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Live demo not working ?

no, demo is fine, I also unlocked publish feature, now you may publish movies to directly

Can it be translated to another language? (The categories for example)?

sure, you can also translate both template + admin panel to any language, because this script uses text-based language files, just translate the strings

but there’s an issue with categories, you MUST translate 1 time only, because it may affect to old movies had been published.

So I didn’t get the translation of the categories?

very cool script


just a suggestion. If each episode have its individual link and description that would be great for ads.

absolutely you can make them individually, just publish as new movies for episodes

Hi; found it’s on your web : Blogger Movie Publisher: PRO Package | So. beside the pricing, what’s the difference between them

We have 1 difference between Standard License vs PRO & WhiteLabel & Resell – Standard: basic features only – PRO & WhiteLabel & Resell : full features

i ordered pro package too, all setup right now, can grab movie but cant post to blogger

normally, if you enter your secret email correctly, and your server can send emails (or correct GMail / Yahoo settings), BloggMP may work properly; but sometimes, the emails are delayed

if don’t mind, please use contact form to give me your info, I’ll check it


i sent you an email ready

hi, there is any way to contact you directly for a custom job based on this script? thank you!

please use contact form to tell your details, thanks

Hello, nice script GLWS, i have a question: this script is work stand-alone ? or he work only on blogger or WP … Best regards,

yes, the managing panel is stand-alone; but you’ll need a Blogger blog to publish the movies

hùm, can this script work with WP ? or can you make it stand-alone 100% ?

no, this script can not work with WP, Blogger only

and I also intend to develop a stand-alone 100% in near future, just leave your email to get notification once it’s done


thank so much for buying

just let me know if you need any help or assistant to setup

how to istall?

purchase in website

thank so much for your support, but PRO package is add-on only, you MUST buy Standard-License script on CodeCanyon to have PRO package works

because we’re offering as Exclusive Author on Envato

Once you finished the purchase on CodeCanyon, please let us know to grant your downloadable access for PRO package

Many thanks

Dear PreScriptZ,

Some Pre-Sale Questions kay is my embed Videos Upload from 7 popular website: Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion ?

2. muje is my adsense kaily bhot jaga chaye ? kay ho sakta hai ye nahi ??

Hi there

This script does not have video player, it only embeds the video frames; then player called & processed by 3rd source


problem blogger no setting private domain


link streaming not work movie embem exemple <IFRAME SRC=”” FRAMEBORDER=0 MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 SCROLLING=NO allowfullscreen=”true” WIDTH=980 HEIGHT=413></IFRAME> or

yes, perhaps this source does not support or something else

may you give me your URL that embed this video for debugging?

Cái template blogger gặp vấn đề rồi bạn hiền, lỗi css & java cậu check lại hộ nhé!

Do you upload images through blogger API ? is it possible tell how you upload images to blogger? (i pay you)

Sorry but no

is your script open source or encoded?

yes, the source is not encoded, but you don’t have permission to share / open publicly

Good Job, I like it.
Good luck man

How to install

sir i sent mail and pass IN your mail adress

blogspot Gmail and pass sent your mail adress Plz check mail adrees

sir here show admin pinal and Path i dont Know this scrpit