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can this be used for tv shows to ?, and than only the tv shows i prefer… still getting the same options as the movie ?

Yes, the script can be used to host any video source if your video source support


Amazing work! Happy New Year :)

without any bulk import this is useless

also add option to add prefix and suffix to meta title

and option to import youtube video based on custom parameter or added suffix to search keyword

hi buddy

perhaps you’re misunderstanding, this script is not designed to host youtube videos

it’s designed to host movies

Script is coded so poorly it made a $3.5k PC crash. The design is also extremely mediocre, looks like something created in the 90’s. If you’re going to sell such mediocre scripts, at least don’t expect someone to pay $39 for them.

Yes, thank for your interest

Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!

Excellent work. GLWS

SO this is for BLOGGER? WHat is blogger and is that another script or does it come complete?

wow, you don’t know Blogger? It’s blogging platform from Google, you may create blogs with unlimited bandwidth

and this script helps you create a movie site with Blogger, it works based on Blogger, can not work stand-alone

if my other product worked i paid $400 for id buy more. :( waaaah!

PreScriptZ: have U realy time to spam every new item?

Awesome Work! Wish you huge sales :)