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ehsana Purchased

My blog page is showing this error:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$_MOD_AM_SUB43

I have limited technical skill, so I was wondering if you could make my blog look like what it looks in the demo. Username: ehsana Password: **temporary password

Please dont post your login credentials here. Chnage them right away, To fix the error download and unzip into your cms pro directory


ehsana Purchased

How do I make the blog look like the blog in the demo?

Just go to layout section in admin panel, select Blog Manager from dropdown menu and assign blog plugins anywhere you like.


i need user registration and admin approval

Is it possible to get a blog hidden from guest. I mean user should be able to login before they see all blog contents and it’s features. Kindly let me know and the cost involved

Do I have to purchase both Script or the cms pro has it all.

Yes, you will need cms pro as well as blog manager. You can protect blog content based on membership access, so user will only see post short description, and image, but for the rest, user must have valid membership access.

how to setup blog articles in home page of new cms 5.0

same, but problem are still pending

Can you please send me your cpanel as well as admin login access, and I will look into it.


oh wow nice!! everything installed quickly. sure do like your new structure! AND worked with this structure before so it is not totally foreign to me haha ;)

Thank you, Im glad you like it.

There is problem to assign blog to home page, also blog shows numerous problems like; Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$_MOD_AM_SUB43

here it is:

Please download fix from, and just extract into cms pro directory.

There is problem to assign blog to home page, we also try but problem are the same, we face this problem from last 20 days. please fix it this problem as soon as possible. Blog buy from this id and cms pro buy from id : classicsunil2

I have replied yesterday.

You say use 4.0, why we we waiting for 2 year for your this version

For the time being, you can’t assign log to home page, of that feature is important to you, you can use v4.

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Blog Content is displayed at maximum width and is being cut off at the left. This also happens on the faq page content. If I change the layout by adding blog categories to the right section, everything appears fine, except the faq page still has this problem and I can’t use a blog layout without at least adding one section to the right/left.

Can you help with this issue?

Can you please provide your site url, so I can have a quick look. You can email me from my profile page.

Bug: embedding a video in a blog post results in the video being displayed in the main blog area description and ruins the layout. I found that placing the embedded video at the end of the article doesn’t cause this issue. If I want to create an article without text and embed a video in the content area then the problem occurs.

See my reply below.


Buyanbat Purchased

how can i change the URL of blog. for example : to or

Right now there is no easy way, it needs to be done from phpmyadmin. Send me an email, and the exact name you want to rename blog.

how to setup Adsense code in cms pro 5.0 blog

Create a new plugin and place it from layout page on blog module.

you say add new plugin for google adsense, but its can’t work, when we save the plugin half of code lines automatic remove…

Sorry, about that. There was a bug with inserting javascript, and fix is already included in upcoming update. which should be available for download by the end of the week.

Error Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$_MOD_AM_TITL. How can I solve it.

Sorry, I dont see your proof of purchase.

When I import a video or link in article, the entire blog category is in trouble.

I use CMS PRO 5 and the last version of Blog Module.

Can this be fixed or canceled from this module?

Can you please provide your url, so I can take a quick look? Or you can just email me drom my profile page.

Your demo page also does not contain links and video code.

I expect too much from this module.