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Sweet :)

- Chris

Nice. Your original Blades was one of my favorites. Good luck with this one!

Pretty cool, CJ. :)

Great work Jason. Really smooth!

Hey, i just purchased your plugin and it looks like it doesn’t support PNG files. Can you confirm this?


-Edit: it does support PNG but it shows the background color behind the PNG. If i make the background color transparent (.blades-plane class) the first slide appears flipped upside down.

Hi Pulsar,

You’re correct. Using transparent images is not recommended when using the 3d version. Instead, I’d recommend using the classic version. You can switch to that by changing the following data-attribute:



Thanks for all your comments guys. Always appreciate you checking out my work :)

Very nice work!

Great item, I’ll keep this in mind for an upcoming project.


Thanks for your feedback YRIX :)

Hello, I’ve already purchased the plugin and want to know if it’s possible to have the slides divided only, without getting all the blocks back together. Thanks.

Hi pavolsloboda,

This option isn’t included but I could probably set this up for you as a small freelance job if you want.


Hi, I’m back, we’ve used it as it is. But another question. I want to use transparent images, but it automaticaly fills the blank space with some background colour and don’t know where can I change it to transparent. Thanks.

Hi pavolsloboda,

Inside the “css/blades-3d.css” file, toward the very top you’ll find a rule for ”.blades-plane”. Remove the background-color property inside that.


Hi Coding Jack

I m just starting out researching for a photo slider, with your plugin, does it produce the full html 5 and css 3 code which we then code into our site’s html and css? And are the photos inserted into my site’s html or from another ‘http address’? The reason why I ask, we want to be able to change the photos around over time (ie take out a photo and put a new on in).

Hi pwb70,

The plugin doesn’t include an admin, so the HTML needs to be edited manually, and all the files and images need to be uploaded to your site manually. The download source includes working examples.