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Nice work GLWS :)

android studio ?

Its a eclipse project with the complete reskin support if you like one please contact me for the reskin support


Hello Magic_Apps, The game is similar to the flappy where we should pass through the bricks. The looks of the game is same overall.. If you want the reskin of this, then please contact me :) Thank you

is legal to use the catchy music without copyright ?

Hi sellanet, the music I have used is free to use for commercial.purpose. Thank you!!

How can i add google game service without buildbox (with just eclipse) because there is no place for it in the PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml ?

Dear Sellanet, as far as my understanding, you need to make changes with the buildbox software itself to add a game service. I would recommend you to get the buildbox software or Please add me on the skype, i can help you with the game service . Thanks a lot

Thanks, so i have been now text you on skype in: robusgauli

mine is robus.gauli1

Hello there, I just bought the application and i want to know how to configurate admob banner and interstitial with eclipse source, please i need your help

Hello Ilias, Thank you for the purchase !! I am not sure how to configure the admob banner and interstitials with eclipse. However you can configure with the buildbox file. Please contact me at my mail for the coniguration. I will assist you in configuring the ads. Thanks

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales :)

A couple of things:

1. The documentation index wont open in google chrome 2. Get this error when i try and export it. Failed to copy file to destination.

great game tho I just need a little help. LOL I am using Buildbox 2.0