Blobby is a puzzle platformer game where the goal of the game is to input commands on the screen that will get the character through the stage successfully.

- Resolution: 480×720 (scaling)
- Works with all modern browsers
- Supports both touch and click controls
- Supports custom level creation with the Tiled Map Editor
- State saving
- 12 levels included
- Supports up to 42 custom levels
- Customizable levels
- Customizable graphics
- Customizable music

How to play:
Blobby is not a traditional platformer where you control the character directly. This game is about creating command points that will guide the character through the stage successfully. It is also a trial-and-error kind of game, since you can’t predict some of the elements you will encounter, and you can’t always predict behavior either. There are two modes to the game, Editing and Playing. The game starts in Editing mode, and the player is expected to add command points from the editing panel on the bottom of the screen. In this mode, the player can also navigate the map by dragging the game screen up or down. The player then presses the Start Stage button to enter the play mode. As the game starts, the character starts running in the way it is facing. Upon picking a command, the character will attempt to execute it. Only the last picked command is accepted and there is a slight delay between the picking of the command and executing it. If the character gets to the target at the bottom of the stage, the player is allowed to progress to the next level.

Tips and tricks:
- The game will always progress in the same way because its time is not fixed to the clock but rather to game frames. This means that a winning set of commands will always work, and the commands you place in a certain way will always have the exact same behavior.
- The wait command will get you through some difficult parts. Since the game runs in sequence, all you need to do is figure out the right delay for the character to progress.
- When you need only a slight delay, Wait might not work. Try jumping to create a small delay that might get you through a difficult part.
- Sometimes you may need to place the commands in mid-air. This also creates various degrees of delay.

Version 1.1 update:
- minor bugfixes
- Clear button on the editing panel now behaves in the same way as other buttons (it deactivates on use)

To unlock all levels (in Chrome):
- Open Developer Console (F12)
- Select Console tab
- Type in (without the quotes): “Blobby.UnlockAll()” and hit Enter

Assets used in the creation of this game:

Font: Mecha

Music: All tracks by Deceased Superior Technician