Discussion on Blend Color Puzzle Game Template with Admob, Revmob

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Nice Game! GLWS

Thank you very much!

How many levels are there?

It’s time limited. Unlimited level.

Leader board is there ?

Only local leaderboard

do you have any app developed by cordova? like game of square

Yes, but they are not for sales.


I want to buy your game but I need you export to android, IOS. Can you support ?


okay, it good. I will buy your item soon. Thanks

Also Can you send your email ?

You can send email to vietnamvodich2100@gmail.com

Hello, I errors occur when you run the application on the emulator and the device. Installation error: INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES

The ability to modify an application for an additional fee?

Did you install previous version of this app? (for example, demo apk). Just uninstalled and try to install again.

Hi there ! I am very interested to buy your game. Do you provide any support for reskin and admob integration for me to google play store? I would be glad if you provide such service! Do reply very soon! Thanks

Definitely great work. Goodluck :)