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Hi! Will this integrate easily wish Wishlist Member?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

We don’t guarantee compatibility with any 3rd party plugins. But it works with all other plugins that properly implement WP login procedures and hooks. So, if Wishlist Member does use them, there won’t be any problems integrating it ;)

If you will let us set a number of logins ca be logged in per role this would be great and I would def buy it.

Thank you for your idea. We’ll add it to our to-do list.

Can I define the number of simultaneous admissions per user?

for example

user one limit at 1, user two limit at 4 .

could be an integration with (Paid membership pro) to limit the number of simultaneous incomes according to the role

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No, unfortunately that’s not possible.

Hello, have you added maximum IP adress feature? Like a user can use maximum X different IP ? otherwise people can still password share; simultaneous-login block only is not enough; it needs to track & limit max total unique IPs like password sentry does

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in Block Double Logins!

Unfortunately, we haven’t addded the feature yet. But thank you for the suggestion; we will definitely consider it for the next update.


MoAnX Purchased

Hello pre sale question, for plugin updates is it done automatically or we need to uninstall the current version and upload new one? also doest it support ultimate member and buddy press? appreciate your answer!

You’re welcome, If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact our support team via email :)


MoAnX Purchased

we bought it and it worked well with ultimate member, thank you guys for this awesome plugin!

Thank you for purchasing! We are happy to hear that everything’s working well and that you are satisfied with the plugin! :)

Hello, I would like to know how this system would behave in case I want to protect a video streaming, it is possible that in the middle of the video, a session timeout would leave the customer out?

No, I can’t confirm that because it involves a 3rd party system (video player) which I know nothing about. Only thing I can confirm is that if the user just has a page open with no periodic refresh or session check – he won’t be logged out.

Thats ok for me. Thanks

You’re welcome :)

My question for support not sales I have a site for courses online my problem is that the students can give their paid username and passwords for other non paid students I used a plugin to prevent concurrent login, but the problem still exists, the students open the site in different time can your paid plugin give me a solution ?

Hi! Sorry, no :( We don’t have a solution for that situation.

Hi :D He work again without bug are other since last version Wordpress ? :D

Hi, Thank you for purchasing!

Block Double Logins works with the latest version of WordPress. If you are having any problems, please contact our support directly via email and they will help you out ;)

Hello :D Ah ok because i look at a lot the date control / updates :D See you soon perhaps Michaël

Don’t worry, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems you might have :)

Hi, doesn’t works…

See Screenshot: It is possible to login twice via chrome and chrome incognito modus. Only works if log in with two different browsers or the same browser without incognito modus, unfortunately:


Hi, if you’re having problems please contact our support. We don’t provide support via comments.


I am interested in your plugin, however I have a couple of questions:

1- If a user in the same browser open several tabs (like chrome tabs), each tab count as a session or is necessary to a user login in different browsers?

2- If I use your plugin with wordpress multisite, how the plugin will control the number of concurrent session? If a user login in a website inside a wordpress multisite network and after move to a different website in the same network, he will be disconected? He will be able to login but will count as two active sessions?

I am looking for a way to stop users from sharing their account information, but seems that there is no solution designed for multisite.


Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

1 – he’d need to use different browsers

2 – unfortunately we don’t support WPMU, sorry