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Really fantastic support. It’s never sure how well a plugin developer will support your items. I have many times run into issues where the tech support team just doesn’t give it the time of the day to help out. The BDP team was very responsive, polite and was able to fix the few issues we needed help with.

Hi plbc2007,

Thanks you very much for your very positive feedback, its really good motivation for us to do more. I request you to please add your feedback with good ratings on product rating section.


Hi I was just installed free version of plugin when am changing template in template area nothing happened it is only selected classical demo so how to change another template

Hi myseofreelance,

Thanks for your query.

Template selection option available with “Select Template” button with blog designer panel.

Let me share documentation link here with Quick Guide section, (Check Step 2 for more details)

And if you already know that thing and you are facing an issue with the button selection as ‘not working from your end’ then please create a support ticket with our support ticket portal ( and our support staff will check and reply you.

Feel free to revert back if you have further more query with blog designer plugin.


Hello, I am using Sunshiny Slider Template and running into responsiveness issues. Can you please check this page (domain url visible at top) I am using 1000px by 500px images and selected Original Resolution setting in the Media Settings. But the images appear streched for some reason. Do I nedd to enter a class name in the main settings? Why I am running into this? Thanks alot..

Hello thanci,

Thanks for your query.

As you said, you have setup your blog layout with Sunshiny Slider template. And looking for the help with responsiveness. We have checked screenshot that you provided.

I suggest, you should change that slier template to “Crayon Slider Temple”. Because Sunshiny Slider template designed for more than vertical thumbnail slider images. Something like 380×500, etc. And you have horizontal slider template image.

So, please select another/correct slider template from the Blog Designer PRO plugin backend panel with ‘Layouts’.

And please create a support ticket at support portal ( ) for more queries. So, you will get immediate support.


Looking at your BRITE BLOG TEMPLATE, how hard would it be to make the author gravatar as large as the featured image, I need a blog template that focuses on the gravatar of the author as the main image.

Hello easwood,

Thanks for your query with BRITE BLOG TEMPLATE in Blog Designer PRO plugin.

We noticed that you are focusing to show big gravatar image with the blog page instead of featured image. We need to do customization with your brite blog template for your featured request.

Kindly please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ) with more details. So, our support team and plugin developers will check the possibility and will provide you more details.

Feel free to revert back if you have further more query.


are widgets not supported? would be interested in this if it works with any theme and all widgets i tested an older version but it did not seem to have any widgets for my current theme or they were all at the bottom of the page looking messy

Thank you for showing interest in ‘Blog Designer Pro’ plugin. Blog Designer Pro plugin is compatible with all themes. If you face any issue then kindly create a support ticket at and our support team will help you as soon as possible.

Thank you and Regards

Hi, can the plugin be used to design blog posts? I understand that the plugin can create listing pages but I’m looking for a plugin which can help me design the single pages. Thank you.

Hello jijojose,

Thanks for your query.

Yes, you can design your single post pages with the help of Blog Designer PRO plugin.

That single post page design depends on your active theme. Sometimes, it may require to add theme patch files to make your theme compatible for single post pages design.

We have already worked on number of themes and created theme patches for well known themes. Please check this link for list of themes –

If your theme is not listed there then please create a support ticket at our support portal ( ) . Our development team will work on it and will provide update for your theme patch asap. So, you can enjoy your new single post page design without any issue.


Hi, I purchased the PRO version. I am using the Story Template. When I save my settings it says “Error in updating shortcode”. I also only want certain posts to be shown but the category filter does not seem to work :| Thanks, Karen

Hi karenbecker,

Thanks for asking your query.

Issue youre facing while editing a Blog Designer shortcode need to be discuss in details so If you don’t mind then can you please create a support ticket with our support portal with required details.

So, one of our support staff member will check all details why it’s not working and fix the issue with you.

Thanks for your co-operation in advance!

Do I have to purchase a theme to get the same design as the demo? What theme do I use to get the same design as the demo?

Anyone available to answer my question?

Hi aksolo,

Thank you for asking your query. Sorry for the late reply.

Blog Designer PRO for WordPress is a WordPress plugin and that will enhance your blog page design. A theme, we have used on demo site that is just for presentation/showcase purpose and not available for sale.

You can choose any of WordPress theme or you can select any one from our store ( ) and then install this Blog Designer PRO plugin to beautify your blog page.

Please let us know if you have further more pre-sales query in mind.



crmaff Purchased

Got it, cancel question

Hello crmaff,

We do not able to identify your exact query.

May you please repeat your query once again? So, we can provide you best support from our end.

Also you can create support ticket on our support portal If you have any other query related to plugin.


Hi, I am trying to make a newsroom page populated with multiple categories but only one category is showing as an option in the Filter tab. I tried reinstalling, since I created the other categories after installing. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello drsparkman,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin and asking your query.

You want to create blog page with multiple categories but only showing one category with the filter options. Yes, you are correct. Category filter option shows only categories which have any single post within it. If you have no post with any category then that category will not available for selection.

Please make sure you have some posts with each and every category.

Regards, Solwin


krause54 Purchased


Can you tell me why when i click on article link or image its taking me to a page called “x-test”, instead of using an article name in the URL?

I have a page called “announcements”, using the Blog Designer Pro version… when clicking it takes me to the full article but the URL is “xxxx-test”.

Please advise.



Hello Ryan,

You need to check your ‘Permalink’ settings under settings panel.


Check that specific post in backend for permalink structure of that post. You might get an help to resolve it or remove that extra “-test” word from the link.

If you are still facing an issue then please create support ticket at our support portal ( ). One of our support staff member will look inside it.



krause54 Purchased

Thanks – didn’t realize someone had actually set a real post as “test” as the slug name… this is solved.


its ok, Np

We are happy to know that your issue fixed. :)

Pre sale question will it work with U design theme by elegant theme ? and divi patch will work for u design theme too ? it will be ebtter if you have youtube video describing about patching etc will get easier for non tech like me to work around overall love your plugin looking forward for youtube video or reply