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2 console errors that prevent compiling and no Google Play Game options under window.

Assets/GooglePlayGames/ISocialPlatform/PlayGamesLocalUser.cs(27,18): error CS0535: `GooglePlayGames.PlayGamesLocalUser’ does not implement interface member `UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms.ILocalUser.Authenticate(System.Action<bool,string>)’

Assets/GooglePlayGames/ISocialPlatform/PlayGamesPlatform.cs(41,18): error CS0535: `GooglePlayGames.PlayGamesPlatform’ does not implement interface member `UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms.ISocialPlatform.Authenticate(UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms.ILocalUser, System.Action<bool,string>)’

Sending a copy to your mail now.

I was updated a new version to fixed it. Please download and update this template. Thanks!

Thank you for the prompt reply, everything works like a charm.

Hello dev. I want to buy the codes of this game Does the support system work?

Hi, any ios version?

Hi. I buy your source code and i wanna make a reskin. I do lots of thing in main page but i coudnt find gameplay contents how can i found them in unity 5.. Thank u

When i built apk and try it. The unity screen is coming than its crashing. i am waiting for your skype answer. Please.


He is realy good man. He did lots of things for me thank u bro.

Can you please provide the updated source code?

Is this works for iOS ? Or can I build it for iOS ?

app supports tablet ?

Need the demo apk for checking


nezikk Purchased

when i want to build the game unable to convert classes into dex format plz help me


Does this game work with Android Studio ? if so does it work in the 3.2 version ?

Can the reskin be done from Android studio ?


Does anyone answer the questions here or does the author no longer exist?

Will they add google analytics? Privacy and data policy of the European Union?