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Hi, i think your plugin is great, although i have one question: are you planning in the future to make access to have more banners on 1 page? And using selectors to exact elements? What i mean is sth. like this:

$("#selector1").blades(settings); $("#selector2").blades(otherSettings);

Best reards, Jan Mikeš.

Hi Jan,

Not at this time but I could do it for you as freelance work if you like.


Actually i dont need it, just wanted to ask if are you planning it in the future, because it would be nice – i am abble to rewrite your plugin but if it had native support to this it would be really cool.

Anyways, rating 5/5 because i enjoy your work.

Best regards, Jan Mikeš.

Hi Codingjack,

I’ve already bought this, and like it very much. Just one question, is it possible to have music added to the slider?


Hi dusticelli,

Yes this would be possible but isn’t currently included. I might be able to do it for you as freelance work if you like.


Is it possible to add images to this rotator dynamically with ajax for example?

Hi gotomanners,

Sure. If you can write the Ajax you can populate the html and then initialize the banner whenever you’re ready.


I was looking at the demo, and the banner is initialized on document ready. If the ajax resource was to add more images to the banner then the banner would have to be reinitialized?? Is the operation expensive?

Hi Jack,

Ok thanks, but would the banner have to be re-init’ed after each update of the html content in order for the new images to be included in the rotator?

What is the effect of invoking `blades(settings)` repeatedly?

I haven’t updated the banner to support multiple instantiation, so you can only make one “init” call per page load.


Oh :( Thanks, I was hoping it could do that!

p.s great plugin :D

Hi Codingjack,

I’ve already bought this, and like it very much. Just one question,How to encryption?

thank you


Hi xisha,

Google has a nice tool here:



Can You make the arrow navigation into text link? So you would click one, two, three and so on for it to change. All so will this only work with images or could i set it to change a full div?

Thank you

Hi sharepointsense,

All available options are either described in the description or shown in the demo.


Oh, wow this is amazing. I’m really considering purchasing an extended license to use this in one of m WordPress themes. Thank you so much for creating this slider, I wish I had the skill set to make a slider like this.

Thanks itsmattadams :)

Hi thanks for creating this file. I am having a little issue which I am sure you would know the answer too. When I was using the jQuery file 1.6.min everything worked great in Firefox, but not IE 9 (it just displays the first image and nothing else) then I installed jQuery v1.8.3 and now it works in both Firefox and IE9 but the text is not showing on either of them. Can you help me please. [link removed]

Hi kellieok,

Send me an email from the form on the link below and I’ll send you a fix for this :)



Thank you so much for your help, your reply was so quick and it worked perfect.

Hi Coding Jack.

Impressive slider.

Music/video support?

Thank you.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your interest in my work. These options aren’t currently included.


Hi, thanks for the great job, How to embed it in my home page? the help link is broken,

Hi A11,

The help is included when you purchase the plugin here from CodeCanyon.


I have bought the slider and installed on my website and after the last slide is shown, it just freezes and doesn’t restart back to the first slide, any help?

Hi hsnz,

I assume this doesn’t happen with the original source files? Sounds like a quirk caused by your particular setup. Send me an email from my profile page with a link to an online example and I’ll check it out.


Hi, is is possible to just have the ‘fade’ effect and the HTML text, without the ‘panels transition’ & ‘scaling’? Thanks

Hi rakesh_p,

This would require some alterations to the script, but I could probably help you with that on a freelance basis if you want.


Thanks Jack. I found a simpler file.

A few questions…

1. Is it possible to make this responsive full width? 2. Just 1 pixel gap between grids? 3. grid lines will stay and a few white square will remain after every transition?

Hi Himgnara,

1) The banner isn’t responsive, but the WordPress version is:


Neither can be “Full Width” however, as the banner requires a fixed size to start with, and then the WP responsive version will resize down.

2) Yes this is possible

3) Not sure I understand this question, but the previews pretty much show all of the available options.


Hi, I want to buy this code. I need the images / banners will load it random order. I need to add a text to the images. The imagesare loaded from external file? i want to use it as an image gallery (like 250 imags)

Are this options already in the code?

Thank Ofer

Hi offers69,

Yes random order is supported. Not sure what you mean when you say “text to images” though. Can you explain more?


Hi Great I mean if i can put description to image (under or inside as a layer). Thanks

Hi offers69,

Yes text can be entered along with the images in the HTML. It all has to be entered manually though, as this is a regular jQuery plugin (custom admin not included). In the demos, you’ll see examples of description text.



I’m using your plugin and I need to see the text comming from SlideInDown, and Fade in. I mean use different animations in each text on the same image.

It’s possible to do it? How can I proceed?


How do I get this to align in the center of a page? I want to plug this into a current site but it aligns to the left in the main column. Here is a link: http://www.markyorkdesign.com/blades.html . This is not the actual site that I want to plug it into, just uploaded this as an example. THANKS!!

the help folder doesnt contain help. the menu links of the READ_ME.html (to the left) are all having a # as a link. im wondering if codecanyon isnt reviewing this things.