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We have a problem with pagination in a subcategorie. Is this puppose to work?

If you click on page 2. You will see all the blog items, and not the blog items in the subcategorie that you previously had seen.

Of course it should work, and it is working, as you can see on the demo:

everything is working fine.

You can contact me on support system where i would investigate issue in your store.


We recently upgraded our PS version from to and installed Pretty URLs module as well. Now we are not able to access single blog page when we click Blog post link or Read more button in blog category page.

Please advice.

Well, pretty url modules very often causes a problem with blog. I suggest to contact author of this module, it’s not a problem with my module :)

If you need further assistance you can contact me on support system

Hi there, I just want to support danielvz with his request for visual composer integration. That would be so extremely helpful for superb content creation.

And I am very happily looking forward to version 1.6. Your module is just great Krystian! However, I am still craving for RSS feed, dates in comments and links that users can leave with their comments. Will any of them be in version 1.6?

Hope I do not getting on your nerves with my wish list :) Oh, and by the way: do you have any plans for rating integration plus If users could rate my blog articles so they show up in Google with stars – well I think I am not the only customers who would be very happy about this feature :)

Cheers, Fabian.

Hi Fabian,

these are all good ideas, i hope i would have enough time to implement them!

Hi there, just bought module and eveything is working lika a charm. Just one thing … is there way to link bidirectionally one time posts to products without having to set the relationship in product and also post admin form ?

Hi, at this moment – no, but i know that this is needed to i have a plan to allow to associate post by category/manufacturer

Hello , the Facebook and Google share it is not working at PS 1.6 latest module version , Greek language ( error 404 ) Any ideas why? Thanks a lot Panagotis. This is a link of a post to my site

Hello, you’re using special characters in your url, also, why you don’t have enabled SEO URLs?

if you need further assistance please contact me on support system

Hello, seo urls are not enabled from the beginning and now it is not good for SEO to enable them. I don’t use special characters , i use Greek characters i suppose they are special? You cannot have link like the rest of prestashop with ids instead of friendly URLS? eg

It’s not possible to use ids, we’re using slug and what causes problems is that you have special characters in url, i mean this: παρουσιάσεις – these characters must be escaped, that is why you have %83 and many other weird looking stuff in your URL and maybe this is the reason why facebook couldn’t find the page to share, it’s hard to investigate this issue further without having to access to your store and playing a little bit with code

Remember that enabling SEO Urls will redirect “non friendly urls” to these new ones.

Hello, when do you think you will be updated in Google structured data markups and when do you think the xml sitemap feature can be implemented?


I’m looking to Blog will be compatible with VC module; and pls. develope blog sitemap module to regenerate sitemap.xml to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.


Hello Krystian! I´m interresetd in your module. I couldn´t find out in the demo if there is apossibility to show “related posts” in product page. I could only see the “related products” in the blog posts.

Hello, yrs, there’s possibility to associate product to post and the other way around.

Hello team,

Please, i have a few questions:

””prestahome prestahome Author Hello, yrs, there’s possibility to associate product to post and the other way around.”“

1. Is it automatic, when will be asign a Product to a post, that this post automaic is added to that asigned Post? Or does the admin have to go to his backoffice productpage to add manualy his disired Post?

2. Can people add their avatar to a post? 3. a left block available with Last blog articles? 4. a left block available with Recent Comments? 5. a left block with the most popular blog posts, based & sorted on the most placed comments? 6. a comment counter on the Blog post thumbs? 7. more blog share options?

kind regards, alex


1. no, these are two separated features for many reasons
2. no, i don’t plan to add such an option
3. yep, it is available
4. not at this moment but it’s a good idea
5. based on views and likes, not on comments
6. i think it’s more about styling than default version of module
7. what you mean? anything specific?

Hi, I’m using Blog v 1.5.1. It does not seem to work with PHP 7.0.

Hi. What exactly is your problem? In which place?

Hi, I’m Interested with the module, can I collect email address from the blog comments ?


yes, people can add e-mail to their comments, by default you cannot just export e-mails but you can do that easily from some database manager like phpMyAdmin or from SQL Manager build-in in PrestaShop, i could help you with that after purchase

Hi, I was going to buy the module, but having trouble with payment, my card only works with verified by visa merchants. Is there any other way ? please contact me Thanks.

Hi, I finally get around the payment problem and bought the module. I’m having problem. The blog image doesn’t shows up in smartphone. Check, . Please help, I would like to contact you personally, my email is

Hi ! When will be to import blog from a Wordpress site ?

Regards, Igor


at this moment i’m focused on finishing Blog for version 1.7 of PrestaShop


axel31 Purchased

Hi, Google Search Console indicates me a duplicate meta description between url ”.../blog/category1/” and url ”.../blog/category1/page/2”. Is it possible to solve this? Thanks

Hi, thank you for reporting this, at this moment it may require some modifications in code, i’ll keep that in mind, it shoulnd’t be that big problem for Google though :)

if it works with version 1.7?

Hi, I post comment, I sent email, I’ve submitted a ticket, and sent email again … 2 days but no respond ?? How should I contact you ?, I’ve got a problem with your module. *n now I post comment again …

I replied to you some time ago :)

How long do they still need for the prestashop 1.7 support?

I’m working on 1.7 version, it will be ready soon

Hello, I own your useful add-on through the package of a theme. At this moment, there are still quite a bit of issues in Schema markup. Here are generally the errors when tested by Google’s structured data test:

image: The attribute image.itemtype has an invalid value.

author: name: A value for the name field is required.

publisher : A value for the publisher field is required.

dateModified: The dateModified field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

mainEntityOfPage: The mainEntityOfPage field is recommended. Please provide a value if available

In our site, the mark up for product page is flawless and yet with errors overwhelming the blog posts, we worry that the situation is pulling us from higher ranking. Would you think there can be a patch up soon?


first of all – is not that important in terms of ranking, really, it is more for the information aspect than ranking factor, however, i understand your concerns and i’ll make sure to address these issues in v1.6 of the module, it’s almost ready!

Hi, in order to automate the emaling of blog posts… does the ‘Blog for PrestaShop’ module provide any way to integrate and syncronize with any external email marketing platform like MailChimp?

or do you know any other module that does this function with ‘Blog for PrestaShop’ generating and sending newsletters from posts?

thanks in advance!


i don’t think that it’s possible without modifying newsletter module, i’m thinking about creating a paid addon to send posts as a newsletter, this is big feature

It would be nice to have it. Let me know if you plan to develop it.

How close is the 1.7 version? Just updated our site to 1.7 and Blog for Prestashop is one of the last items on the to do list… Thanks.