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Is there a way to display the tags on the blog frontpage? I tried the following, but that did not work. <?php if($row->tags):?> <?php $tags = explode(",", $row->tags);?> <?php foreach($tags as $tag):?> <a href="<?php echo Url::Blog(" blog-tags="">" class="wojo label"> <?php echo $tag;?> </a> <?php endforeach;?> <?php endif;?>

I have replied to you about the same time you asked the question. Please check your email, or spam folder.

I can’t seem to find it, can you please resend it?


I found a bug in the file layout archive.tpl.php where it says <? php echo URL :: Blog “blog-cat” $ row-)?>;?> should put <? php echo :: Blog URL (“blog-cat”, $ row-> slug); ?>

Your formatted code is bit messed up, but I will look into archive template to see what the issue is.

i just want to be clear before i buy, if i pay for the extended license of $105, does it mean that i can use it for multiple domains of my choice. Is the Extended license give me the right to make unlimited installation on unlimited number of domains?

Hi Alex,

I have problems with the images on the blog and the portfolio module. I am working with the older version of cms pro(3.8) and it’s modules. I’ve developed a site on my server and moved to the the server of the client. Now the portfolio and article images are not visible anymore. Chrome developer tool says bad request. When I try to add a new item problem remains.Text is visible but not the images.

Any ideas?

Just ignore it.

Problem solved after changing the folder permissions and cache directory in the setting of thumbmaker,php.


Yes, that will do the trick.


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Hi, Is it possible to move blog posts to a wordpress site?

Sorry, not possible, since WP stores everything into one table.

Funcionó perfectamente en mi blog de marketing, gracias

You’re welcome.

Possible to purchase an old version of the blog component?

Sure, either way, once you purchase it, let me know.

ok thanks!

No problem.

Is this stand alone, or do we need another program with it?

Yes, it’s stand alone. You don’t need any other script to run it.

Hi, I’d like to put the blog into home page. Here you can see two images:

- In this moment This is the situation at moment in my home page

- what I would This is like I would use blog section into home page I’d like put a video also near image in the header page like you can see in the image

Can you give me any advice? Do you have a manual that describes the successful operation of the CMS ?

Thank you so much

Kind Regards,


You can assign blog to home page. Edit your default home menu, and assign blog as content type, then you can add plugins to home page from layout to have something similar to,what you’re describing.

dear gewa I want to develop something on blog manager, I need some changes, there starting time and exprire time on admin side for article inputs. I want to change it as event starting time and end time, ?t wont be make to start or stop the article puplish ..just want to input starti and end dates on blog.

Open up /admin/modules/blog/admin_class.php and remove on line 796

          . "\n AND a.created <= NOW()" 
          . "\n AND (a.expire = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR a.expire >= NOW())" 
same file line 394 remove
          . "\n AND a.created <= NOW()" 
          . "\n AND (a.expire = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR a.expire >= NOW())" 

hi, am trying to use blog manager as a single page within a website and all seems to work fine and have loaded all articles up but nothing shows… any ideas?

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question. You’re using blog manager outside of cms pro?

no, sorry – I am trying to use the cmspro home page as the blog for an html website. The cmspro and blog are in their own directory of the website.

The only way to do it is to assign blog manage to cms pro,home page, but you can’t use it with existing HTML site.

How can I reload the dashboard automatically, after write a blog article to see the new article in the summary (editor view)?

Toy can’t , you will need to edit that article in order to see it.

Hi, is there an option for a required field for images? (on/off)

Great, when could I have that? ;-)

Sure, once you purchase it, email me from my profile page for instructions.

Ok, I’ll do that.

Hi dear I could not found the blog module on module menu. What can I do

Could you check my website? Many thanks

sorry for wrong webpage adress. The correct link is here:

I can access your blog from, and I can see two posts from 2015. If youre not able to add new posts, thats a different story. Please email me from my profile page with your ftp access and admin login.

hi, I have the blog manager running but i need to get rid of the Title ’ Latest From Our Blog’ or at least amend it as i am using it for news. Thanks.

If you wan to rename it to something else you can do it from language manager, to remove it completely, please send me an email from my profile page for instructions.


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Hello Alex, is it posible to have Facebook comments instead of built in? InVersion that runs on 3.65


You can embed Facebook comments. See here


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Ok, can you tell me why isnt posible to place diferent ads on diferent categories? Is there a way to do that?



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After install Blog Manager, when try to change data for an article and press ‘Update Article’,It is not successful, show only loading process, not save data and refresh page. pls. check

I can definatelly check. Please email me from my profile,page with your ftp access and admin login.

I been having a problem with Spanish. I copied the en and made it es and then added Spanish to the Language Manager. The problem is the back end of the blog manager. English is no problem but only 1/2 the form works in Spanish. About line 280 down when editing or creating a blog entry. You can see what I’m talking about here… <label>Article Tags</label> <label class=”input”> <input name=”tags” type=”text” value=” mySQL WARNING!
DB Error: mySQL Error on Query : SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT tagname_es) as tags FROM plug_blog_tags WHERE id IN () ORDER BY tagname_es
More Information:

  • Mysql Error : 1064
  • Mysql Error no # : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘) ORDER BY tagname_es’ at line 1
  • Date : January 22, 2017, 6:40 pm
  • Referer: 1
  • Script: /blog/admin/index.php?do=modules&action=config&modname=blog&maction=edit&id=195


WITH ENGLISH SELECTED <label>Article Tags</label> <label class=”input”> <input name=”tags” type=”text” value=”class 5 rapids,class 4 rapids,class 3 rapids,class 2 rapids,white water rafting classes,white water rafting tours,whitewater rafting classes,class 5 white water rafting”> </label>