Discussion on Blog for PrestaShop

Discussion on Blog for PrestaShop

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Hello, where is version for Prestashop 1.6? How long can you wait for a simple answer from support after a purchase.

That’s true, we didn’t remove it from the description on time, we only edited compatibility information in the “Software version” under “Item attributes”.

That being said, we will accept the refund request as soon as you submit it.

How to do this, there is nowhere to find the option return, refund and other

Good morning, Can we integrate this module on a site using Creative Element? To be sure that the header and footer of Creative Element are displayed correctly. THANKS!

Support doesnt work 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request.

Hello, I see your ticket, so I think it works :D Maybe there was some issue for the moment

hello, does this module allow to have different posts in different languages? or only the same posts in language versions.

I would like to have different posts in the Polish version and different posts in the English version of the store…. is this possible ?


You can have one blog translated into a few languages. Translated meaning, you can have completely different content for both languages. You can not have 2 posts in Polish, and 3 in English.

Hello, presale question. I need a blog only in one shop of my multistore/multilanguage installation. Is this possible ? (No link, no articles in others shops and languages) Thank you.

Hello, you can use a module like this. It is fully compatible with both, the multi-lang and multi-store feature in PrestaShop.


After updating the module and we get the following error:

simpleblog_post (Unknown column ‘gallery_style’ in ‘field list’) and

Une erreur s’est produite pendant la création de l’objet. simpleblog_author (Unknown column ‘link_rewrite’ in ‘field list’)


Please contact us through support system providing access to your store (back office, FTP and database).

Hello it’s ok i make the update ans now it’s ok but we have an other problem, after a put a comment we have error 500 ?

Error 500 is just a generic message that doesn’t show the details about the error. You need to enable developer mode and send us a real error message. Still, I’d suggest contacting us through the support center :)


Is this module compatible with Creative Elements ?

Thank you

Hello, the work to natively support Creative Elements is in progress

can you add a function to import from .docx file

Hello, I must soon upgrade from prestashop to I also need to change host. My blog contains nearly 600 editorial articles plus hundreds of illustrations. How do I transfer blog data from site to site Its very important. Thank you for your reply. Cordially.


Please come visit support system so we can explain how it works in details.


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Hello, is it compatible with other prestashop themes ?

thank you


It might require some adjustments, it’s sometimes needed for third-party modules, but it should look good.

One known issue is when theme use a custom icon set that is different than default one coming with PrestaShop.

hello, when i find my site in google two new links appeared but it says “label news” instead of name of the post how to fix it?


Please contact us on support system and send us URL to your store.

hello, i am new in prestashop i want to know how to move it to home page at the start of the posts, i mean - recent posts (where posts should be listed) - latest products - popular products

Hello, you should go to the Design -> Positions and try to move the module at the top of the “displayHome” hook, but it all also depends on the theme you use

is it possible not to have categories? just blog/article and NOT blog/category/article?

Hello there

It is not possible for now, but we have more and more questions about this. We will probably implement this feature, but we need to think about a way to make it backward compatible :)

Hello, it is still not possible to import Wordpress articles?


we’ve been asked for that only a few times, ROI isn’t really an option there thus we decided to put this idea aside

Congratulations! Great Work, GLWS :)

Hola. Es posible quitar la categoría de la URL la página y añadir la extensión .html Ejemplo: URL actual URL deseada

Muchas gracias


For now, it is not possible. We are planning to add such a feature in one of the next updates.

Hello, I posted a support request in your support system 3 days ago, but did not receive an answer. The blog module seems not to support the alternate href tag in the header, can you please check ?


You’re right, it doesn’t support it for the moment. Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll try to implement it in one of the next updates.


Very interested in this module for multiple customers, but I have two question up front:

1. Is it possible when using the blogrecentposts module on homepage, to limit the paragraph description, so all block heights are equal, no matter the amount of short content.

2. Our customer would like to “play” with the design, and would like to use Creative Elements (page builder module) to edit the Full post content. Is this possible?

Looking forward to your reply :)


1. We might add this option in the update as a configurable setting. For now, it’s not possible

2. we’ll need this module to make ours compatible


1. Ok cool. For now it can be fixed with some CSS min height.

2. Sounds great. We can send you the module ZIP if needed. This is the most wanted feature from our customer.

If you decide to use Blog for PrestaShop from PrestaHome make sure to send us a ticket through our support center so we can make it compatible with Creative Elements module :-)

Hello, I´m wondering hot to take out from post meta title the extra text that is include automatically. (Shop name) I´m checking Pretahsop and your module but do not find they way how to. Ither a way how to simply set up the post meta title as I write in the post? It is creating very long meta title and this is not good. Thanks for your comments back.


This is something we broke during on of the updates, if you use custom meta title there shouldn’t be a shop name. We’ll fix this in the next update. Thanks.

Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I customize the metatitle on each post but still apearing this extra magically at the end. I´m using Warehouse theme, s there any incompatibility? By the way I noted that tags are not displayed even when I indicate this on the configuration. Any tips? Thanks in advance. i.e. url:

We will fix this in the next update.

Is there any way to duplicate a blog post to use it as a templatE?

Hello. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no such option, but I like this idea and I’ll add it to our roadmap.


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