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There is no support for Prestashop 1.5.6 :( Bought for nothing.


there’s no information about PrestaShop 1.5 support in the “Software Version” section here on product page.

However, in package, you can find a folder “For PrestaShop 1.5” and there’s a module for PrestaShop 1.5, as PrestaShop 1.5 is no longer supported module version for 1.6 has more features.

hello. perfect module, good price. I just need one change. I am planing to use the module in tow ways. As news blog, and for download section. All is perfect, just one question. When I add some text format to post short content , the system do not take the text format (bold, links, ...) is it possible to enable this? even in php code, I am able to do so, just tell which file and which row. I will really appreciate this help, since module look really really cool and if it will possible to use for both purposes… Wow, it will be super. Thanks.

Hey, thank you for your kind words, you can do that by editing a module template, for example ph_recentposts/views/templates/hook/recent.tpl, you have something like: {$post.short_content|strip_tags:’UTF-8’} – you need to delete strip_tags modifier from this variable

Super, works. Now it is perfect module. Really worth to buy. Thank you.

Hello, I use you module on presta 1.6, it is really great ! I would like to know when are you going to update it for Prestashop 1.7 ? Thank you very much, AC

Hi PH, been using for module for a while now and noticed that there is an error with the facebook share button.

Every time we click share for a Blog Post Facebook grabs the very first Blog post not the new post meta image.

If we temporarily remove this image from the blog post it picks up the next image.

Any reason why it can’t detect the post that your trying to share?

Has anyone else come across this a found a fix?

Well, do you have sharing per post or sharing on the single post? If single post, it should work just fine, it is always should get a cover of the blog post, if you have a sharing on blog posts list – it is not implemented in any way in our module

I’ll need more information and i need to investigate this issue, contact me on

Have this set to “YES” Use share icons on single post page?

The Google+ button works fine but Facebook does not

Nothing I have done, an error with your module by the looks

Hello, we want to add the blog posts related to a product on the product page. I’ve seen that simple blog have a related posts module but i can’t find it. Can you point us in the right direction ?

If I have your module from the theme that I buyed how can I buy some support and update of the theme ? Thanks

Hi, Prestahome. Do you have a plan to upgrade the module to be compatible with Prestashop 1.7? If so, when?


Gomlers Purchased

I purchased this module a long time ago – it works beautifully! On of the blog posts scores so high in google, that has 40.000% (that is fourtythousand % (!) more pageviews than the average page on my site.. (From google analytics) Thank you very much!

But I have one question. I am using a different search module, not the prestashop default searchmodule. Is it difficult to make it so that blog-posts show up in search-results, or should this be quite easy?


Gomlers Purchased

I also wonder if it is possible to add a small top-menu / nice looking drop-down on the top of the blog to choose categories. My theme is full-screen, and I have no left or right-columns.


Xab Purchased

Hi Support! I bought your module months ago in version 1.5.1. Could You please tell me what is the version to run on PS because it doesn’t work properly?

Ticket solved

BEST Blog Module for PrestaShop and the BEST support !!! Thanks for your Great Work!

Thank you :)

Do this module support PHP 7.1?


not it’s not supporting PHP 7.1 as PrestaShop 1.6 is not supporting PHP 7.1

version PHP 7.1?


not it’s not supporting PHP 7.1 as PrestaShop 1.6 is not supporting PHP 7.1

This blog module works great, I love the breadcrumbs, the fitvids, the categories, the easy creation of new posts, and the ability to include products below posts. Support is nice too if you need small customizations or adjustments for the blog to fit your theme perfectly.

Only missing feature to me is search within blog. Could you override PS search in order to search within blog posts too. This author created a search “override” that makes PS search still within products but also in PS CMS pages, then why not develop a part to search within the blog?

In the comments, you’ve been talking about that search feature for 2 years+ and .. still waiting. Hope it’s coming soon :)


Thank you for your kind words Romaric, right now i’m releasing a new update which brings compatibility for PrestaShop 1.7 to my module, right after this i’ll focus on new features.

Thank you for your patience.

Great, I have updated the blog on my PS 1.6 site, everything ok ;)


I would love to purchase this module with an extended license in order to include it in a theme I sell on

Unfortunately, the module fails pass the Prestashop’s module validator, and thus my theme would not be accepted on the marketplace.

Do you think you could work on the module in order to make it pass the validation?​

I would be interested in several licenses if that is the case.

Thank you,


if you are really interested i would like to see purchase of extended license, after that i’ll need 6-8 workdays to work on those improvements :)

you can contact me directly for more details

Right now I have Smart data Blog module. If I buy yours My post will remain there ?

is a possibility to export and import from database ? The images are not so importantant that can be done manualy..

its unfortunately not that easy, those are two completely different modules

and what can I do than if I whant to use your module… how much it will cost the transfer?

Good evening, I have the same problem concerning facebook. I can not share the post anymore. The post title is no longer displayed, same for the image. The Google Plus share link no longer works as well. Everything worked perfect. These problems appeared a few months ago. The version of the blog installed is 1.4.0 for prestashop 1.6. Can you tell me how to fix these problems? Thanks in advance. Cordially.

Hard to say, you should contact me on support system at


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Hmm, how can we implement search function on this module ? is it possible ?

This feature will be implemented in module from the next update


Gomlers Purchased

Please add a feature for customer groups! So that some posts can show a message “You must be logged in to view this content” instead of the post..


as for now there’s only redirect to 404, maybe i’ll add option to show some warning in one of the future updates