe the PCI/DSS compliant is mostly based on the actual merchant processor giving you the Merchant account.

MagnumThemes is on to something :)

Mukeshawni, can you send me a private message through the contact form on my profile?

Thank you!

i just purchased this but where do i find BluePay Gateway URL ?

Thanks, will try it

The plugin does not work, all payments say Declined Unsecure. Wat is the correct Gateway URL in settings?

Hi Jags2ooo,

Having an SSL certificate installed on your domain is required before BluePay will allow you to run live transactions. You can get away with it in Test mode but not in a production environment.

Again, the URL is: https://secure.bluepay.com/interfaces/bp20post

I have setup my bluepay plugin, along with adding my sandbox information. I am not using an SSL yet for testing, but above it says I can do this if testing…

I get this error though when I submit the payment:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::add_error() in /home/griffi35/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bluepay-gateway/classes/class-iwc-bluepay.php on line 271

Can you help me fix this?

I’ve been away for a while and neglected all my extensions. I’ll be re-writing and adding new features wherever possible in the next few weeks and months.

A complete re-write of this extension is almost ready and it will be compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

If I use the 2.1 version I get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::add_error() in /home2/homerk/public_html/shop/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bluepay-gateway/classes/class-iwc-bluepay.php on line 271

If I use the new 3.0 version I get this error

Fatal error: Class ‘WC_Subscriptions_order’ not found in /home2/homerk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bluepay-gateway/lib/wc-bluepay-gateway.php on line 183

I have the ssl set up and its working fine. I am using the latest copies of wordpress and woocommerce.

Hi Peteybear01. I’m working on a fix for the latest version right now.

New version has been submitted for approval. This will fix the error on the new version of the plugin.

Can I get a link to a demo?

i keep getting this error when i try to checkout (Woocommerce).

Fatal error: Class ‘WC_Subscriptions_Order’ not found in /home/musclerepublicco/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-paypal-express-pro/classes/class-wc-gateway-paypal-express.php on line 1462

I have tried updating the plugins, still getting that error. My version is Version 1.0 (the up to date version).

Are you going to update this plugin for woocommerce 2.4? This plugin gives errors on the checkout. I did find out it’s using deprecated functions. like these in class-iwc-bluepay.php

$woocommerce->add_error( $payment->getMessage() );

It gives this error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data . I did check the wp debug logs and it does point to the line with that code (there’s three separate ones). I did try deleting those woocommerce add_error functions to test but I was still getting errors on checkout from this plugin.

I’d imagine for a developer it would be a fairly easy fix to get the plugin compatible with 2.4.

Please let me know

hi dose it accept visa electron