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Pre-Sale question – i installed the free plugin and I tried to use visual composer, but it happens nothing when I click on the Blog designer icon. Moreover, I would like to ask you if it is possible to include some blog posts inside a general page or do I need to always use the blog page?

Hi kurosakichigo,

Thanks for your pre-sales query.

As you said that you are using free version of plugin and want to add blog section on any page via visual composer editor. But you are facing an issue when you are clicking on visual composer element.

I think, you might facing an issue due to jquery conflict with your backend panel. Can you please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ) with login details? So, one of our support team member can check that issue in details.

And one more thing, you can use blog designer visual composer elements number of times with your website but output will be same. If you want to use different blog page sections for blog sections with pages then you should switch on PRO version.

Let us know if you have further pre-sales query.

Regards, Solwin Team

Hello, have you updated the item? I see last update to 6 July 17 but don’t see anything in the chain log changes. Thanks

Hi carlosrosales1979,

We have made minor changes with the compatibility and there is only one line change.

So, we have not updated change log on codecanyon page. you do not have to worry for this very minor update.


Hello, can you clarify your ” 100% no-risk money back guarantee!

You are fully protected by our No-Risk Double-Guarantee. We offer 30 days moneyback guarantee, then we’ll happily refund 100% of your money (Please refer refund policy).

The link to your “refund policy” takes me to your privacy policy, nothing about refunds is mentioned at all ??

I saw a comment further down from a customer of yours who says that you refused a refund?

Please clarify this for me before i buy.

Hi hockeyweb,

Thanks for your query.

I apologized for the wrong link you have found or misunderstanding.

I think you are referring here our own website store where we sell other products. At moment we are selling our 3 plugin on codecanyon and we are selling it exclusively from codecanyon so if you buy any product from codecanyon that we are selling exclusively on codecanyon then we have to refer and follow policy of codecanyon (envato marketplace) here is link for the same Hope it will help you.

Let us know if you have more pre-sales query for Blog Designer PRO plugin.



go1986 Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to include it in a php file? thanks.

Hi go1986,

Thanks for your query.

If you are asking about shortcode then yes, it is possible as you can use your created blog layouts shortcode with php file. But we suggest, please use shortcode with page content instead of include it with php file. So in future, anytime you can change and replace it with another layout shortcode.


Hi there, we’re looking at using this for a new community website. Let me explain the concept we have. We’re looking to display timeline as homepage and want to clarify some points.

We’d be using this layout –

Does the plugin come with the theme on your demo website?

Is it only posts that go into the timeline?

Can we add pages to auto publish to the timeline?

Can users post to timeline?

Can timelined items be “stickied”?

We are doing some custom API integration, is it possible to post this data into the timeline if the API data is being understood by wordpress in post format?

Can the timeline be customised to post an update when an existing post / timeline edited has been edited or updated?


hi JonMonty,

for futher clarification, please create support ticket at our support portal.


I’ve opened a ticket, hope someone replies to it soon – I want to make a lot of progress on this project this week.

Hi JonMonty,

Thanks for creating ticket on support portal. Our team have already replied to you.


how do i install the pro version. usually with plugins there is just an activation code from free to pro. i bought the pro and downloaded the zip. then i try to upload the zip into the plugins page on WP and it says error. thank you

the link was unhelpful. I already know that. I am still getting the error message. Do i have to delete the free version first?

thanks. i figured it out. It kept giving me the error message until i deleted the free version. Then once i tried again to upload the pro it was fine.

Hi virginhairseduction,

If you have already activated pro version plugin then free version plugin automatically deactivated. But, you need to make sure you have pro version shotcode within page.

Please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ) with more details. So, one of our support staff member can check that thing with your website.


Presales questions: To design each post I use DIVI. Your plugin renders the post I created with DIVI? I use Ultimate member for access management, is your plugin compatible with Ultimate Member? Is it compatible with Advanced Custom Fields and Pods for CPTs? Your plugin allows you to design the header of the page that shows the list of posts and the header for each post? Is it compatible with WP Rocket Cache? Each DIVI / Extra theme post has stars for the rating. Is your plugin compatible with the rating? Your plugin has widgets with styles appropriate to each of your blog styles? Is your plugin compatible with FacetWP plugin? Can multiple headerbands designed with DIVI be included before displaying the list of posts to place buttons or filter fields or other things? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Francisco R.

Hi jfactivesoft,

Thanks for your pre-sales query.

We have checked your query and noticed that you have so much pre-sales query for blog designer pro plugin. Can you please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ). So, one of our support staff member can reach you asap and you an get full detail answers for the same.


You welcome

Another question: Do you have a shortcode to view the list of posts? Best regards, Francisco R.

Hi jfactivesoft,

Yes, we have the shortcode facility. you can create unlimited shortcodes with different-different options. There are around 500+ combinations to create different layouts for list of posts.

For more detailed query please support ticket at


Hi there

I tried the free version of timeline template, but the blogs are display disorderly (I have 7 blogs). Please see this:

Would it be possible to put 1973 below 1984, please? Thanks.

Hi nstaylor,

Thanks for your query.

We have checked your query and you are right, there is something wrong with the timeline template. We required more co-operation from your side to resolve that issue.

Can you please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ) with login details? So, developers can see inside the loop combination.

We hope we will get the support ticket from your side with the details.



ibicek Purchased

Hi just purchased plugin. I am having trouble with single post sidebar. Because its disappear. can you help?

yes, got it and our team have given reply to you. communicate there.



ibicek Purchased

You solved my problem. Thanks for fantastic support..

Glad to know that your problems solved. Our clients happiness is motivation for us

Hi there,

I’m interested in this blog plugin, and really like the free version. My question is can I make shortcodes to customize display for different categories?

For the free version, it seems like I can only do “[wp_blog_designer]”, which is great for one selection of categories… but I want to have other pages with other blog categories that are customized…

Is this possible with the plugin?

Hi Its_Complete,

Thanks for asking query.

Yes, that is possible with pro version plugin. You can create unlimited shortcodes for your multiple categories. And if you want to design your category pages individually with different-different design then that is possible with “Archive Layouts” option.

Please visit our documentation link with section “Create New Archive Layout” ( ) for more details.

If you have further more query with plugin setup and it’s settings. Let us know by creating ticket at our support portal ( )


After reading all the documentation available, and looking thoroughly at the demo – I note that multiple timelines can be added to display various post types, i assume they than have shortcodes? So if I create say one timeline for posts, another for custom post type a and another for custom post type b – can everything be merged into one timeline or will it be 3 shortcodes added separately to a single page that displays 3 separate timelines?

I ask because the functionality we are looking for, would be multiple post types inside the same timeline – like a social media feed of all updated items on the site.

Hi JonMonty,

Thanks for your query.

Yes, that is possible as you can create timeline for any custom post types but, you have to create different-different pages for same. You can’t merge everything into one page using blog designer pro plugin. It will create speed issue for you.

If you are still looking for same then create support ticket at our support portal for that customization work. Our team will work on that changes for your copy only.

( Note: We noticed that you have already created support ticket for your past queries. So, we suggest please create support tickets for your further queries. )