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Unable to play :( Arrows goes down when game start.

Hi. What exactly do you mean by “arrow goes down”?

After thinking about it for a while, I think I know what you mean. The editing menu goes down when the game starts, but it is supposed to.

It’s not a classic platformer where you control the character directly, this is more of a puzzle game where you need to guide the character through the stage. To play the game, you need to add the commands when in edit mode, and then start the game to see whether or not you’ve completed the stage successfully.

Nice game. Found a bug. When you use “clear” you can’t scroll up and down anymore.

Edit1: Couldn’t press Start Stage on Samsung S4. Also it’s a bit cropped on the right side.

Hi. Thanks.

The bug you’ve reported isn’t actually a bug, it’s something I did on purpose. The reasoning was that the player, when editing commands, rarely needs two commands of the same type consecutively, that’s why regular commands (left, right, stop, jump) get un-highlighted after you’ve put them on the board, to allow the user to keep dragging the screen after the commands have been inputted. With “clear”, the reasoning was that often times a player will want to remove more than a single command, and therefore the “clear” button doesn’t get un-highlighted after it’s been used and you need to do so manually (by pressing it). I realize this may cause some confusion and I will most likely make the clear button de-select after use in the update / fix which should be ready in a few days.

As for the device issue, I’ve only tested the game on a handful of devices I had available and it seemed to work fine there. It may also be a browser issue. I will see if I can get it working in the next update.

As for the cropping issue, I really have no fix there, other than maybe embedding the game within a custom-sized frame that will fit on the device.

Thanks for letting me know of the issues.

I as a user wanted to scroll and felt it’s a bug. Maybe you should re-think the behavior on interactions.

Will be fixed in the update.

commands do not work

Hi, what do you mean by “do not work”?

This is not a traditional platformer game, you should input the commands on the board and as the character progresses in the game those commands will be executed when the character gets in contact with them.

Can not be operated with the keyboard(Google Chrome)

Hi. It isn’t supposed to. It is operated with touch or click controls.

Hi, is it allowed to créate an android app using your HTML code?

Hi. Yes. Also make sure you check the licenses at http://codecanyon.net/licenses .

I think you need to make the instructions for this game clearer. It took a while to work it out, and from the comments, it seems some people aren’t working it out at all

Hi. I added a more detailed description on the item’s page and included a playing tips section. Also, there are instructions on how to play in the game.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.



Like others, I cannot understand how to give the control commands to Blobby. On a PC (with Firefox) I cannot drag them onto the screen or select / save them in anyway. Could you just make it a traditional game with normal left – right arrow keys moving the character directly? If so, I would purchase.

Hello. You can select a command by clicking on it, after which you can place it on-screen. Then you can pick another command and place that on the map, and so on. When you start the game, whenever Blobby touches a command, he will follow it. Hope this makes it clear. Also I’m sorry but there’s no way this game could be re-made into a standard platformer. Maybe for my next games! Thanks for the input.