Discussion on Blogger Radio App - Blogger API v3

Discussion on Blogger Radio App - Blogger API v3

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Need to see the app demo published in a google play developer account to trust in this update.

Hi, We don’t plan to create new accounts in the near future, but we can confirm that the app is secure and complies with the latest Google policies, so there are no issues with publishing the app to Google Play. Thanks

You must create one to recover your reputation, we can’t trust in your word, we need facts.

Demo ?

Hi, The demo version is available here. Thanks

I purchased your projects. But I see a lot of comments whose Google account has been suspended. Even your account is no longer on Google. Have you solved the problem so I can publish the applications or wait for new updates?

Hi, Don’t worry, the problem has been resolved in the latest updated version. Thanks


I’m working on the app and I really like it, however, for it to be perfect, I’d like to make a suggestion here, which is as follows.

It would be fantastic to be able to add a category (for example news), which would appear on the blogger but not on the Android app, so it would be possible to add radio stations on the blog and on the app and for example add news that was on the blog but not on the app . I think you’ll be able to do this. ;)



I downloaded the new version. I am making the following errors.

Caused by: org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.PluginApplicationException: Failed to apply plugin ‘’.

Hi, First, please update your Android Studio to the latest version Android Studio Giraffe 2022.3.1 Thanks

The problem was that the application folder was not in the home directory. Removing it to C:/ fixed it.

It sorts the radio list in the order they were added on the home screen. Is there a way to sort this alphabetically? It looks so untidy like that. + Is optional sorting possible in favourites?

I made a new account because i lost one with the template of blogger wallpaper for the malware.. now again with this template of radio. Account suspended. Give me a responses and you should don’t sell more templates here. I think is some about the access key you have in your apps. please check.

Hi, no, access is encrypted key for your json url, we believe that the the problem is frow 3rd party sdk from applovin, unity, startapp or even onesignal, so, next update will be removed at all and make it optionally. Thanks

They banned to much accounts, i think the templates can be the same for various developers no asociated. I’m afraid to start over new is not secure.

How can I implement an mp3 url, how do I convert it or how do I get it out of a page?

But I mean where to get those mp3 links?

Hi, you have to get it yourself or you can upload your mp3 files to github, firebase storage, hosting, etc. Thanks

Ok thanks

EcuaMex Purchased

Later this year, Google will require all publishers serving ads in the EEA and the UK to use a Google-certified consent management platform (CMP). To meet that requirement, you can use any Google-certified CMP, including Google’s consent management solution. If you want to use Google’s consent management solution, the first thing you need to do is create a GDPR-compliant message and implement the UMP SDK. The update is required as soon as possible, please implement

Hi, UMP SDK has been implemented and enabled by default in the app, so you safely ignore the message, make sure you’ve put valid admob app id in the ads.xml Thanks

hello, do you provide any radio sources ?


mhsujan Purchased

which streaming format support?

Hi, supports hls, http, m3u, pls, aac, mp3, etc. Thanks


mhsujan Purchased

mpd stream not working

Is this same with Your Radio App?

If the backend only use blogger it would be great. I don’t need to rent server anymore.

But, where to add the json file in blogger?

Hi, yes, it’s similar with Your Radio App, this app use blogger as it’s backend, so you don’t need to rent server anymore, you can check the demo version of this item directly, then, json file for remote configuration can be hosted on google drive, raw github, firebase storage, etc. Thanks


makuin Purchased

congratulations the application works perfect. I have a question, how can I make the app available in smart tv stores? I need to add some code in android studio?

Hi, Thanks for purchase ou item, but unfortunately, this app is optimized for android phone only, so it’s not configured or not supported for smart tv. Thanks

EcuaMex Purchased

hello, good afternoon, check your email, I sent you this a few days ago because I have a problem with the app, I don’t know why, in the app I start and a sound is heard in the background without first pressing play or anything

Caused by: org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.PluginApplicationException: Failed to apply plugin ‘’.

Caused by: org.gradle.api.tasks.StopExecutionException: Your project path contains non-ASCII characters. This will most likely cause the build to fail on Windows. Please move your project to a different directory. See for details. This warning can be disabled by adding the line ‘android.overridePathCheck=true’ to file in the project directory.

I’m getting android studio errors.

SC ringtone kira kira bakal ada ga om ? :)

Halo gan, sedang cari referensi dulu gan, nanti kalau sudah jadi bakal di rilis juga. Terimakasih

siap, mantap, auto buy om kalo udah rilis, hhe terimakasih banyak ..

Hi, I have a problem:

On the blogger ( ) the radio can be played.

On the application you can’t, it keeps loading infinitely.

Hi, can you send your streaming url directly? Thanks

Hi, at least, you must add 1 label / category for your blog post, please add label first. Thanks

hi, I want to purchase thise, before I need to know can I add radios in json and change directly from there example in dropbox? if I dont need to add push notification from blogger can I upload it without it? and is player going up if I set something to true. thanks

you had to write on codecanyon that with bloger you can add up to 100 radios per day. So if I pay to you can you make this app to work directly with json line you call the ads. without push notification and blogger, just directly from json?

Hi, yes, it’s possible for customization services by convert to this app to use json only without blogger, for discuss further, you can contact us by email: Thanks

Hi, I rated 5 stars, today I discover this was best radio app on the market… sorry for my last comennts…have a nice day

You can place podcasts, change the design by categories on the main screen and you can record the stations

has the demo with ads

Urgently, ERROR:

I sent two emails to support but no answer

There is an error when playing mp3.

The error happens when we advance from one song to another.

For example: if a song is playing and has reached the halfway point and we try to advance to the next song, the error is that the next song starts at the part that the other song stopped. The next song should start from the beginning.

I am waiting for some correction, thank you very much!

Hi, an email message was sent with a solution to the problem, we tested it and it works fine. Thanks

It works fine, thanks for great support!

Hi, you’re welcome and good luck :) Thanks

Can i creat multi app with extender licensee

Please add the radio view count icon in a new update

Hi, unfortunately, Blogger API doesn’t support for view counter. Thanks


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