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Do you publish the apk file.


At the moment I publish it on samsung store. Regards,


do you have a demo apk file, even on dropbox?


Great app ;) Good luck with sale :)

Thank you very much.

How hard it to add Startapp?

It’s very easy to add startapp.

The interstitial ads are appearing too frequently. How can I lower their appearance?

How does the licensing work? If I have a client can they upload it to PlayStore and can have multiple downloads for their application?


Yes, you can upload application to Play Store

this application can be imported into android studio?

You don’t have to care about warning, normally. How did you do to export to apk file?

File / Export / android / export android aplication but not finished compiling the eclipse crashes, and if I try to correct errors compiles but does not work admob

Did you use correctly Android SDK? Can you run on virtual machine? Do you have teamviewer set up or any remote software so that I can help you?

The app work nice, smooth. The customer is a trust one, help me with some issue about integrated AdMob and RevMob.

Ok. I will send you in 2 hours. Thank you for purchasing.

Thank you ittus ;) all the best

Imported to AS….all kinds of problems.Any help???

Can you send me a private message? I will send you the full Android Studio version.

Any word on that AS version yet?

i want to buy this but i want to know itf it still has errors and did you help that guy kodedat

Thank you for purchasing. Good luck for sale

There’s two folders with the source files; the Google play services folder and the codecanyon folder. Which one do I import and customize?

Okay, Android Studio automatically linked the folders together. But I am unable to run this game in the emulator. Every time the game is about to start up, a message comes up saying the game stopped working.

Might be something is miss-configuration. Please leave me an email and I will support you.

Hi… Like the app, but getting two errors on upload to Google. Any thoughts?.


Upload failed You need to use a different package name because “com.ittus.itblackjack” already exists in Google Play.

Upload another APK Warnings You uploaded an APK that uses Google Play services version 5089000. This will only work with Android API levels of 9 and above. It is discouraged to use this Google Play services version unless you have set the minSdkVersion in your manifest to 9 or higher.

Hello, you have to change the package’s name because it’s unique in Google Play Store. ‘com.ittus.itblackjack’ is used by some other people. Just change the package name and upload your application again.
Best Regards,

Hi, I need one card game. Please give your email or Skype ID.

Hi, I need one card game. Please give your email or Skype ID.