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Can we control notification ? Like send notification only when admin only publish post. Not on draft and update of post.

yes definitely.

How ? My Client already have bought it from you and I am developing it for him, Right now, its sending notification on update and drafts too, So how can I change it to send notification only on when i publish page ?

What is your client’s id? Can you reply from his account ? So my development team will reply to it.

Can we control notification ? Like send notification only when admin only publish post. Not on draft and update of post.

I can’t help for how to do it. I can only tell you which file to change. If you check application documentation, in very last step you can see we have made few changes in Wordpress file. There you can change the logic according to your requirement. There we have put code for push-notification.

I think this should be basic feature. Users of applications will be annoyed if they get so much notification for the same post. Can you specify which file, please ?

Well mate basic requirements are different for different users. :) We put in such way, that if any post is updated, it will send push-notification to all user. So if admin have added any thing new to existing post, user can be notified.

And as you said, user annoyed. For that purpose, we had put enable disable option for push notification in app.

here are file name :

post.php: path: root_directory/wp-admin/includes/post.php

Hi! If I used the topic on the site with the card Google (catalog different places), can I use this application together with the site? Will the ability to display these places on the map?

Here is an example theme http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/business-directory/

in the end I want to receive the catalog with the ability to display the locations on the map, dividing them into categories, and the page of the place, which I can manage

Hello Sir,

We had created this app for simple wordpress blog usage. I had checked your URL. It seems to be a kind of Plugin used to display google map with lots of Pointers on it.

I can’t assure about this page out put. If you can give us the content of this page, we can add a new post on our site. You can also try it from admin of demo URL.

Hello! Me need app for my site. Same same as site =) samuilife.info. How much for app like a site? My site working with Templatic Theme and Tevolution framework. Custom fields – it’s all posts: Events, Cafes, Places, Submit all and etc… Me need apps suported all this filds =) Maybe can i give you access to admin and you show all? here docs: http://templatic.com/docs/directory-theme-guide/ Thanks

can you contact our technical department on this email : iappsdevelopers@gmail.com

They can help you and give you estimation

Hi, I have some questions: 1) why the website (back end) demo cannot be opened? The username and password that u post (user: demo pass: 123123) always unavailable

2) Can I change the logo of the application also change its splash screen (first screen when open apps)?


Hello Sir. We have updated app to latest version and back end detail also working. Please look at our new demo.

Yes, We can change logo of application as well as Splash screen.

Just wanted to post here for others to see, this app is great, works great and the support is very good as well. Had an issue he solved quickly.

I am surprised this app has no more sales, wishing the developer more sales as it deserves it.

Sorry, this comment was for your other app, the wallpaper one (I currently don’t own this one). I guess I had too many open tabs, and got confused where I was replying. lol, feel free to delete comment. Anyway, knowing it’s the same developer, I have no doubt this might be great as well. Maybe in the future will buy and try it out.

Ok No Problem sir. We have updated our apps so you can download new version of app.


This is pre sale question i like to know when will be new features as well as updates will be available for this app i am planing to buy this app but no updates and no new features since from 26 Feb 2015

your quick reply much appreciated. :)

Hi, We have updated BlogDroid App with latest android version and also add Firebase Push Notification.

How to integrate WP with app? Api Rest or Webview/iframe?

API. We are also providing API folder within this source.

does this support buddypress?

No it doesn’t support

hi where file documentation???

It’s inside the zip file which you download from here.

hi, I download twice and not found file documentation, just folder BlogDroid

Let me tell my development team. They will check and update the code if not there. You will get notification for updated source code

I have a classified ads WP website here are my concerns: 1. Does it support and play audios with audio tags like radio stream embedded on pages? 2. Does it support file and photo upload by camera during ad posting or profile update? 3. Does it play embedded youtube video post without leaving the app? Thanks, will wait for a reply.

1) Yes it will play audio/video which are in post. 2) No, This is just your blog app. 3) Yes it will play YouTube video in app.

i cant connecting to wp backend, password ir login incorrect

Sorry For your Inconvenience, We have update code with latest Android Version With Firebase Push Notification.