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how can i remove Blog Category titles at the top of the page

Blog Category / category

If you’re referring to bredcrumbs, you can disable those from admin configuration page

No I am referring though the h3 at the top.

Depending on category layout, open up /modules/blog/layout_left.tpl.php, layout_right.tpl.php and layout_twocol.tpl.php and on line 18-23 remove h3 tag

is it possible to add a contact form to blog manager that will send an email with a page title, so visitors just enter their details, and the admin will receive and email with the details and page title?

Yes, it is possible, but it will require some custom work.

great can you please give me some idea how i would do that, or if you were to do it how much?

Please email me from my profile page.


I will like to know if the membership manager pro can be hosted for me as a full website and customize to my taste.


Yes, it can. Please email me from my profile page with your request.

Hello im sorry im sure i am missing something, however can you please point out where i can enable relate posts for all posts

Related posts are automatically choosen based in each title.

When I save an article, then I see only a rotating circle (probably an ajax-gif). There`s no forward or exit, but the post is published without problems. What`s wrong.

I’m not sure, but I can definatelly look into it. Could you please email me from my profile page with your Cpanel access as well as admin login?

cms pro seems to have a timeout when u login and leave the tabe then come back – can you tell me how to disable this – also blog manager is saying artitcle excits when updating entry.

That would be your default server session life. Check with your hosting if they can increase. “Entered title already exists” you will get this error message if you try to add article that already exists. You need different title.

Hi when I click on the blog manager, and click on an article, it comes up with the second image below, “add article” and it wont let me save it.

Open up like this and clicking on the green pencil then seeing this and it will not let me save – it keeps telling me article already exists

In that case you need to remake your article,,since the title already exists.

Hello there, I have a question. Some of my articles have lots of views (in the thousands), some have many comments. How would you go about updating view count, and the comments?? I am guessing the counter could be manipulated through code?? database?? The comments….. I could say on there, “migrated”?? Thought I should ask before I go poking around ha BTW this whole system of yours is so helpful!! One domain already has the cm , shop and blog – omg so easy!! Thank you!

I figured out the hit counter – why i dint just do it is anyone guess….. now ideas for the comments

No problem.