Black Maze Game Cocos2d-x v3.4

Black Maze Game Cocos2d-x v3.4

Are you ready for a Black Maze game like none other?!

With Black Maze, players can try the challenging maze. Please play and pass the highest level of the game.

You will to the best Player on Ranking.

Good luck!

Demo App: (wait review)

Support Admob, Startapp ads

The code: use Cocos2D-X V3.4

Startapp full screen ads

iPhone 5, 6, 6plus wide screen support

iOS support on iOS 6+.

Runs on iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPhone6, iPhone 6+

Support: We provide support within the comments section. So when you have questions, we’re here to answer. So let’s get the new top list app code!

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iOS6, iOS7, iOS8 Ready!

How to Setup:

A. Quick Setup

There is no setup. Just open the Black Maze.xcodeproj and you will be on your way.

B. Basic Configuration

1. Open Black Maze.xcodeproj

Change CFBundleIdentifier “com.iMadeLab.” to your app name ID (example: com.YouGame.) 2. Open GameOverScene.cpp file Change StartApp id to show Ads: startAppBridge->STAInit(“202373335”, “102781578”); 3. Open GameCenterObjC.m file

NSString *ADMOB = @””; NSString *ADMOB2 = @””; NSString *TESTDEVICE = @””;

•Change Admob ID: to your id

•Change Url app on store f? social share: NSString *caption = @””;

4. Open GamePlayScene.cpp file

const char *GAME_CENTER = ””;

Change to your Game Centre ID

5. That’s All And Done

C. Ready Submit to Appstore

Optimized for iOS 6,7,8!