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Will this plugin work on buddypress & wordpress user profile fields?

Hello liam6224

Yes it will work on BuddyPress & WordPress, it will remove the bad words posted by your website users and those are define in the list.


In magento does it support on product title, product description as well?

Hello srihari04

Yes, it will. It will scan the words in whole page and remove those you like.


Hi There,

Does this Add-on work with your scripts like ‘Hacker News’ and ‘Media Hunt’?


Hello milixkhan

Yes it will :)

Kind Regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

hi dear, I need a plugin for protect links. I want if, only logged person can download my files. If this link was copied on another site, it cannot works. Yout product do it?

Hello leonardoborlot

Such function can only be implemented by your script side only :)


May I have an easier installation process please. yr video doent tell me exactly which INDEX.PHP page within wordpress to enter, there are many INDEX.PHP within the site, And which of the two folders am I suppose to put into PLUGINS folder ?

SERIOUSLY, after 2 months waiting, nothing.

The script stopped users from logging into site, the support never finished fixing the problem.

Be warey people buying this, the setup is not as described,

Ya know what, after 7 months ago he started to give me the help I needed, BUT he never finished my support I was left with an unfinished job.

Good luck to anyone else out there

and above is how many times I asked for help on something I paid for and got nothing

Will it support opencart