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Does it generates Shipping Label and track status?

Yes,Its generate Shipping Label.

Thank for replying! one more query. Does it place order directly to Blue Dart ’s API so someone can come and just collect the package form blue dart?

No, its not placing any order to bluedart, once order placed on your site and if you want to do shipment through bluedart then in admin panel’s order detail page -its allow you to submit shipment to bluedart. Once shipment submitted, its generte an AWB no. and respective PDF with bar-code, address n all

i am install plugins but generate error Are you sure you want to do this?please solve this problem

Hello Santosh, We have fixed issue on your server.Please check and share your feedback.

i wanna buy this for my Indian client. can you conform me that it will work fine for Indian shipments and tracking.

Thank You

Hello Ashvin, This plugin only works with Indian customer for Bluedart shipping.

any plugin for fedex, supporting cod too ?

No,We currently created for blue dart.We will update you when we have developed plugin for fedex.

Hello There

extension is not showing any response after click on ’ send bluedart shipment ’ button.i’m working on sadbox account. please help

Hello Santosh,

We have already response on ticket support.

Does this support the newly released WooCommerce versions?

Hello Team,

Yes,it will also support latest version of Woocommerce. Please proceed to buy the plugin.

Thanks SoftProdigy Team

When I click on “Send Bluedart shipment” .... nothing happens… The plugin Simply hangs…. On one order I get error that “length of CustomerAddress1 is more than 30 characters”.

I’m also trying to contact via your website. Please assist.

Softprodigy team sorted out the issues for me… Thanks a lot for nice support :) Appreciated.

I dont want any COD option, I only want to print AWB & order tracking directly to order details via this plugin, can it do that?

Hello Team,

Yes,you will do it.You will disable COD option for front-end.


Can I see a demo?

Hello team,

Tomorrow i will provide demo of Blue Dart.

Thanks SoftProdigy Team

Can you please give me one demo.. so that i will see and purchase the plgin

Hello Team,

I will provide you demo tomorrow for checking bluedart plugin.


the worst plugin with worst support. It will make many woocommerce functions to stop working. Author does not accepts it mistakes nor will help you in the bug fixing or any kind of resolution. all they will do is keep asking for money to fix their own bugs in their own plugin. their plugin doesn’t work with basic default wordpress / woocommerce theme with no plugins enabled and they fail to accept ..

you guys have the worst support. you don’t even know what the issue is nor you care to read or understand about it and trying to give me frontend demo

Customers, Please beware while buying this extension as it will stop all woocommerce functions in the backend and you can clearly see their support, what the read, see and answer

We are always available for support.Same plugin is working fine more than 20+ store.

As soon as you have correct details shared with us we will have the support provided for same,

do you even know the problems reported by us ? it is not necessary 20 + stores are using all features of woocommerce ?

can you list down problems reported by us if you are welcome for support ?

we were able to convince to envato team that the plugin does not work and get a refund.. though author is still not able to understand nor ready to review the issues.. We will also make sure that the plugin gets removed from codecanyon as it does not works and clashes with woocommerce files. We will help the codecanyon team to do all the testing and remove this plugin from the site, so that other users may not face the trouble

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING, you dont know the issues. All you can show is front end irrespective of things going wrong in woocommerce.. You dont have to give explanation as envato team checked and issued refund and we will keep following with them untill they remove your faulty plugin from site or you rectify it

Today i have updated Plugin.Download latest plugin and check our store.Hope it will work for you.


Install latest plugin on your store and check plugin feature on your store.

I installed this extension on my website and it was very easy to install and it impressed me the very first time. Shipping integration is much easier than before and I have also noticed an increase in the number of repetitive customers on my online store. I suggest every online store owner to us this extension!

Does this plugin allow cancellation of AWB? And does this create a manifest which is to be handed to the BlueDart delivery when he comes to collect the pickups?

Hello Team,

I will check with bluedart support and update you tomorrow.

Thanks SoftProdigy Team

I was with BlueDart support all day and this is what they added to the previous issue I told you about.

• Please incorporate the “AMOUNT TO BE COLLECTED” information as well with bigger and bolder fonts.

This is for COD orders. This is missing on the PDF which is generated.

• Dimension is mandatory. Dimension correct values( L X B X H ) needs to be pushed in API. if possible, please push legitimate details so that we do not have weight disputes later.

They say, this does not get recorded in their system correctly.

• Please pushed the “Item Description “ in following fields as well up to 90 character limit.

They say, this is missing on their system.

Till this is not fixed, they wont issue us the license key for the live server.

Hello Team,

Please shared store credentials FTP and Admin on support ticket.We will check your feedback and update you on same.

Thanks SoftProdigy Team

Hello Team,

I need demo for my website. Kindly provide me as soon as possible.

Thanks Lokesh Nayak

Hello Lokesh,

Demo is not possible for your website.We can provide our demo for checking features.

Thanks Upendra

Hello Upendra,

Ok you can send your demo.

kindly provide me as soon as possible.

Thanks Lokesh nayak

Hello Team,

I want to integrate Pin Code Finder, Transit Time, Pickup Registration, Cancel Pickup Registration, Waybill Generation in my store for blue dart courier.

Can i do this from your plugin?

Thanks Suresh

Hello Suresh,

Currently plugin support following feature.-

-COD finder -PIN code checker -shipment generation

We will do customization,it will be payable.


Hello Team,

I have purchased bluedart plugin. I am facing some problems.

1. I don’t have TIN NO. but TIN no is required in plugin fields. 2. In wp-admin when we click on “Send bluedart shipment” button then it’s showing “For order #2809 errors:-Request authentication failed 0”. 3. In Checkout page : If we enter wrong pincode then it’s show message “No cod service” but again if we enter correct pincode then it’s not showing any message. and cod option is also disabled.

Please help us.

We are waiting for your response.

Hello Team,

Please submit ticket on support.for checking issue.

Also please share store detail on ticket.We will check issue and update you ASAP.


Hello Team,

Please submit ticket on support.for checking issue.

Also please share store detail on ticket.We will check issue and update you ASAP.


I bought this plug in today around 1-2 hours back, I find this is not suitable plugin for me, I would like to cancel the order, Can I get the full refund

Actually I expected this plugin supports calculation of shipping charges after entering the pincode of destination, and also expected the provision of volumetric price calculation. I expected this plugin contains the shipping charges across various metro and tier 1 cities, but its not providing any of these supports, AWB cancellation, print of pdf reports etc provided by Blue DART team already, I am not gaining any extra benefit of this plugin, I would like to cancel the plugin, please do the needful

Hello Team,

Submit your request for refund.We will refund you. Thanks

Thanks for reply and support I already submitted my request

Hello Author,

How we get shipping cost in order?

Is there any setting for add Bluedart shipping cost in order?

Hello Team,

Apologies for wrong answer,I have checked with bluedart documentation,Bluedart is not providing shipping cost api.We can do one things,you need to specify shipping rate cost based on zipcode on admin,then we can calculate on checkout.

Plugin customization will be paid.


Hello Author,

Thanks for reply and support

I have another problem with COD Pincode Availability.

Can You check here?

Hello Team,

We have checked issue,Please correct your vendor code and license code.Error is showing-Your bluedart account not exist.


Please connect to Bluedart support for providing correct detail.