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Hi, Questions is this similar to Laravel framework? I’m looking for info how to build Laravel, blade template engine etc.

Hi! :-) blaze is a PHP framework but has a very different focus than Laravel has. Laravel is made for big web apps or APIs, stuff like this. blaze is fully optimized towards smaller web projects, so you cannot really compare them.

If you want to create a smaller website like a landing page or a small business website, blaze will fit your needs much better than Laravel.

If you need information about Laravel or blade, I’d recommend their documentation: Click.

this a cms or no?

Hey! This is not a CMS, but a framework. There will be CMS functionality provided through a plugin, release of this plugin is planned for Q2- Q3 2015.

Best regards!

What do you use for the statistics? visitors and so forth?

The webstat plugin relies on blaze’s visitor component. You can find documentation about that here.

The stats are not 100% accurate but they give your customer a fair idea of how many visitors they have approximately. We do plan to offer access to Piwik or Google Analytics via the webstat plugin, but that is still in the makings and will take some time.

Purpose is not clear.. Please explain.. What can be done using Blaze?

blaze is made to run websites. Consider it to be sort of an engine behind your site which allows you to control how your website behaves, how the assets are handled, and so on. Additionally, it provides a way to give your customers a branded backend for whatever you need it – like web analytics or other functionality.

At the same time, it provides a bunch of components and methods that you can use in your website – which will make it much easier to code your site.

Take a look at the demo and at the sourcecode to see how it works. (Not at the rendered one but the real one which is available via the button).

Kick ass script. Blazing speed. Awesome support. Buy this!

Awesome work! :)

Thank you! :-)

When will the demo be back?

Sorry, the demo was actually online all the time, but it was put into maintenance mode by a user. This somehow prevented the reset, I will sort this out.

But what you saw was the maintenance mode screen. :-)

You’re welcome. :-)

Hi, just purchased.
It is very good indeed.
I am just starting to get to grips with it – but it is obviously a great way to speed prototype and bring small devs to completion. :):) – i can visualise myself using it alot.

A couple of comments:
1. Documentation good but needs more example contextual usage.
2. Bundle an admin template with it :))
3. Bundle some bootstrap samples and a front end or two

Something like what the guy ‘sximo’ has done on envato.. I love what you’ve done – give people incentives dude – you’ve got a great framework. I recommend it!

Hi! Thanks for purchasing and for your feedback.

Quick answers to your questions:

1) Where do you need help? Or where is the documentation incomplete? We’d be glad to fix this.

2) Yes, that’s a great idea. We’ll think about that, but currently, It’s not in the makings. There is a backend – and it comes without paying for a admin template. So, we’ll maybe make that happen sometime in the future.

3) That also is a valid point, but blaze needs to be installed before the examples would work – so that might be confusing for beginners.

It would be great if you could rate the product using envato’s stars. If you have any questions, we are here to help. :-)

Is this MVC? If I buy this script and starting developing plugins for it, what should I avoid creating that you already have in the pipeline? You said you were working on a cms for this, is there anyway after buying this script to get onto the ground floor of testing and working on it? This is pretty good start and I could definitely see this going places. Most sites people develop are for small to small medium companies. I would talking to you about this further if you are interested.


blaze is for small to medium websites, so for the frontend it would be overkill to implement MVC for just some pages. The backend is working without a database (some plugins need one) and is mostly following a VC pattern.

Let’s talk about the other questions, sounds interesting. Please open a ticket for this here:



org Purchased


I run 1) PHP split-testing scripts; 2) and on one site, a PHP membership site.

The split-test script has line-one header code; the second, not.

Could this run alongside those scripts, or would they conflict?

Also, does one need to know PHP fairly well to use this… or can one get by with just HTML (and a very primitive sense of PHP)?



I can’t totally see what you are doing, but blaze definitely needs it’s “own” folder which must be setup as root folder for your website. This is due to the fact that blaze relies on it’s .htaccess file. You can run anything alongside blaze as long as you exclude it from blaze’s .htaccess rules.

That sounds complex but should not be too hard. We will of course help you if encounter problems. Just open a ticket.

blaze is made for developers with all levels of experience in PHP. So, yes, if you follow the documentation, you should get along with very basic PHP knowledge.

Let me know if we can help you with anything!

Best regards


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Sorry, I didn’t put that very clearly.

What I meant is this: Is it possible to run a PHP split-test script on a blaze page?

And—though this might be harder to guess at—can I run membership-site code (with access restrictions) on a blaze page?



again, that is not very clear. ;-) A “split-test script” can be virtually everything, as well as a “membership-site code”.

If we can take a look at the code, we can tell you if this is going to work. Please open a ticket over at so that we can help you. :-)

Hi moay, thanks for this product i hightly recommanded it

Thank you for purchasing! :-)

Hello. The installer is not working fully. .htaccess not created. This file /src/sys/.htaccess_apache is does not exist. What is the content of the .htaccess ?

Thanks for buying blaze! We’ll find a solution, thanks for getting in touch.

The problem you describe sounds strange. It should not be looking for /src/sys/.htaccess_apache – in fact, in will never do so. Even if there was an error in the installer, it would be looking for /src/sys/.htaccess_apache_, but it should actually be looking for /src/sys/.htaccess_apache_old or /src/sys/.htaccess_apache_new. If it doesn’t find that, this means, that the upload of the files probably didn’t work properly. Maybe your FTP client leaves out files that start with a dot?

Anyways: I’d recommend reuploading the blaze folder. If the problem persists after having done that, please get in touch again! If you like, you can also write us an email to or use our support plattform (

I did not leave the files during the upload , but funds not already downloaded the zip file to the file . I give the FTP details by e-mail , check it out.

Thank you for fast help! :)

hello…. can i build a web app that have rest api with blaze?

Short answer: No. It’s just the wrong tool for the purpose.

Long answer: Yes, but you’d have to be quite good at php. Youll have to overrule the routing mechanism, which will probably be quite hard to do…

Hi, i tried uploading this to the root of my webserver but get 500 error, i tried through ampps (local on windows machine – and i get “Error: Class ‘blaze\src\ErrorHandler’ not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ampps\www\install.php on line 17” – is there something im doing wrong?