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Kewl project!,Does it have admob banner and interstitials ads integrated?.

AdMob banner and interstitials are now available.

thanks allot, will check it out and contact if any questions

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, also if its not to much to ask could please leave a review.Thank you.

How many levels ? it has sounds ?

Hi, the game has 20 customisable levels, it is easy to add/change levels, as they are in json file, 1 background music loop and 3 fx sounds. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask.

Would be brilliant if an update had a level selector on it – so you can pick a level (but only ones already completed, with the rest left locked).

And social sharing to post high scores out

Thanks. will release in couple of days.

Can you help me add in-app purchase to remove advertisements?

Hi, i’m sorry but a the moment i won’t be available for custom development like in-app purchases for this project. But its actually not that hard, you can checkout this tutorial, for example it’s describes the process quite fully.

Also please note that as pe Envato rules you must purchase extended license to make paid game or use in-app purchases.

Starting the Xcode file. there are 55 errors. Does not work. I have tried upgrading Xcode and other techniques of troubleshooting.

Nvm I think i got it.

Could you please describe what the problem was and xcode version? I couldn’t replicate it but just incase someone else will have similar problem. Also if you have any other questions do not hesistate to ask.

Thank you