Google Translate Block

Google Translate Block

What does this module do?

This module inserts a module that enables the users to translate your webpage via Google Translate. Once the page is translated the users can keep navigating through your site on that language.

Translates the contents on your webpage instantly to more than 80 different languages.

The customers can select the language they want to translate it too directly

A great alternative that helps your shave time and money on translating your website using Google Translate. It can also help you increase your market quota without paying extra money on translation costs.

Why would you like this module?

  • Your clients can have your whole website on their language
  • Makes it easier for your clients to navigate and registers on your website
  • Helps international sales
  • Automatic translation
  • You don’t lose time on translations
  • You can see every language or just a few
  • You can sell immediately
  • New clients all over the world

Google Translate Block - 1


  • Automatically translate your webpage to your visitor’s language
  • The translation stays active even if they navigate throughout the website
  • Instant language translation
  • Translates whole websites maintaining their style and structure
  • You can connect and disconnect this function from the administration panel
  • This module works immediately after the installation
  • Easy configuration


- Added compatibility with prestashop 1.7
- Uploaded

Google Translate Block - 2