BlogDroid - Premium Wordpress Blog App with Push

BlogDroid - Premium Wordpress Blog App with Push

This is an Android Application for a Wordpress Blog Site. This application gives you the direct use of your own Wordpress Website with all blog posts as an Android Application. This is a native application. Now-a-days most of people in the world use Mobile Phones. Android is one of the best choice for people. So this application will be the best choice for all your blog users.


  • Splash Screen:

    Splash Screen With Brand Logo
  • Home Page With Latest Post:

    Home Page With Latest Post
  • Post Details With Share and Read later Option:

    Post Details
  • Sliding Menu :

  • Search Post With Search Result:

    Search Post
  • and many more….
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Username : demo
password : demo123


Important Notes

**Note : BlogDroid is usually designed to work on fresh and clean installation of WordPress. Therefore sometimes few plugins may and often will create some problem. Furthermore, BlogDroid have some Android limits, so for example blog posts with Adobe Flash content will not work.

Updates in New Version

 - Youtube and Vimeo videos are supported (iframe only)
Support Policy:

Support Policy