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How many levels?

No limit

your apps always not available in us store or other stores

Wait review

Now in apple store

Are levels generated randomly or you have to create manually?

When game gets over, you show total path from start to the destination by red marker. I want to show just the total path travelled by the maze by the red mark.

you can custom add 1 array to save each path user travel

Please I am new to C++, I don’t know how to do that. Please show some code.

Hi, I just purchase your app and i unable to find individual png files.All of png files are in zip/Sprite Format.

How can i get all png files individually.

contact me via email

What is your email id??

Nice Game! Good luck with sales!



How can i setup gamecenter id?

Got it. what is this? const char *MASTER_MAZE_LEVEL=”BLACK_MAZE_LEVEL”; const char *MASTER_MAZE_HELP=”BLACK_MAZE_HELP”;

change it if you wan’t

Guys, how to give rating here? Very bad support!! 0 ratings.


I only support how to setting and build, change .

Not support to training how to learn C++.

Hi there – do you have to have texture packer for this or can I use standard PNG files to replace the items I want to?

contact me if wan’t them

Thank you – finally, are there any game sounds at all?

sound already on game