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Hello, I’ve sent you several messages. Can you indicate when you will correct rich snippets and multi language issues? This plugin is creating multiple duplicates due to faulty multi language setup. This and the faulty rich snippets are harming for SEO. Please respond.

I’ve already told you that these things, well, important ones, will be addressed in upcoming updates, nothing more to add.

Hello – yes, you said that a month ago. When is the update coming out?

german lang. ?

not by default, you can translate it tho

one of my client use this blog module. But im surprised to see that the sitemap contains no links related to the blog. The default prestashop sitemap module, have a hook called gSitemapAppendUrls that you can use, to add your urls to a sitemap

Would you be able to tell me whether you Blog Module is supposed to be searchable in Prestashop as it’s currently not.

If I had a dollar for every-time a Envato Developer told me that I would be a rich man

Well, you can buy whatever custom search module you want, i cannot give you guarantee that it will work with my module, it’s not my responsibility

Just making a point, any eta on “adding this feature”? Most devs here say they will add it and two years later Im still waiting


when i post in facebook my article.

dont show image ..

what happend?



upcoming update will fix this issue

Hi, I bought the warehouse theme and it came with the Blog For Prestashop module insatlled (version 1.5.1). I am using prestashop with the blog module installed, and the blog should be found at However if I go there I get a 404 not found error. The store is in maintenance mode but I can provide BO access or add your IP so you can see the issue. I could not submit a ticket, as my purchase code for was not valid. Please could you help me resolve this?

Hello, i do not provide support for blog included in third party themes