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Great work! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Really cool – WP please!

Should be ready tomorrow i think :)

Very cool work man!

could be interesting as a wp plugin, love that it accepts any html…

so i can use it for optins/social share as well?

Yes, you can insert anything you would like in the image overlay effect

any ETA on the WP version? I am way more interested in that one.

I really can’t believe this little dude doesn’t have a lot more sales. I love the effects you achieved on this. Good luck!

Well it’s a small plugin, maybe wordpress version will do better :) Thanks!

Nice Work!

Cool animations and looks amazing!

GLWS man

So why aren’t you providing support for your other plugin?

Cool plugin! But why it doesn’t work in IE?http://bbcosta.ru/

I can’t see your website, can you provide a new link?

Can you tell me why the hover effect works only on reload here?


Plugin BloxHover doesn’t work in IE 9. Can You help me?

Does not seem to be working in IE and the code does not seem to be well documented. Does anyone know how to get text on the screen of any of the reveal transitions? The first example has text after a mouseover but cannot seem to get it to have text on any of the reveal ones.

Is there any way to make this plugin responsive? When I resize the box it is on, the blocks do not resize, and the text stays in the same place.

I like your product! It’s not responding perfectly on my page, however. Quick hover actions and multiple hovers cause the text not to appear or the slices to fade with each hover instance. The effect on your demo doesn’t have the issue. What can I do to resolve this on my end? I can provide a url or email if you’d like.

Do not work on WP!

Great job! GLWC