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Hi Kristian. Any news about update for 1.7?

Hi Marek, 1.7 version is delayed to June, i didn’t have time to put enough work into module recently, sorry

Any chance to get beta version in current state?

Naah, it’s more like alpha at this state because of refactoring to {widget} and {widget_block}

Hi just a question. i uses your plugin with a grid template. (4 column) is it possible to put the last post above the grid with only 1 column

example bootstrap : <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12">last post</div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-3">next post</div> <div class="col-md-3">next post</div> <div class="col-md-3">next post</div> <div class="col-md-3">next post</div> </div> thank you for your help

Hi Kryistian, are there any news about the update to v1.6? As many other users I am desperately waiting for it. Especially for the RSS feed feature. Because I am starting losing my backlinks from some very powerful blog directories :( Thanks for your answer!

Any word on when this will be available for v1.7.1.X ?

June 2017

Hello, we have been using the Simple Blog module that came with a theme. I realise that the files we got from them are not the latest updated files. The markups for Google Structured data are in need of improvement.

If we purchase the module from you, how do we go about updating the old module without deleting any posts?

Hello, first i suggest to contact me using form on my profile page here on CodeCanyon with more details, which theme and which version of Simple Blog you already have

Can we get a updated ETA for v1.7 of prestashop? If you have no plans for any future release just let us know so we can purchase a solution for others who have already updated their blogs for 1.7. Please and thank you.

Did you finally make compatible visual composer for prestahome?

No, the module is not compatible with VC

And will be compatible someday? I will love to, is such more easy to edit

The module will be compatible with VC in next major version, v1.6 which is planned for June 2017 at this moment


a2 Purchased

In exist error in

name Se requiere un valor para el campo name. image Se requiere un valor para el campo image. publisher Se requiere un valor para el campo publisher.

any idea?


axel31 Purchased

Hello, this module is really one of the best I have bought. I am only facing one small problem: when I link one blog post with one product and the product page, and then if I make any change on this page and save, the links to the previous blog posts are gone… Is it fixable?

Hello, please contact me on support system

Any news about ps 1.7 version?

The 1.7 version needed to be delayed to June


Is Compatible Blog for PrestaShop with visual composer?

Hello, any news about AMP ?

No news, first i think of the facebook instant page integration instead of AMP to be honest

Dear Developer,

Any news the update, coz my support period is expiring in the next week? i’m waiting very long time ago for the update.


i’ll get back to work on the module as soon as possible, currently i cannot give you any ETA on the update

I am trying to get the images in the custom block in the column to resize properly. But there is no % only px to choose in settings. How to deal with this challenge?



Did that but the last two are being problematic! Why I don’t know.

min-height: 450px; for the post-item works for me

I was targetting the title and excerpt. Never thought about the whole item. Thanks so much! Life saver!

Hi Kristian. Any news about update for 1.7?

Where is the update? :S

Hi, Prestahome say 2 months ago: “The module will be compatible with VC in next major version, v1.6 which is planned for June 2017 at this moment” Any news??

I erroneously purchased this. is it possible to reverse?

i purchased this few minutes ago

Hello, thank you very much for your module which is really great. We are going to update our website on Prestashop 1.7 and unfortunately the module doesn’t work on 1.7. Are you working on 1.7 version ? If yes, when would it be possible to get it ? Thank you, Alexandre