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In your PostViewActivity.java, inside onBackPressed callback, your code doesn’t check whether mInterstitialAd is null, it will cause the app to stop if you set ShowAds to false in Const.java thanks

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We will check it and update it in next version.


When will the next version be released?

Days, weeks or months?

please help, in the label section, the labels not show.

please help, in the label section, the labels not show and last add article sometime error

Please open a support ticket. Our support team will change the label’s loading method for you.

i am open a support ticket helpme fix it

don’t any someone answer me support ticket

extended license it mean i can make app one more app As i am want ,all righ ?

tell me please

oh man i am miss understand i think ,extended license can generate multiple application ,multiple app apk

but so buy 1 extended license to 1 app apk

i miss understand i want have Refund money

help Refund money to me please…