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Is it OK that your skin preview is very indeed looks like Extrap Bootstrap Skin preview? It is not good to sell stolen goods. Even progress bar moves like in Extrap :(

it does resemble but did my own setup of arrangements. As its a skin and not a template. The progress bar in the bootstrap moves backwards an i corrected it to move forward. If someone else corrected it also, why the problem. Thanks for your concern.

@ivanbochko Have you ever seen the default Bootstrap skin? He didn’t copy anything. The skins on the market resemble with each other because each one of them resembles more or less with the default skin. Some elements simpy look great in the default theme, so they only need some small modifications.

@dexter4000 Nice skin. Good luck with sales! :)

it would be great if you could add some JS fallback to display the rounded edges properly in ie7 and ie8.
Also there is some problem with bottom-padding/bottom-margin with buttons in ie8. (I know your sales page says it is for ie9), but still, It would be great if you could include this.
btw, it seems I am the first buyer ;)

Since the trend and technology is moving forward and support for IE7 dropped and IE8 will drop soon im not too inclined to develop for those anymore. If more users will inquire than i will release support for those in a updated version.

Thanks for buying. Hope you understand

@ivanbochko Accusing someone of stolen material isn’t a good image for yourself, especially when your only item on here is literally a Bootstrap Skin. Plus, it looks nothing like yours. Attacking these matters in comments is against Envato’s TOC .

PS, Good luck with sales Dexter!

Sorry, I didn’t mean that dexter4000 has stolen skin, but Preview Page Mark Up is very similar.

Anyway, I’m not such a big professional in web design. I just had an idea how to make skin preview look like website template, now that idea is supported by others. Also, I’ve looked HTML source of this skin Preview – it is totally different from Extrap.

@dexter4000 Sincerely, I wish you high sales! I need only “Most Wanted Badge” :)


i purchase your template, how can i use? They dont have the html file. Can you sent me a sample?


@BurnBR – you purchased a bootstrap skin. This is not a template its a skin that you can apply to your bootstrap template.

very good work i wish you all the best for your sales !