Blazor Store - Mobile PWA and Site Templates with Powerful Built-in Functions

Blazor Store - Mobile PWA and Site Templates with Powerful Built-in Functions

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☕ BlazorStore is a Web and Mobile PWA Template Powered by Blazor WebAssembly

A Clean Architecture Template make your next big project. PWA ready for the latest web trends and powered by .NET Blazor, with a familiar and easy to use code. BlazorStore is designed to look stunning on your Mobile Device, making it friendly for both iOS and Android devices.

☕ PWA – Progressive Web Application Ready

Add BlazorStore to your Home Screen and enjoy it like a native application. A gorgeous user interface that looks and feels like a premium native application.

☕ Powerful & Easy to Use

BlazorStore is incredibly powerful, running on reusable components with easy code, allowing you to copy and paste blocks to create the page you desire in minutes.

What You Will Get with BlazorStore?

⚡ Ready to Use Functions:

All Excellence Works always started from Perfect Basic Things. And BlazorStore is ready-made with below essentials features that’s perfect fit for your project.

  • Login, Register and Reset Password
  • Role Based Access and Permissions
  • Logout Users / Regenerate Token from Multiple Client Browsers when Permission Changes
  • Mailing: user registration & email confirmation
  • API: with Swagger documentation
  • CRUD operations: products, brands, document store…
  • Excel Data Export
  • Audit trails and access logs
  • Realtime Notifications – Dashboard Updates Realtime
  • Realtime Chat using SignalR and Identity
  • Auto-Scroll to the Last Message when a new Chat Message is received.
  • Play Notification Tone when a new Chat Message is received.
  • Notifications System using SignalR
  • User profile and picture
  • RTL & Darkmode
  • Multi languages
  • Background job monitoring using Hangfire


⭐ Health/Medical App Kit:

  • Home page
  • Medical form
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Vaccination certificate details
  • QR code view
  • Account
  • Settings

⭐ E-Wallet App Kit:

  • Home page
  • Transactions
  • Transaction details
  • Cards
  • Account
  • Settings
  • Promotions

⭐ E-Commerce App Kit:

  • Home page
  • Store Locations
  • Post and News
  • QR code view
  • Settings
  • Product listing
  • Product details
  • Cart and checkout
  • Invoice history
  • Invoice details

⭐ Components:

  • Alert
  • AppBar
  • Avatar
  • Badge
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Breakpoint Provider
  • Buttons
  • Card
  • Carousel
  • Charts
  • Chips
  • Chipset
  • Container
  • Dialog
  • Divider
  • Drawer
  • Element
  • Expansion Panels
  • File Upload
  • Focus Trap
  • Autocomplete
  • Checkbox
  • Field
  • Form
  • Numeric Field
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Text Field
  • Grid
  • Hidden
  • Highlighter
  • Icons
  • Link
  • List
  • Menu
  • Message Box
  • Nav Menu
  • Overlay
  • Pagination
  • Paper
  • Pickers (Color picker, date picker, time picker)
  • Popover
  • Progress
  • Rating
  • ScrollToTop
  • Simple Table
  • Skeleton
  • Snackbar
  • SwipeArea
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Timeline
  • Toolbar
  • Tooltip
  • TreeView
  • Typography
  • And more…

Our guarantee that you will receive more awesome updates on next releases !!!

✨ A Premium Documentation

For your quickly getting started with BlazorStore, we made a premium, clean and clear document. Turn on Dark Light for your most comfortable

What is Blazor?

Blazor is a .NET web framework that runs on the browser. Think React or Angular, but propelled by C# and Razor, a markup syntax that lets you embed server-based code into web pages. Blazor executes .NET assemblies using the Mono .NET runtime, a free and open-source project, implemented via WebAssembly. It uses the latest web standards and does not require any additional plugins or add-ons to run. It allows full stack web development with the stability, consistency and productivity of .NET.

Blazor offers all the benefits of the rich, modern single-page application (SPA) platform. Additionally, it allows developers to write the code for the client and server in the same technology (.NET). Also, the same classes can be shared by both client and server code.

Using .NET in the browser offers many advantages and makes web application development easier and faster. Some of the main advantages of using .NET for full stack web application development are:

  • Leverage existing C# skills for full stack development
  • Better productivity due to code sharing between client and server applications
  • Interoperability with Java Script
  • Consistent programming framework across platforms and browsers

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Version v1.0.4 – 27 Nov, 2021

     - Design & UI: added Project/ Tasks template kit
     - Design enhancements      

Version v1.0.3 – 03 Nov, 2021

     - Updated MudBlazor to latest  5.2.0 version.
     - Design & UI: added Medical Health Kit, add Mudblazor demo components
     - Design enhancements      

Version v1.0.2 – 21 Oct, 2021

     - Fixed 404 error when download document 
     - Add auto generate upload document folder (Files folder)
     - Updated ASP.NET Core and EntityFramework Core packages.
     - Updated MudBlazor to latest version.
     - Updated Service worker to notify new version available.
     - Design & UI: added new pages Settings, Cards for E-Wallet.
     - Design enhancements      

Version v1.0.1 – 11 Oct, 2021

   - Added E-Wallet template pages.
   - Revised E-Commerce template pages
   - Fixed 404 error when click on Swagger, Hangfire menu in HTTPS  

Version v1.0.0 – 29 Sep, 2021

   - Initial release.
   - Mudblazor Component Library
   - .NET 5.0+
   - Blazor Web-Assembly: ASP.NET Core Hosted
   - Onion Architecture
   - Persistent Dark Mode (Local Storage)
   - Service-Based Approach
   - MediatR at API Level
   - AutoMapper
   - API Versioning
   - HTTP Interceptor
   - JWT Authentication
   - Refresh Tokens
   - Auto-Logout if Refresh Tokens Fail
   - Serilog – Server-Side Only*
   - Complete User Management
   - Profile Picture
   - Clean Fluid UI
   - CRUD Functionalities
   - Custom Error Pages
   - Localization
   - Role Management
   - User-Role Management
   - Swagger
   - Middlewares
   - Favicon
   - Default User & Role Seeding
   - Dynamic Service Registration (WASM)
   - Auto DB Migrations
   - Paginated API Responses
   - Polly – Retry Pattern for HttpClient
   - Shared Email Service
   - Hangfire Implementation
   - Custom API Response for 500,401,403
   - Specification Pattern
   - Permission-Based UI Rendering