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I need to inquire something important please.

So here’s an example. I created a parent category called INDOOR, OUTDOOR and AGRICULTURAL LIGHTING.

And then created a SUB CATEGORY called HIGH BAY and LOW BAY under the INDOOR. I also created AREA LIGHT, WALL PACKS and DUSK TO DOWN under the OUTDOOR. And then I also created POULTRY LIGHTING and SWINE LIGHTING under the AGRICULTURAL LIGHTING. And then after that. I created some posts and marked it under those SUB CATEGORIES.

So to be clear. Check below

a. HIGH BAY = 2 posts
b. LOW BAY = 2 posts

a. AREA LIGHT = 2 posts
b. WALL PACKS = 2 posts
c. DUSK TO DOWN = 2 posts

b. SWINE LIGHTING = 2 posts

So in the first page. I WANT TO SHOW ONLY PARENT CATEGORIES. Is your plugin capable to show PARENT CATEGORIES and when I say PARENT CATEGORIES. I want to see a parent category lists and that would be INDOOR, OUTDOOR and AGRICULTURAL LIGHTING. This are the only three I should see ONLY. Not those “POSTS”.

So after they click a parent category like INDOOR. They will show the SUB CATEGORY. And still, I must not see those POSTS. I want to see the sub category names of HIGH BAY and LOW BAY ONLY!

And after that. After I click the HIGH BAY sub category. That’s the time I can see the 2 POSTS ONLY.

Makes sense?

Is this possible???

If yes, do you have some example that I can see please? Because on your demo pages, it shows immediately the POSTS. In which I don’t like that.


This is not possible with this plugin. You can’t show only categories, you’ll see posts listing also if you apply our layouts.


Hiya, again, great plugin like your other ones. I’m made a long overdue update to the plugin and spent some time reformatting the output for the layout rules and I’m mostly done but have a question.

I’m putting in my own CSS but it seems that your CSS is overruling mine. Where can I go in to update you CSS? I saw that you recommended that you go into your CSS file directly but I don’t want to do that because when I do an update, it will overwrite it.

For example, when the following into my CSS, it is overruled by yours.

Mine: .wp-posts-pro .wpp_col { margin: 0em; } Yours: .wp-posts-pro .wpp_col { display: block; float: left; margin: 1% 0 1% 1%; }

I was looking to reduce the margin to 0.

Thanks, -D


You can use following code to overwrite our rules.

.wp-posts-pro .wpp_col { margin: 0em !important; }

and you can place it in your own style.css


<smacks head>. Thank you. I had tried that yesterday but I noticed after looking at your code that I had accidentally put in the semi-colon after the em value which nullified the ”!important;” Thanks. :)


I just bought the pluginn via themeforest and I think it is going to a great addition to me website. However, it is not setting up as I want it to.

Whenever I setup a post, it shows a permalink that looks all the same: http://sharan.gemsofnature.co.uk/clear cache. I would have expected that instead of “clear cache” it would have given a different name. Why is this and how can this be solved?

Hello Naveen,

It seems your site is password protected. Please email me details at support@flippercode.com and i’ll setup it exactly as you want.


Pre-sale question: Will this work on my listings pages?

Hi. I know this will work on posts but will it work on our listings pages? E.G https://totalwellness.club/listing/karens-kinesiology-ibs-treatment-swindon-hungerford-corsham/. We tried another plugin and it didn’t so wanted to check with you first.




Yes, This plugin will work on any custom posts type as well. So if ‘listing’ is a custom post type then it’ll be work.


I’m trying to add author link and avatar to a template. Is there a workaround for this? I don’t see that option present but need it to style my grid blocks for a certain post type.



It showing that your support is expired so please renew it and send me WP Login to support@flippercode.com so we can setup it.


I need to know if this is possible before adding support. Thanks!


Not possible right now but we can customize it easily. Give us WP Login and FTP to hello@flippercode.com


Before I purchase: I saw that you said 2 years ago that it was not WPML compatible but is it still the case? Or is there another way to translate it if my website is bilingual?


We have already included .po file with this plugin which can be used to translate your site into bilingual.


Thanks for helping out with this plugin. it works great and the support is fantastic as well.

Thanks. I hope you’d like to rate this plugin at codecanyon.net/downloads

Hi, i want to do a list of posts of only two specific custom post types: “Restaurants” and “Bars”. Filtering the posts that have both 2 specfic tags(“24hrs service” and “new york”) but only when they are in a specific categories(“Chinesse restaurants” of the custom post types “Restaurants” and “Night club” in “Bars”). Is this possible with this plugin?


Yeah, You can achieve this using wpgmp_geo_tags_args hook where you can modify meta query on fly.


Hi I’m trying to filter by tags, don’t seem to be able to figure out how to do that? I have a tag called “must-read”, do I need to set a “apply custom fields filter” of post_tag is equal to must-read? I’ve tried that doesn’t seem to work. thanks!

Nevermind found it! Apparently it takes a second for it to load, after selecting “post” to show “Taxonomies”

Just bought the plugin, works great, EXCEPT I am seeing some time zone difference where I am trying to show post that are created in the “last N days”, but it’s not showing post that are created that today (immediately), until later in the day. What/how can I set the time zone, so all post show up as expected immediately and I dont have to wait hours for it to show up in the filter?


That’s strange issue but we’re using date parameter provided by wordpress.


Please check with your timezone setting in General -> Settings

If still any issue, please give me WP Login so i can check it.


Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to create a list of posts based on which author is logged in. For example, if I logged in, I will see a list of my posts and if someone else logged they will see a list of theirs. Thanks in advance for the assistance!


It’s not available but we can integrate this functionality in your copy. For that, you need to send me FTP and WP Login to hello@flippercode.com



I do not see much demo with this (do you have a demo or backoffice screen copy ?. I would like a template like: http://www.themefocus.co/alterna/newdemo/blog-waterfall-flux-3-cols/

I wished to display in the thumbnail:

1 / source image of a video (which comes from an ACF video field)
2 / ACF fields (radio button or check box)
3 / the tags of the article (limit them to 10!)
4 / Hide the publication date of the article which is not representative (or use the date of creation of the document of an ACF field)


Hi, Do you have a month for the new version !? Regards


It’s under development and might takes 2-3 weeks to get launched.


Hi, Soon a new version: week, month …? Thanks

Hi Flippercode,

I found a bug in your plugin. I’m using the same shortcode [wprpw_display_layout id=4] for both of these two pages.

So on the first page:
It works completely fine.

But when I tried using the shortcode on a sidebar:
It keeps saying No Posts found.

How come is that? Can you fix it, please?

Oh! Nevermind! I have fixed it! Just a wrong setup on the ruling. Thanks!

NP. I’m happy that it’s working for your fine.

I found another bug. Your widget title is not showing on sidebar.
Check screenshot: http://prnt.sc/ewzp5x



Thanks for your input. we’re checking it and getting back to you.


Hi, I’d like to know if it is possible to use this plugin offset the date by a period of time.

Scenario: at a fitness site, daily workouts are posted every evening for the next day. The workout for each day is posted at approximately 8pm the previous night, to allow time for it to be shared on social media.

This creates an interesting challenge in that the auto-generated date box (using the php date format j M) is referencing the day before the workout.

Is it possible to offset the date for posts using this plugin?



We have an option to get posts by Last N Days so I think LAST 1 DAYS will be a perfect rule in your case.

What do you think?