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Very nice man! Google”ish”.

Demo, please?


Demo Online blinktheme.pusku.com

No Demo…....
Please provide demo.


Hi, Do you have a “Demo User” we can login with?

Greetings :))

Great Theme and i purchased it.

How can i deactivate the google ads on the sidebar.


sidebar files, in theme folder

Colors is so bad !! :/ White everywhere !!

less is more

how can i remove this on the side: Powered by phpDolphin.

Nice theme, would like to see a demo pls? The demo link in the comments here is no longer live.

I’m having some problems on the server, soon I will restore the demo version

Waiting for the demo…

Update please :) for phpDolphin 1.2.8

Hi, thank you for the update! I have a problem… since the update the image viewer doesn’t work anymore.. where can the problem be? Thanks!

Hey how you doing? I’m about to buy this theme. Can you please add a 2 sidebar like this https://www.facebook.com/kingterface/photos/a.151061818257131.27474.150865424943437/910783918951580/?type=1&source=46 on your next update.

Looking forward to talk to you soon.

Maurice J.

Update the style to that

dont buy this this guy has his own google ads in his design code im so angry

why do you have your own google ad sense code in your design ? wtf

nice work gud luck