Discussion on Blog Manager for WordPress

Discussion on Blog Manager for WordPress

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please let me know when your demo site is up. thanks.

Hi, I just checked it and it it all working fine. I must have been some temporary connection issue or something. Please try again. :)

The theme here in use is creating it’s own blog design. Activating your plugin creates a margin in the mainmenu arrows for dropdown. Is there a way to create a page and force your plugin to show up there instead of getting the layout from the theme everytime?

Hi, please open a support ticket via the Support tab at the top of the item’s page. Send more details on what are you trying to accomplish.


i wanted to see the preview, because we are searching something like this. But the preview is not available (throws a 404 error on your page). :-/


Just checked it and it is all working well. Please check it out again. :)

I tryed to use it .. but I don’t get it

Hi, if you have any issues or questions on the plugin please open a support ticket via the support tab on the plugin’s page. And our support team will do their best to assit you. :-)

Hi. I was having problems with other plugins (even in the backend) and finally i realized that the conflict is this plugin. I wrote to other authors and this was one of the answers i got:

“the Plugin “Blog Manager” is loaded on any site / page in the backend, and it breaks our plugin. Please deactivate that plugin, or contact the Plugin author and ask for a fix, which allows its scripts only load on its own pages, and not on Third Party Plugin pages.”

Please fix this problem, i’m stuck now because of this. Is there a quick fix?

Thank you!

Hi, the issue has been located and a fix will be added in the next plugin release within a few days.

Thanks for the feedback! :-)

Excelent, thanks to you for the quick response… i’ll be waiting for the release…

It should be available for download within a few days. :)

I’m getting the visual composer disabled if blogmanager is active. My theme is iMedica. There’s any thing that I can do?

Hi, open a support ticket via the Support tab on the plugin page. We will need WP admin and FTP access to your site in order to run some tests and figure where the problem comes from.

Just trying to get set up with this, but I am having a problem getting the images to go full width (e.g. in newspaper style) but the text to be inset from the edge (as in your example).

The sort of look I am trying to replicate can be seen here:

This was created with Go Portfolio (they do not seem to have the option to skip some posts which is essential for what I am trying to achieve).

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,

In the blog list settings page you have options to control the size of the images and many cropping options. Please try those. If it does not work open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page. Send an example URL and more info on what are you trying to accomplish. We will also need WP admin access.

Hi thanks for the reply.

I’m pretty sure none of those options have any impact on this.

I am effectively trying to replicate the style of your newspaper 4 columns example.

It appears you need to add a border and a background and then change the margins of the image (to negative values) using custom CSS

I have managed to work out a lot of it stealing bits of custom CSS from your example, but it’s a really awkward way of doing it.

Can you either document what CSS code does what, or make these kind of options – padding, background colour etc – available as settings?

It is frustrating as you show many options in the examples that can only be reproduced if you know how to manipulate CSS.

For example, in your newspaper 4 columns example, rather than have the headline show as underlined when hovered over, it changes color. I would like to do this too but so far cannot work out how.

Can you show me?

Having to work out the CSS means taking hours of trial and error to configure something when making these styling options would transform that into seconds.

Kind regards,


Hi Tony, the plugin is designed to follow the theme styles so that your list have the same look like the theme. There are also settings for the main elements. Please open a support ticket describing the issues and our support team will do their best to help.

Hi… i bought this plugin, but i didn’t notice that it doesn’t has advertising feature…

Please, please, please, add this feature… so i can put some google adsense code between the posts loop… and if it can has the “random” positition, even better!

I’m cracking my head trying to css format columns so grid posts can match the 300×250 format of standard ad


Great plugin anyway!


Thanks for the feedback. I will have this discussed with the team.

Hi There,

Great plugin. Would it be possible to have multi-sized image gallery of the blog posts?

Thanks for clarification. T.


What do you mean by multi-sized image gallery? An example might also help me better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

You can also check on the plugin’s live preview demo site.

Wondering if it’s possible to have the grid style and also show the “Category Links” as in the newspaper template. Many thanks.

Hi, you mean you want to show the meta (categories, tags, etc) vertically not horizontally? Like we have it on the Newspaper – Blog 3 columns example? If that is the question yes you can have the same style meta for the grid layouts as well.

No, I meant the tabs at the top of the newspaper template that shows



The Grid does not have the filters. But you can make the Newspaper look like the Grid by setting fixed height for the thumbnails. ;-)

Is it possible to give one category a different style? If this is possible we will buy your plugin.

Thanks in advance! Roel van Haandel

Hi, every list you create can be styled differenly. ;-)


Sorry but don’t working in your plugin:

“New Window / Tab” and “Standard Pagination” functions! :(

Best Regards


Please open a support ticket via the Support tab on the item’s page. Send an URL example were we can see the issue and WP admin access to your site. And we will see what we can do for you :-)

Hi, I am getting some conflict issue and I submitted ticket through the support tab.

Please check it out.

Hi, our support team will reply shortly. :-)

Hi, Your plugin use Woocommerce produdcts and categorys?

Berst Regards


The Blog Manager uses the standard wordpress posts and categories.


Sorry I don’t look your plugin live preview.

Best Regards

Hi, I just tried and the Live preview site loads correctly. Please try again. :-)

can i use this with custom post types?

Hi, The Blog Manager works with the regular wordpress posts only.

Ok thanks! Not any chance to achieve it?


It is another plugin that we will be working on that will build lists from custom post types.


I’m trying to create a grid styled hub that will display a picture/title/description. Each title will link out to a different blog. And the grid boxes will load randomly each time. I’m creating a sort of “hub” for several blogs. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks! :)


The plugin can create list of posts. You can create your blogs with the plugin. For the main page that will lead to those blog pages I can’t really say. :-)

Can the links in each box be modified to go to a different URL than a post?

Hi, you can choose to enable the link for the titles and/or the image and or Continue reading but they will lead to the original post that they are presenting in your blog list. The idea is creating all different kinds of post lists.


I think your plugin conflicts with my theme. My website is aligned to the right on all browsers except for chrome.

Any workaround? Thank u


Please open a ticket via the Support tab at the top of this page. Send WP admin access to your site so we can check it out for you. Thanks :-)


your live preview does not work

The live preview is up and running :)

Hi there,

Bought this plugin yesterday and everything seemed to be working fine. Until I tried to use a plugin that came built in with my theme. The ‘Aqua Page Builder’

I went through the disable plugin procedure and found your plugin conflicting with the page builder plugin. Basically, I’m able to load the page builder and select templates etc, but I can’t edit any of the block.

I used the ‘Inspect element’ tool and found the following errors:

Link to image in case of issues with screenshot above

I’ve sent a support request, but have no confirmation whether you received it or not so commenting here as well. Please respond to whichever you feel appropriate.




I saw you have contacted support. They will reply to you shortly. :-)


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